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    It took Amanda a long time to move on from her first relationship. Years, even. She believed he was the one; they would grow old together, have children, and everything would be like in those fairytales she loved. But unfortunately, reality is harsh, and everything fell to pieces around the then teenager. He left her for reasons unknown, leaving Amanda shattered and feeling without purpose.

    The relationship became such a crucial part of her identity in such it felt like skin was forcibly ripped off and heart left without the blood it needed to sustain itself. A bit dramatic, perhaps, but to Amanda, that's exactly how it felt. That's why it took her a little over four years to move on from Tavis. He left her with emotional scars she's sure will never not be visible, but she realized the relationship wasn't healthy to begin with.

    Amanda takes a wild guess Tavis knew of the influence he had on her, and used it to his benefit. When her mind cleared, the blonde remembered all the things he made her do in the name of "love". Heh. Love? Looking back on it now, Amanda knows it was terribly one sided. Tavis used her. She's not the type to hate someone, not at all, but she knows she's quite close to hating her first love. 

    Then... then she met him. Ignis. He was the total opposite of Tavis, a gentlemen through and through, though he seemed to have little, if any, experience with women. It was cute. They met in a hotel, of all places, but the moment Amanda laid eyes on the bespectacled man, she knew he was different. She wasn't sure how he was different, but she wanted to know this man.

    It seemed Ignis had the same thought she did, since he invited her out of the hotel and out in Lestallum's summer air. They walked near the ocean, sat down, and started to talk. It lasted for hours. For some strange reason, Amanda felt she could trust the brunet with her darkest secrets and he wouldn't bat an eye. And so, she told him of her only relationship. How she dreamt of marriage, children, only to have it snatched away from her.

    Ignis, in turn, told her stories of the people he traveled with. He mentioned the time they went on a beast hunt, got much more than they bargained for, yet through teamwork, prevailed. He said one of his friends took pictures of everything, regardless of the subject matter. Though, he said with amusement, his favorite subjects to capture were their ragtag group. And lastly, he told of the final member, who loved to fish and lazed around, yet carried a heavy burden in his heart.

    Amanda couldn't help but smile fondly at his tales. Ignis seemed to hold his friends in high regard, and she told him such. And his response was a small, heartwarming smile, and an utter of, "Yes, I do." 

    Before the night was through, they exchanged numbers, and promised to meet each other again. They text each other on a regular basis - Ignis would show her some of Prompto's photos of things he took on their journey, while Amanda would send him various recipes of things she made which she thought his friends would like.

    They continued this pattern for a number of years as Ignis and his friends continued to travel across Lucis to fulfill... some strange journey. Amanda questioned what on Lucis they were doing at times, but she never brought her curiosities to light. She guesses if Ignis wants to tell her, he will. Until then, as long as he's safe, that's all she cares about.


    The years pass, with much of the same thing. Amanda texting Ignis on a regular basis, sending him images of anything she thinks he'll find interesting or sharing different recipes she tried. Some of them turned out better than others, but the pair laugh about the failures and Ignis offers advice of how to make the failed dishes into smashing successes.

    Amanda thought she'd never find love after Tavis, yet here's this wonderful gentlemen who's changing her mind and giving her hope for romance again. She's not even sure if Ignis wants to be with her in such a way, but she's more than content being his friend. Amanda does hope she'll be able to meet the friends he speaks so fondly of one day. They seem like lovely people who have each other's backs and would do anything for each other.

    The woman thought she had that, long ago. However, it was thrown in her face she didn't. The influence Tavis has on her, even today, is one she doesn't think she'll be rid of... but Amanda is ready to go out in the dating world and forget the bastard who used her. And her heart is already set on one man, one who she knows would never betray her like her former boyfriend did.

    It's late, and Amanda lies on her bed, phone in hand. She's reading through new recipes, trying to figure out which one would be good to attempt, when her phone chimes and vibrates in her hand.

    Surprise, it's from the one she's been thinking about for weeks.

    I hope your night is going well, if you're not asleep, that is. If you are, I won't be offended if you text me in the morning.

Amanda lets out a quiet giggle at Ignis' words. Such a gentleman, through and through.

    I'm awake, she texts back. What are you doing up at 1 in the morning?

    I should ask you the same, but I'm stargazing. It's quite calming, I suggest you try it sometime.

    Stargazing? I've done that a few times,
Amanda writes back. You must have been thinking of me if you texted me.

Her face goes beet red at what she sent the other. "Why do I do this to myself," she complains, throwing an arm over her eyes and nibbling on her lips. But her phone vibrates, and she's almost afraid to look at it. Ignis would find a polite way to shut her down, she'd laugh it off, but on the inside, she'd cry. Simple...

    Ah, was I that obvious? I suppose I would be, texting you at this hour.

Amanda blinks. "Wha?" is all she manages to utter. She can't believe what she read. "Okay, don't get your hopes up... he might mean it as a friend."

    Haha, sorry, yeah, you were obvious, she writes. But... how were you thinking?

When she hits send, Amanda rolls over and blushes harder. "Since when was I so confident?" she mutters to herself. Maybe it's because she knows Ignis is far too polite to shut down her advances, but what kind of person does that make her? A heavy sigh drops from her lips as her phone, once again, vibrates.

    How was I? ...I've never experienced feelings such as these with anyone. I must say it's rather daunting, as well as a bit confusing, if I'm being honest with you.

The blonde has to read the message a few times before processing what he's trying to say. The poor man never had experience with love, or women, so she knows what he's trying to say without him realizing it himself. A little squeal leaves her as she writes her response.

    I think I know what you're feeling. I think... you're feeling attraction towards me. And if I'm wrong, please, tell me, but if I'm not... I've battled affection for you for months now. Amanda sends it before writing another one. You're such a gentleman, you make me feel happy, and you've always thought of my feelings and needs. I've... never experienced that before. If I'm coming on too strong, don't be afraid to tell me...

With that message sent, Amanda feels nervous energy bubbling in her stomach. She confessed. It took a year, but she did it. Her phone vibrates a few times, and she eagerly reads what Ignis responded.

    Thankfully, you seem to know me better than I know myself. As I've told you, I never fell in love with anyone, too devoted to Noct and the crown to have time for such things. As I got to know you, however, the strange feelings I started having confused and alarmed me.

    I spoke to my friends, and they told me I was in love. I didn't want to believe it, not at first. I thought it unfair to say I loved someone, but not able to be with them until this journey ends.

    If... if you're able to understand my loyalty to Noct and the kingdom of Lucis comes before all, I would like for us to explore our emotions further. 

Amanda reads the messages a few times before a wide smile breaks out on her features. She can hardly believe it. After all she's been through, she finally found someone who loves her and who she knows will carry her feelings with the same air he does everything else.

    I wouldn't have you any other way, Ignis, she responds. Your loyalty is one of the many things which makes you who you are. I would love nothing better than for us to figure out our feelings, together.

The reply she gets fills her heart with adoration.

    As would I. Once this journey is over, I shall devote myself to you as I would the crown and Noctis. 

    Smiling and looking out the window, she wonders if she sees the same sky Ignis does. She's not even sure where he is at this current time...

    ...But she hopes they're looking at the same stars.
© 2019 - 2020 xSakuyan
Commission for andieGrows of her OC with Ignis Scientia from FFXV. I adore writing stories like theirs *u* Their love is a beautiful one which I know will transcend everything. <33

Thank you for trusting me to write such an important story to you, Andi! And thank you for your constant belief in my writing. :hug:

Amanda belongs to andieGrows.
Ignis belongs to Square Enix.
Written by xSakuyan.
Only the commissioner may do what they wish with this piece, with proper credits given.
Thank you for commissioning me~!
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very beautiful piece <3
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xSakuyanProfessional Writer
Glad you think so~ :3
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My dear Maureen, this story is so absolutely heartwarming. Although knowing they are to face a happy end, I shared a thrill with the characters while reading it. It is so very precious, I lack words.
I am so happy to have entrusted this personal piece into your skillful hands. The way Amanda and Ignis held their conversations and how very much in-character both stayed even though they are from different worlds is masterful! :heart:
Thank you so very much, dear. I am ever so grateful and hold this commission in grateful hands!

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xSakuyanProfessional Writer
;////; I'm so happy I managed to do such an important story to you justice. It was a joy to write these characters and it was definitely one of my favorite Canon x OC relationships to explore <33

Thank you, once again, for commissioning me :3 I'm glad the final story was to your satisfaction >3<