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Hi all,

as many of you already know, the brushes I provide on deviantart for non-commercial use can be bought on my creative market shop for commercial use.

Yesterday I released a megapack with 1500 Brushes:

If you want to support me creating more non-commercial brushes, feel free to go to my shop and buy some of my products.
All brushes I create for my shop will also land on deviantart for non-commercial use. =)

Thanks and have a nice day! :dance:
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Hi everyone,

since a long time I wasn't so active on deviantart, but today I was able to upload some new brushes, and I just saw that I have now around 400'000 downloads in total an around 500 deviations where my brushes are used in.

I wanted to thank all of you for your support and I hope you enjoy my work and can use it for more great artwork. :)

If you have any feedback for this hobby artist what he could make better or what high-res brushes he should make next just leave a comment below. :D

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  • Listening to: classic
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In case of the redistribution of my brushsets over filesharing platforms like rapidshare, I add some license terms to my brushsets. Now they are licensed under the Pizzaware-License :D

* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* "THE PIZZA-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42):
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you
* can do every non-commercial work you want with my brushes. If we meet some day,
* and you think my brushes worth it, you can buy me a pizza in return.
* Do not redistribute my brushsets over filesharing platforms like megaupload,
* hotfile or rapidshare. Torrent based sharing is allowed, if this license file
* is also included in the torrent.
* More high-resolution brushes under:
* Reto Scheiwiller, Switzerland 2011
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Crazy, today some of my Brushes were downloaded 600 times, so whats going on!?

I put the name of a brushset into the search engine, also known as google, and around 2'500 results were found for a brushset i uploaded 3 days ago:…

and for a brushset that is up for around 10 days google gives 40'000 results:…

the internet is amazing fast :D