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one piece - luffy and merry



My internship is finally over and at last, I have this final week of summer to myself. So in celebration, here's a super cheerful OP picture cuz I love Luffy and I love Merry and I have been dying for the latest OP episodes to get subbed. I've never drawn Luffy before, so I had some issues getting that vacant/manic expression down. I know it's just flat colors right now...I'd like to add in some shadows, but knowing my track record with starting things and never finishing, I have a feeling I'll never get around to doing it.

Oh, and Marimo-head is in there too cuz I also love him. Heck, I love the whole Mugiwara crew. :heart:

EDIT: Never mind, I did end up adding in some shadows after all--just in the front so Luffy and Merry wouldn't blend in so much. Also put on a texture to give it a sort of nostalgic sunny look. Texture credited to www.rainharbour.net
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