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Flandre S.
Yo its custard girl, she's pretty cool ahaha

Sorry that I haven't posted anything in ages haha oops... i haven't been super motivated hehhh
Oooo Merry Christmas!!!! I got a drawing pad today, and I've been testing it out. A new post should be up really soon, unless anything goes wrong!

Which, it probably will.


No journal entries yet.


Yahaha, you found me!

I'm Rainy. I like Kirby. That's literally all you need to know.


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"A School Idol's Thesis (Mashup Artwork)"
A School Idol's Thesis (Mashup Artwork) by KingpinOfMemes 
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Snow Halation + GO MY WAY!! + A Cruel Angel's Thesis

(Love Live + The iDOLMaSTER + Neon Genesis Evangelion)

The song is on SoundCloud:

This mashup was requested by weegeeguy01 - he's got some mashups and great art of his own, so go check him out!

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