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Daughter of Wind by xSagefurx Daughter of Wind by xSagefurx
College friends are dragging me into a game called Pathfinder, which is a tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm nervouscited for it *-* been working on this ref sheet for my character since Thursday night, hhhh.

This be my lass, Valelle! ^-^ she's a Sylph (elf dad, air elemental mom) Oracle (friend tells be they're similar to sorcerers and clerics, but carry both a curse and a prophecy which drives their journey) who fights with sun metal emei piercers (my flaming knitting needles of dEATH) and magic ovo. Her curse is that she's deaf, and her prophecy is linked to her bonded mount, Nadad (i really hope our gamemaster doesn't kill him off cus I love him to bits and he took me a day to cOLOr ;^; ). We haven't started playing yet 'cause people left to go home for the weekend and a player or two still doesn't have their character set up, but I can't wait to get started *-* One friend mentioned perhaps drawing up a comic for it because it's sure to be interesting, particularly because another friend declared his character Vanel to be Valelle's half-brother (he's an Ifrit, same dad but with a fire elemental mom), and he's quite the ham so their interactions in sign will be comical.

ahsgajgfskbwe i'm so exciiitedd *v*
above art (c) me, xSagefurx
don't steal. you will be hunted down and valelle will steal your eyes with her flaming knitting needles of DEATH c:
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