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cat girl

Whew! this took me a reeaaaly long time. i redid it twice before i was satisfied, and i still think it could use some work. its my first kitty girl and im proud of myself for sticking with it long enough to finish.
original image by the lovely <[link] at [link]
kitty nose from [link]
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Very cute catgirl!  Your transformation is nicely subtle.
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Hi I am the founder of:

Unico World Order by unicodragon

This piece is just awesome. :D

I would love it if you can submit this piece.

Here is short description of group

Love Cats? Wolves? Cosplay? Anime? Anything cool and bad ass? We are here to lead a revolution!

Group link :…
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Cute. Love her little expression. And I love gingers!
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id love to have ears like that! good job!
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Considerable likeness! [link] :D
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I put that image in my in my imagems
MissKorija's avatar forget about eye ^^;
anyways great job ^^ :iconthumbsupplz:
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how to put a cat's eyes in the photo and which program uses
I love your work! Do you think you could edit some of my work or create some more characters for a game I'm designing? I'd really appreciate it.
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It's so cute I'll fav it ^o^
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Great work on the eyes. They are my favorite part about this. The ears turned out lovely too!
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where are these ears from?
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Good job. I like what you did around the eyes.
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AWWWWWW now that is one sweet kitty
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aww man... she... is.... cuuuuute. lol
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Quite well done. Very clean. Keep up the good work.
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thats a great manip there, and for being the first kitty gal you create, is extremely good. you really nail it. hope to see more awesome creations like this one in future works :)
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