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Shattered and erased memories...
That feeling,
The sky around us,
Shattered and erased memories,
I did it, and now i want go back,
Back before the fire,
Back before the mistakes,
I want to see you again,
Not the one i see everywhere,
Neither the one which sings everyday,
But the one i've seen with my soul.

The dream... i want go back there,
I want to feel alive again,
A intense feeling, real happiness,
Love with no restraints, neither problems,
Being nothing, but also everything,
I fear i can't go back,
Trials, errors and restarts,
That's my life,
That's my history with you,
This artificial being on the screen,
The one on my headphones,
Neither is able to stand a chance,
When the thing is being you.

Do you remember?

It wasn't black, neither white,
Only a infinite void,
And somewhere there,
Two lights stood together,
The only heat existant,
They surely danced,
Even without moving...
The feeling of affection and happiness overflowed
No more worries,
Nothing more to worry,
It seemed like time didn't exist,

But after all,
Nothing is perfect i guess,
I woke up, but i remember little before...

You threw me down to earth...
...Were you saving me..?
That's hard to say... but i had to.
I hope i will be able to live this dream...

shirt: kreifish
top: iinoone
skirt: 2234083174
boots: YukinoSama27
bow: FrenchiestToast
googles: NoUsernameIncluded (that's the user name)
hair: xXDesolatexMaskXx the bangs and NanamiHaruko the back hair
bangle: Aira-Melody
KG-6 Sleipnir H.A. custom
Heavy Assault version of sleipnir.
This variant uses the Reactive armour and the custom shoulder, but also a cannon is kept on the left side of his belly for more firepower.
KG-6 Sleipnir S.A.V. custom
S.A.V stands for Semi-Atmospheric-Version.
This version of Sleipnir was used by Inaho on Season 2 episode 8, it's shoulder got reactive armour and thrusters, most of his parts is from the ground variant of sleipnir, but still have the wing/hook from the space equipment with him.
KG-6 Sleipnir TSKLV Custom
The main purpose for this version of Sleipnir is for Sniping from insane distances from the targets.
It's main weapon is the normal sniper from Aldnoah zero anime but modified for using HEIAP rounds, as for sub weapons, it have a thin but resistant rectangular blade on the right arm.
KG-7 Areion AZ Custom
This verison of Areion uses parts from KG-6 Sleipnir SEV, it's main purpose is to work both on atmospheric and non-atmospheric environments withouth needing to change equipments.


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