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Zoids Wild Harmony  by XrosBrony Zoids Wild Harmony :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 1 0 Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour  by XrosBrony Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 2 0 Full Magic Metal Panic! by XrosBrony Full Magic Metal Panic! :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 1 2 1/60 Arbalest ver VI by XrosBrony 1/60 Arbalest ver VI :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 0 0 HG 00 Diver Ace by XrosBrony HG 00 Diver Ace :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 2 0 The third Keyblade revealed! by XrosBrony The third Keyblade revealed! :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 3 1 Equestria Girls X Cardfight!! Vanguard (V series) by XrosBrony Equestria Girls X Cardfight!! Vanguard (V series) :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 3 1 Kingdom Key and Shooting Star by XrosBrony Kingdom Key and Shooting Star :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 3 0 HG 00 Raiser + GN Sword III by XrosBrony HG 00 Raiser + GN Sword III :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 1 0 RG Astray Red Frame by XrosBrony RG Astray Red Frame :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 1 0 HG 00 Gunsam Seven Sword /G by XrosBrony HG 00 Gunsam Seven Sword /G :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 0 2 1/100 FM Barbatos Lupus Rex  by XrosBrony 1/100 FM Barbatos Lupus Rex :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 2 0 Gundam Astaroth evolution by XrosBrony Gundam Astaroth evolution :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 5 3 HGCE Freedom Gundam Revive ver by XrosBrony HGCE Freedom Gundam Revive ver :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 4 1 HG IBO Gundam Astaroth Origin  by XrosBrony HG IBO Gundam Astaroth Origin :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 1 0 RG Gundam Exia by XrosBrony RG Gundam Exia :iconxrosbrony:XrosBrony 2 0


With Starlight by DraconidsMXZ With Starlight :icondraconidsmxz:DraconidsMXZ 325 26 Sunset Shimmer (no c) by sunshienterprisesinc Sunset Shimmer (no c) :iconsunshienterprisesinc:sunshienterprisesinc 28 1 Wind of Change by tyuubatu Wind of Change :icontyuubatu:tyuubatu 177 16 You are loved, Starlight by hayley566 You are loved, Starlight :iconhayley566:hayley566 77 34 Best Magican Friends Forever (B.M.F.F.) by FamousMari5 Best Magican Friends Forever (B.M.F.F.) :iconfamousmari5:FamousMari5 83 15 Destiny island by Spirit-woods Destiny island :iconspirit-woods:Spirit-woods 23 1 Link - Sora by xFennek Link - Sora :iconxfennek:xFennek 57 0 Destiny Trio by tambri-art Destiny Trio :icontambri-art:tambri-art 232 18 Tactical Espionage Education by saturdaymorningproj Tactical Espionage Education :iconsaturdaymorningproj:saturdaymorningproj 161 57 Fluttershy EQG [Collab Fan Art] by ShimayaEiko Fluttershy EQG [Collab Fan Art] :iconshimayaeiko:ShimayaEiko 218 20 Encore - The Elements Realign pg 1 by CCKittyCreative Encore - The Elements Realign pg 1 :iconcckittycreative:CCKittyCreative 7 0 Smallest Fan by EmeraldBlast63 Smallest Fan :iconemeraldblast63:EmeraldBlast63 127 13 Yovidaphone Pone by Pony-Berserker Yovidaphone Pone :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 362 45 Princesa Luna Cita Nocturna by Silverwolf850 Princesa Luna Cita Nocturna :iconsilverwolf850:Silverwolf850 96 12 MLP Vector - Starlight Sparkle by jhayarr23 MLP Vector - Starlight Sparkle :iconjhayarr23:jhayarr23 154 17 Sunset Shimmy wallpaper by AntylaVX Sunset Shimmy wallpaper :iconantylavx:AntylaVX 108 11



Zoids Wild Harmony
Long time ago, in the ancient times, mythical creatures of biological organic dominated the world from an unknown origin with powers beyond anything. These were known as Zoids. Ponies and mythical creatures in ancient times discovered them and through bonds between them, they live in harmony. However, those peaceful times come to an end when a necromancer names Grogar, plans to control the Zoids and destroy Equestria. To combat this, six chosen creatures, consist of Pony, Hippogriff, Yak, Dragon, Changeling, and Griffon were given six artifacts known as the Z-Fangs to connect themselves and the Zoids to fight Grogar, beginning an ancient war known as the Zoids War. Upon the aftermath, the Zoids have all but extinct after sealing Grogar into Tartarus. But Grogar use his dark magic to erase the bonds of all mythical creatures and the Zoids, thus the ancient times have all but faded and the Harmony of all creatures are all but divided, leading to events that yet to come.

Sometimes, in the future, Princess Twilight Sparkle opens the School of Friendship after the event of the Storm King Invasion in hope for her and her friends to spread the Magic of Friendship across the countries and other creatures.

Upon that, a wild orphan Earth Pony name, Spirit Howl attend upon after an encounter with Princess Celestia in Canterlot while stealing food from local markets, in hope for him to learn the Magic of Friendship but due to his wild nature born in the Everfree, he’s difficult for everyone to understand him. At one night, he encounter an ancient artifact leads him to a cavern and within, free an ancient beast name Wild Liger but at the same time, freeing Grogar’s army, the Death Army.

Now Spirit must find the other Z-Wielders and the other Zoids to fight back the Death Army, but when Twilight and her friends and Sandbar and his friends are involved, they had to work together to save their home and reconnect the lost bonds of the Zoids.
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour
A truly best birthday present ever- Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour on August 5 after my birthday and on The Hard Rock Casino at Las Vegas! I’m truly grateful for my aunt and uncle for getting me those tickets! And for merchandise, I got to album a tour booklet program, and a pouch!
Full Magic Metal Panic!
In the peaceful land of Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, open up the School of Friendship, in hope for her and her friends to spread the Magic of Friendship to every creatures.

Six students, Sandbar the Earth Pony, Ocellus the Changeling, Yona the Yak, Smolder the Dragon, Silverstream the Hippogriffs, and Gallus the Griffon, became best friends from a rocky start in the school and continue to learn more about The Magic of Friendship.

However, a new student attend The School of Friendship, a mute Unicorn name Grey who’s personality is that of silence spoke loud than words and his seriousness making the Student 6 having a hard time interacting with him.

To make it complicated, reports of giant ‘Metal Golems’ appear out of nowhere and waging war on other countries causing casualties across. Twilight and her friends were on the mission to research of the origin and purpose of the ‘Metal Golems ‘.

Now, with the hands of time begins, the mysterious Pony Grey begins his war together with two allies, Azure and Torque, with the ancient machines, Arm Slaves and gun blaze towards a new tomorrow.
So my birthday is coming on August 4 and to celebrate on August 5th, my aunt got me tickets to Kingdom Hearts World Tour Orchestra at Hard Rock Casino!! It’s going to be one epic Birthday!!


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Hello Mr. Xrosbrony / Mr. GundamBrony, I must to say you I have readen your new history of  My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Gundam Extreme Versus Magic, and I like much this history, I hope you keep doing more chapters about this history, not only I, but also those who have read before me, we look forward to it.

By the way, you've seen the new Gundam series, (Gundam Build Divers), is very cool and also exciting, I wait that someday make you some crossover of Gundam Build Divers and Equestria Girls.

Keep up with your current stories and also with future stories in the future, and good luck.

Gundam Exia by MaHenBu   wing gundam by vicious2500   We are Equestria Girls by FamousMari5   Transform Rarity base into Stirlight Glimmer !!! by GlitterStar200  
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Hello mr. Xrosbrony or mr. Gundambrony, my name is Juanpe92, and I would like to say to you that I have read some of your stories for example, and of course, I have seen two of your ideas (Mobile Suit Gundam Equestria and Gundam Build Fighters ReGeneration with its characters, the mane 6, Kit Builder, Roland Cabral and Sunset Shimmer as a team (Team Rainbow Fighters) more the gunplas what did you create, included the characters from Gundam Build Fighters Try seen a good crossover with Equestria girls   ), especially the second idea, and for this, I would see that you have my vote to those two new ideas, but seriously, I like your stories.

Good lucky with your future stories and much encouragement, that you are doing very well.
HaroHaro HaroHaro HaroHaroSunset Shimmer EqG (transformation) plztwilight sparkle EqG (ah) plz book (incoming messages) plz 
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Here's a petition about the replace of the Sonic comic book series after they've finished with the Archie Comics series and freedom fighters have remained staying tuned by ShanahaT, and you know I'm very autistic.…
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