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Heroines of Harmony

By xscaralienx
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My entry to the December Draw-off.

Worked on this one for 3 days straight, using only pencil and added the text on Photoshop.
The inspiration? after having a trip of nostalgia and listening to this masterpiece: [link]
I thought to myself: Why does this fit Friendship is Magic so well!?

Images came to my head and the idea to make a PMV with the song did too. so instead I decided to make this little comic. I've never felt so proud of a drawing, hope you guys like it :)
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Oh, the nostalgia! Great work.
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Before I get to the thick of it: Ultimate Illusion is a synonym of Final Fantasy. In the Italian/German/French/etc. version of Duodecim, Ultimate Illusion is translated very similarly to Final Fantasy such as the German (which I forget, but I'll try my best to apply my feint German vocabulary) Finelle Fanntasie (oi, that didn't look German at all, did it? XD )

Now, let's see. Another synonym for Friendship is Magic could possibly be "Harmony Becomes Spirit" which could appear in a text box much like "Ultimate Illusion" and cause dramatic holy damage. (I don't entirely remember what element Ultimate Illusion were, heh...)

You see, spiritual energy, or Qi, is like a sort of magic formed from the soul, and can be expelled much like magic attacks, as in the most prime example of Ryu's Hadou abilities. Well, even though the spirit in "Harmony Becomes Spirit" is used to attack in my example, there still remain multiple other instances of the magic of friendship, a spiritual release brought from pony harmony, assisting in other matters like Kingdom Hearts from S02E11, yeah?

...Sorry, I should probably find friends. XD

(No doubt no one speaks as detailed as all this 'round my town, most likely, however. :I )
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lonelynightrainHobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh!!! This is just simply outstanding, *xscaralienx! I mean incredable work with all the backgrounds, and the details!!! Awesome job, my friend!
I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
May the Lord keep you and your family safe!
Happy New Year!
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks a lot!. that means so much to me.

Happy new year to you too! :iconfluttershyyayplz:
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lonelynightrainHobbyist Writer
You are very welcome!
Thank you!
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it so epic awesome :iconso-awesomeplz:
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drake-rexHobbyist Writer
MLP + code lyoko = WIN :la:
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waterfairy456Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't even know this work was based on Code Lyoko or however it's speeled, but on the last line, I'm like "Hey, isn't Code Lyoko? The show I used to watch when I got up at 6 in the morning with nothing to do? 'reads description' IT IS!!!!!! :D"

Amazing!!!!!! :D
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ForeverSoaringStudent Digital Artist
Seriously, this is awesome.
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Thyme-ParadoxHobbyist General Artist
Code Lyoko Theme~!!!! I used to LOVE that show XD
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UltimateMasterHand General Artist
Same here.
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Beautiful work! Impressive really, specially because it is made the old fashion way with only pencil. I am seriously at a loss for words here.
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks a lot :)
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Your more than welcome my talented friend.
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Love the pencilwork, but text kind of hard to read (at last for me).
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks. regarding the text, the link in the description has the lyrics of the song this pic is based on. there's the original text :) sorry for the inconvenience
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adamlhumphreysProfessional General Artist
It took a few seconds, but I got that reference. :)
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O_O well done scar!
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks dude, really enjoyed making this one :)
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i can tell, man! it's quite powerful.
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xscaralienxHobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, my hand ended up like this: [link] hehe
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