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Ocean Blue Rose

This is just a little something I had stuck in my head for about a month untill I finally worked up the courage and found the time to put it down on paper. I must admit, I was afraid that I wouldn't get the water down right.... So maybe that's why the stem sucked-- I was over confident on that.

Anyway, this was inspired by a close friend of mine when we were talking about tattoos one night. So, I might just get this tattooed somewhere on me one day, who knows.

I really am proud of this...

Enjoy! <3


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pirates65's avatar
Wow!! I love the blue! It's so... vivid.
xrosesxrulex's avatar
It's what I was aiming for. ^__^ I worked for a while just piling more and more blue onto it. Thanks.
DavidFolkie's avatar
Wow, the details are delicate and the color is so rich! :clap:
xrosesxrulex's avatar
Thank you a bunch! I guess there wasn't really a whole lot of time put into it, but there was quite a bit of effort and thought... Thanks again!
nytemarezero300's avatar
Love how you draw flowers. I can't draw to save my life.
xrosesxrulex's avatar
You can to draw, shmo!
And you only think it's good because I used a reference, without the reference it would have turned out like a giant blob of uncomprehenisble blue....
nytemarezero300's avatar
So have I and my flower contours suck.
xrosesxrulex's avatar
well, I would like to see some of your contour lines and then some other sketches that were based off of references.
nytemarezero300's avatar
I'll show you them when they come back after getting graded.
Abinition's avatar
Oooooooooooh :o
Gosh, this is so pretty! I absolutely love it!! <3
I just love the colors x3~
It really does look like water!
xrosesxrulex's avatar
Yay! I successfully pulled of coloring water correctly! *fist pump* Heck yeah! Wouldn't you get a tat of this if you wanted one? lol.

Thanks for all the favorites, too! <3 :glomp:
nintenerd's avatar
wow, i gotta say that looks pretty sick! =D fave!
xrosesxrulex's avatar
Yay! Thanks for the favorite! ^_^
allzquiet's avatar
Whoa, that's neat! It looks as if the rose is actually dissolving into water, pulling away slowly...reminds me of something out of the Matrix.

Keep it up!
xrosesxrulex's avatar
*tears up a little; sniffle* That's exactly what I was trying to get across... *faints* Thank-you!
angelspast's avatar
im at such a loss when it comes to drawing roses, your obviously not its pretty <3
xrosesxrulex's avatar
Thank you! I used a reference picture to draw it initially, but only ended up using those lines as crutche and varied quite a bit from them.

Thanks again! ^_^

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