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Amelia prances sort of...
Dhale reference
This is for the females.
So this is probably the most femininist journal you will ever see out of me, so enjoy it for as long as I have it up here, cause I know people are going to comment with the whole "but that's not right!11!11!1" Thing nad it will probably be mostly men that comment along these lines. So men, save yourself a verbal chewing and don't even waste your time commenting on this journal, if you diagree, go make one for your gender, but this is for all of my ladies out there, yes even the ones  that I don't like that find themselves doing the stupidiest shyt for a guy. We don't need them. Ritza you said what? Oh yes, I just went there, I just said it,
We have finally started working on EverLost~ a horse, unicorn, pegasus, dragon MMORPG, which should be a fun experience since it's a project with my favorite people ever participating. Probably will end up adding a whale, shark, dolphin mesh in there as well. We're not really sure yet. But hopefully this will go well. The forum isn't going to be released to the public until we are ready to release the character creator, and a two map version of the game. We'll be hosting a LS with the game creators and meshers, so you can watch their progress. Go EL! :D ~Ritza
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I've moved to a different account! I got tired of this name and wanted to start fresh. Y'know? I'll be uploading a ref sheet of my new character over thereee! Go follow mee! ~pyromid (https://www.deviantart.com/pyromid) :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable: :iconsapphireable:
I'm back?
    Long time no see, huh?    Well if you want to know, I was suspended for being underage. But my birthday was on the 11th so it's all good now. I have been gone for quite a long time, and not much happened, to be honest with you.    For the most part I literally just sat in my room watching youtube and playing the occasional minecraft or maybe the Xbox.    But I also developed a huge obsession for One Direction, and I really have became a hardcore directioner. Now before you comment that you don't like them, I don't give two shits, ok? That is your opinion and I respect that, but if you do say anything like that and just list things a
Deviantart Amuses Me.
I find it so amusing when people who think they are so cool go and bash on people on the internet, haha. A guy said I had no life, yet he was the one who kept responding to me. He was a grammar freak too : P This idiot is a real dick, and he said my art is shit and stuff just because we got in a argument about Sparkledogs and stuff, and apparently telling him that his chars are practically sparkledogs was an insult? Lawl I don't care that he said my art was crap, because I'm only 12, i got a lot to learn about art. He also said that he never insulted me, when "sparklefag" could be classed as an insult. He was also being really rude to ot


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Happy b-day!!
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Noah-x3|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday!
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Thanks for that, even though I was gone for forever. :) x
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Noah-x3|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice to see you're back ^^ Are you here to stay?
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Most likely, yes. I may not be as active as before, though.
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lonepaws|Student Filmographer
Thanks for the watch ^^
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