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what did you do on your 21st birthday? If youre not 21 yet what do you plan on doing?

Im just going to a charity movie to see inside out but all the money goes to the cystic fibrosis foundation. and I might pick up some cheap wine for the heck of it.
Do not do a commission that's not paid for. Its stupid and youre putting yourself in a position of being scammed and what if the commissioner who requested the commission had found another artist to commission or money went missing out of their bank because of debt collectors decided to take money out of their husbands bank account?

Seriously Don't ever do a commission that is not paid for unless it is gift art or an art trade.

EVEN then if youre doing gift art ask the person if you can draw their character. Some people hate there character being drawn by people that don't know them personally. Characters are personal. theyre not toys.

And as for art trades. Make sure the person has examples of art trades that they have done. and look at how long it takes said person to do the art trade.

I need to make $40.00 as soon as possible.
$5.00 will get you a badge!
$10.00 will get you a badge and a full body drawing.
$15.00 will get you a badge and a full body drawing and an icon.
$20.00 will get you 2 badges and a full body drawing!
$25.00 will get you 2 badges and a couple (or friend) full body drawing.
$30.00 will get you 4 badges and a full body drawing.
$40.00 will get you 1 badge, a bust badge, and 2 full body drawing!!

To see more of my work please visit:…

Art by me/RubyCay
Paypal/Cash offers only please.

The reason this being is because I am raising money for a fursuit of silva my main fursona!!! :D


Taylor by xRubyCayx 
* comes with some art

Pony Mare

My pony mare by xRubyCayx

Steam the Angel Dragon

Steam the angel dragon by xRubyCayx
*comes with some art


.::Samson Creed::. by xRubyCayx 
*comes with some art


Gypsi by xRubyCayx
*comes with a bit of art (and ref sheet)

Zuri (first one)

Zuri And Maxwell by xRubyCayx

Maxwell (2nd one)

Zuri And Maxwell by xRubyCayx


*comes with a bit of art


Mature Content

Ref - Ayako by Kandy-Cube

*comes with a lot of art -


.::Damien The German Shepard::. by xRubyCayx
*comes with 2 pieces


Tranquility by xRubyCayx


Iris by xRubyCayx

Ruby Cay

Ruby Leopard by xRubyCayx
Chibi Commission - Happy anniversary! by Strobotic

I love their little outfits ;u;
{CLOSED} Friendship Kysvee Batch! YAY! by Will-O-Wisps
What happened to them? D: :iconf-r95:

Please take a second to vote and share! Please.

Hey, Im trying to help a nearby horse rescue to win $10,000 worth of horse feed!

All you need to do is hit vote and that's it.
Here is the page:…

Goes to it. Super cute art!!

and get a chance to win free art!! <da:thumb id="515702602"/>
I had received this from kaleidoscopial I love it so much!
:CM: Next Life + Speedpaint by kaleidoscopial

Also a quick update. Im back in Arizona. Florida did not work out apparently and I don't want to talk about it.... :/ anyways yea hope everyone had a great valentines day.
To a new beginning!
One of my favorite artists is throwing a raffle for valentines day! :D

My best friend invited leon and I along! XD I was wondering if anyone else is attending?

GO join!…
 <---- click this more information :D
looks like a slanted green dead tree.

membership is ending soon and I really don't feel like spending money on another since im thinking of just quitting da completely

Terms and Services for Commissions and Adopts
******** By purchasing my art services, you automatically agree to the following conditions. Please read this entirely and carefully.   If there are any questions or concerns, email me at *********
Terms of Services for Commissions:

Payment Methods and Options:

• Paypal and deviant art points :points: Only.
• All payment should be in USD.
• Other Payment option may be arranged if you do not have a paypal.
• If purchasing with points all following rules are the same.
• I reserve the right to decline your commission for any reason at any time.
• If you are rude to me or my friends/family I have the right to decline you commission. You will not be getting a refund either.
• You have my permission to re-post, crop, or use your commission on or off-site as long

Commissions Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx Requests Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx Art Trades Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx

:thumb369557349: Art trade with :iconxeshaire:


- Mitchell Lyons - Blue white wolf silly face
- vincent hanks - kurgan lion thing
- Tobias Tesla - grey wolf - forget white circle
Traditional badges: 
Art trades:
- xeshaire full drawing
- reference for prescilla

(PLEASE if you see an art trade or a commission missing LET ME KNOW!!) thank you.

;u; a friend of mine has got me a Cintiq 13HD omg... Like I don't even know what to say. I am so thankful. But yea my friend said itll be at my house tomorrow ;u;. Wow. speechless....

Whats a cintiq? watch this video! :D (skip to 9:00; he shows it better)… 
I am having a really annoying time with this tablet I have. Im trying to get commissions done but about every 4 mins the tablets cable disconnects and it take me about 2 mins to get the pen to register. Its really firkin annoying. Making me want to just throw the dang thing across the room. It really makes me upset too because I have like 20 commissions to do. :( Im sorry everyone who has commissioned me. I mean I can go back to drawing with the touchpad but it wont be as good as it would with a tablet.

I don't know what im going to do. :/