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Byleth sighs, running a hand through her hair. The latest battle truly took a toll on her. She was thankful Edelgard seemed to adorn a more compassionate nature when it came to their enemies, yet Byleth knows it could change in seconds.

Edelgard often spoke of Byleth being the reason she can show compassion and mercy to their enemies. Byleth was the only one who knew of Edelgard’s regret for what she’s had to do, for the sake of all Fodlan, and one of the few who saw the kinder side of the woman clad in red.

Byleth knows all of this. She saw the shock in Edelgard’s eyes when she sided with her in her fight against the Church of Seiros - she never expected her to go along with her, despite teaching the Black Eagles and attending her coronation. And while it pains Byleth to go against the others, she does it. She does it all for Edelgard.

She knows Edelgard trusts her with her life as well as the nickname ‘El’ - Byleth feels honored Edelgard told her to call her it, since Byleth knows Edelgard allows very few to call her that name. And Byleth trusts Edelgard with her own life as well.

The love they feel for each other burns brighter than the sun and hell itself. Byleth would do anything and everything she could to ensure Edelgard’s happiness, and knows Edelgard would burn this entire world if it meant Byleth was safe.

A smile curls Byleth’s lips as she goes in search of her beloved. And she knows just where to find her. Edelgard sits by a tree in their special place, a place no one but them knows of, and the smile widens on Byleth’s face as she approaches Edelgard.

“‘Hey, El,” Byleth greets, and Edelgard looks at her, eyes lighting up. “How are you faring?”

“I’m doing well,” Edelgard replies, moving from where she sits to walk towards Byleth. She embraces her and chases her lips, a content sigh leaving her when she pulls away. “Gods, I love you.”

“I love you too, so much,” Byleth murmurs. Edelgard looks at her love’s breasts - they were larger than average, and she knows they give Byleth backaches from time to time.

“Why not rest those?” Edelgard whispers, a blush smearing across her cheeks.

Byleth blinks, tipping her head. “Where?”


“Oh.” Byleth giggles, placing her bosom on Edelgard’s head. Blood gushes from Edelgard’s nose and she covers it with a trembling hand, the blush darkening on her cheeks. “Is this okay?”

“M-More than okay,” Edelgard murmurs, chewing on her lips. “I know it hurts sometimes.”

“Haha, yeah… these things are terrible sometimes,” Byleth jests, wrapping her arms around Edelgard’s middle and leaning heavier on her. “But your head is a great perch.”

“I… I’m glad,” Edelgard mumbles, blushing heavier. “Feel free to leave them there for as long as you like…”

“I plan to. Thank you, my love.”

A little gift for IkazayimAkodon, to go with a piece of art he drew. You can find it here

I just knew I had to write something after seeing the art haha. :D

This is my way of saying thank you for your constant support~ I hope you like your gift!

Byleth & Edelgard belong to Nintendo.
Written by xSakuyan.
© 2020 xSakuyan
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Sorry, your gallery was defaulted to commissions so i didnt see it was uploaded already lol. But daaaaawww~ this is so cute!! <3 and hey! feel free to throw any request ideas my way if there's something you'd really like to see from me :3 Im normally bad about getting to requests XP but I'll try my best!

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xSakuyanProfessional Writer

Haha no problem at all~! :3

I'm glad you enjoyed it. *w* It was honestly fun to write and after reading Edelgard's wiki page I understand why everyone ships these two so much. //cough I ship it now too//

And I'll be sure to! I'd love to see more Edeleth from you tbh. o3o

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Yea Edeleth is probably the most popular ship from what ive seen, specifically with female Byleth XD which would be my preferred version too =w=b

And sure! I wouldnt mind doing more of those two, just send me a concrete idea and i'd be happy to oblige :3

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xSakuyanProfessional Writer

Yeah same. Lesbians are the best. ;3

>w> Maybe a continuation of the first piece you did for them? <3

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Yis, my mantra is and always will be "If it ain't gay, I don't ship it." Literally all of my OCs are lesbians, and no one can stop me.

And oho? Do you mean what I think you mean? XD

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xSakuyanProfessional Writer

LMAO perfect. A lot of my OCs are gay AF too - I tend to ship BL more than GL but GL is great too. > u > And I'm also a lesbian so of course I love lesbian ships. lol.

o3o... it's up to you to figure that out~

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Hehe~ nice :3c

and bawh XP I think I have an idea XDD but I can only hope it'll be what you want lol

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xSakuyanProfessional Writer


>w> I'd be happy with whatever you come up with honestly. ;3

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