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Locket Ref WIP



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06.28.19-Updated profile info

06.23.19-uploaded app, info wip

General Info:

Nickname(s) :
Locket, Loke
Theme Song(s) :
Sex/Gender: Male/Tom
Sexuality: Pansexual
Zodiac: Leo

Current Age:  appears '24'
Birthday: Aug 13
Class: Grunt

Team Aqua by Magma-Dragoon-MK-II

Side Occupation/Hobby

TL;DR history


After leaving Cianwood Locket wandered around the countless regions in absolute boredom. A few times he crossed paths with the white ninetales that scared the absolute hell out of him; luckily nothing came of it. One faithful day however a large explosion sounded in the distance. Most pokecats would run from such a sound but Locket wasn't like most cats. Call it bravery or stupidity, the Klefki curiosity was perked which that on itself could be counted as deadly.  As he drew near the site he couldn't help but notice a large group of humans. They were wearing black and white clothing on them with a distinct red R on their chest and gear.  Locket blinked in slight confusion.  There had been a human Team Rocket as well?  Before he could ponder further on his discovery he noticed a Zorua pokecat in the company of an odd pokemon; something akin to a Hoopa maybe? The mon looked to be charging something within its rings as the Zorua pokecat fended off the humans.  This seemed to interest him a lot, and as the two prepared to escape, Locket quickly used Astonish on the Hoopa to appear before them within a blink of an eye.  As the pokemon cried out in startelement Locket gave one of his infuriating grins and saluted the mon as he turned the broken key on his tail like he was unlocking a door and fell into the portal. There was a flash of blinding light as the portal changed colors rapidly for a few heartbeats as he disappeared into the portal before returning to its normal color.  As he fell Locket felt his body tingle as he passed through several barriers. He suspected each one being a different gate or dimension. After what felt like eternity the light around him began to turn white as the path before him started to turn blue. A shifting blue like that of a large expanse of  water.

Before he could right himself the klefki pokecat found himself falling through the sky towards  an unknown ocean; a cocoon of fog in the distance.

After nearly drowning to death and seeing how he couldn't seem to reach whatever was outside of the fog, he happened to cross a few members from a group called Team Aqua.  Very interested in this new world he seemed to find himself in, the decided to play along. It seemed it'd be a lot funner to be on the bad side for once and the leader's ideals, although extreme, perked his curiosity.  At the leader's obvious loathing and mistrust of him, as he wasn't a water type, he simply stated to the scary Sharpido that she didn't have to trust or even like him. She simply just needed him to do his part and follow orders to make her goal reality.


Will add/change as time goes on

Nature: Impish|| CharacteristicsThoroughly cunning

[Bullet; GreenLoyal] | [Bullet; GreenPlayful] | [Bullet; Green---] | [Bullet; YellowFlirt] | [Bullet; YellowSatire] | [Bullet; Yellow ---] | [Bullet; Red ---] | [Bullet; Red---]


keys, riddles,  startling/surprising others, trickery, having owed favors on others, flirting

stale bread, metals, poison, being fooled, being in others debts, others knowing his real name


Type: Steel/Fairy
Species (Pokemon): Klefki #707
Species: Key Ring Pokemon
Pokedex Entry: 

Long ago it lived in mines, but once the minerals that make up its diet became scarcer, Klefki began appearing in human settlements. Although it's unclear why this even-tempered Pokémon has a habit of collecting keys, giving it a key makes Klefki very happy. However, it apparently only likes master keys. It will sneak into people's homes to steal their keys. It never lets go of a key that it likes, so people give it the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime. These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.

LV: 45

Move Set:

:iconfairytypeplz: Fairy Lock
:iconfairytypeplz: Draining Kiss
:iconpsychictypeplz: Psychic
:iconghosttypeplz: Astonish

Held Item: N/A




-the piercings in his tail as well as at the tip, are indeed pierced into his tail.
-is suspiciously skilled at picking locks and committing break ins.
-uses the ability Psychic to make himself levitate and float around.

Roleplay Information

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