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Roland 'Yujo' by XrosBrony Roland 'Yujo' by XrosBrony
Dimension: Equestria Girls 

Deck: Harmony 'Pendulum' Deck

Friends: Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, James, and Johnathn 

School: Canterlot High School

Catchphrase: 'Time to Step it Up'

He's a counterpart of Yuya Sakaki (Standard Dimension), Yuto (Xyz Dimension), Yugo (Synchro Dimension), and Yuri (Fusion Dimension). As a rookie duelist, he dreams of being 'The Ultimate Duelist' and bring hope to any people that struggle with reality. His personality is similar to his counterparts (except Yuri):  Yuya's fun and energetic, Yuto's calm and collected, and Yugo's impulsive and short tempered as well as all share their kindness and care for their friends and don't want to see them hurt. However, he can doubt himself as well as pushing himself too hard in time but his friends always cheered him on and remind him. He treasures his friends as if their part of his heart and want to move the future together with them. Unlike his counterparts, he unable to go into his berserk mode for an unknown reason and he can only synchronize with only his Rainbooms friends due to his connection with them. He believes in hope that will 'awaken the unseen future' and willing to awaken that future. His deck consists of the Rainbooms' pony counterparts which he stated that this deck was with him ever since he was born and have no memory of how he got this deck. Soon it was revealed that some of the Equestria Magic must create it but for reason unknown to them.

Soon, he evolve from a rookie duelist to a champion duelist after defeating the legendary 'Red Eyes Master' Johnathn, but when his dimension is invaded by the Academia on a hunt for Sunset Shimmer, he along with duelist friends able to drive them away only for his special card, Brave Heart Harmony Dragon use its power to communicate them of the Interdimensional Domination. With that, he gathers his friends on a quest to recruit 4 legendary duelists from 'Prime Dimension' (Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, and Yuma and Astral) to find Yuya Sakaki and assist him in stopping Leo Akaba. 


Upon recruiting the legendary duelists through the trials on each Prime Dimensions, Yujo and his friends now travel to the Fusion Dimension to stop Leo Akaba. After facing powerful duelists, he finally meets Yuya Sakaki, Reiji Akaba, and Yusho Sakaki. Soon after Leo Akaba reveals the United Dimensions, Ray, and Zarc, not only he was shocked to learn that Yuya and his dimension counterpart are the incarnations of him but him too. Despite that, he decides to tag duel with Yuya and Reiji against Leo. At some point, his 'darkness' begins to grow upon seeing his Rainboom friends now being the target of Leo's ARC - V using their Equestria Magic, he finally go into his Berserk Mode, making him much like how Yuya is, with his desire to destroy Leo Akaba, the ARC -V, and the Fusion Dimension for the crimes they commit, duel violently using cards that destroy all of Leo's cards and monsters through the 'Chaos' effects while nullified upon summon and draw them but at the cost, each of the Mane 7 were in pain upon the use of the those cards, Yuya and Yuto use their darkness and manage to calm him down with the help of Sunset and her friends. It was revealed that the girls' Equestria Magic able to nullified Zarc's essence for the time being. However, just as Yuya about to attack, he was pinned by swords and Yusho's the one who halts the duel and convinces Yujo to stop for now seeing that they need to stop Zarc's revival. He decides to stop it too despite that he'll go into his berserk mode should he duel his counterpart. After the legendary duelist decides to stop Leo while he and the others stop Yugo and Yui, but when Yugo is absorbed into Yuri and planned to absorb Yuya. Even with Yusho's attempt, Yuri defeats him and carded him upon realizing that Yusho was his adopted father, who rescue him from his homeless life, and Yuya is his twin brother. Sadden and angry by Yuri, Yujo and Yuya tag duel against Yuri but even with their combination of their strengths, Yuri still able to hold his ground. Never the less, they able to defeat him but Zarc took over Yuya's mind and soul and use Astrograph Magician to fuse him and Yuri into Supreme King Dragon Zarc leaving only Yujo not affected. It was revealed from Zarc that while Yujo is his alter ego, he was his 'Light' and it was split from his heart due to his insanity and the Four Dimension Dragons' anger, Brave Heart Harmony Dragon was the Tree of Harmony's spirit and bestow its power to it in hope to stop Zarc should he was revive again, and his light was in the Equestria Girls' Dimension thus the creation of Yujo. Upon that, he decides to stop Zarc and save Yuya and his dimensional counterpart and the four dimension from being fused. With all of the duelists tried to stop Zarc but failed, Yujo duels him and summon the true form of Brave Heart, Brave Heart Superior Dragon and clash against Supreme King Dragon Zarc. With the help of Reira/Ray, Yujo able to defeat Supreme King Dragon Zarc and once Yuya fighting Zarc for the control of his body, Reira/Ray use the En Flowers to defeat him. Just as Reira decide to seal Zarc, Yujo decides to seal him and destroy him, absorbing him and using his last power, destroy Zarc's spirit. Before faded into nothingness, he thanks, Yuya, Sunset and her friends for everything and give his deck to Sunset for her to use to bring hope. He also asks Yuya to keep dueling for smiles across the dimensions and everything was split into four once more only this time, the Equestria Girls Dimension was rebooted as 'Harmony' Dimension and no one has memories of Yujo and the interdimensional war. 
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