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Break Dance Render

By xRiptide
Render for the Photo Manip. Competition
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© 2011 - 2021 xRiptide
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Used here:

Music Design

Thanks! :hug:

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Thanks! I used it in this Photoshop tutorial:…
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Used it here:Moving Foreward by NikaTuwa
Thanks :)
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Hola, gracias por el render, no la tengo que recortar, usé tu stock aquí: elflautistacongorra.deviantart…
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hi xrptide i am looking for soome decent stock photgraphy of break dancers. similar to the  image above .  Can please offer some advice cheers 
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This one deserves a DD!
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Ouch - stolen photo with no attribution! I would love to use this (and almost did), but fortunately I read the comments and realized that it is the work of a different photographer ( Alexander Yakovlev -> ) who did NOT give consent. Even after all of the comments below, why haven't you AT LEAST given attribution to Alexander Yakovlev in the description (or better yet, remove it from stock photos and from DA)??

It looks like you downloaded this from another person who committed the original theft:
Jaffar-Style's Break Dancing Image Pack: [link] (contains stolen images)

He set you (and others) up for copyright violations and potential lawsuits. Short of that, it can ruin your reputation, too. :(
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I have reported you to DeviantART HQ and the original owner of the image, It may help people but the fact is its someone elses image who did NOT give their permission to you.
Thought Id like to give you a heads up and give you the chance to take this down.
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just a question.. probably stupid, but who is the original owner?? there's a whole bunch of images with this guy in them that i'm trying to find but i can't seem to get them all in the same place! so if i could find where they come from and get some permission i can use them in my own work.
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all honesty im shocked that deviantart hasnt taken this down but i dont remember anymore, it was such a long time ago im sorry all i know it wasnt someone on deviantart
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it's cool, i found the guy anyway!
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This isn't photobucket and that's a photo with very slight retouches that you didn't make, for a competition that shouldn't accept it. Loser.
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how is this a render. its not even close to one. all you did was take someones work and cut it out and let people download it. the person who did all the work tries to sell it. they dont allow people to take their work and let anyone use it.
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