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68 Dust Brushes


This pack contains 68 dust brushes(Photoshop and Affinity) for non-commercial use.
The product on creative market contains also PNG Overlays and PSD Example files.

Have fun creating nice art with them =) (Smile)
  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE: The brushes I provide on deviantart are for non-commercial use only.
  • COMMERCIAL USE: You can purchase this product from one of my shops. 
  • YOUTUBERS: You can use the brushes in your videos even if you earn money with the videos, only condition is that you mention where you got the brushes from and put the link in the description.
  • CREDIT AND INFORM: If you use them in a deviation, please credit me and leave a comment with a link to your art :-) (Smile)
  • SUPPORT: If you want to support my work, there is a donation pool on my profile page, or you can buy something on my creative market shop.

============= DESCIPTION ===============

Have you ever found that your design doesn't look as real as it could?
You just wanted to put some extra texture on it but the right one was missing?
Or you just like to mess with photos and make them look older than they are?

These 68 dust brushes and overlays will help you in many ways. If you just want some particles in the background, put some grunge on an object you want to look older or if you just want to give some filthy retro look to some of your pictures, these brushes can help you to achieve these effects.

============= CONTENTS ================

All the Brushes and images are about 2400px in size.

* 44 Dust Stamp Brushes for Photoshop(.abr)

* 24 Dust Stroke/Scatter Brushes for Photoshop(.abr)

* 47 Brush Coloring Photoshop Styles

============= USAGE EXAMPLES ================

  • Give some additional texture to your design
  • Create a retro look images and photos
  • Use the dust as grunge and dirt
  • Make thing filthy! Because clean was yesterday!
  • Use as sand, particles or dots
  • Add some artificial "stars" to a night sky
  • Or maybe as tiny breadcrumbs?

© 2020 - 2021 XResch
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thank you so much.

Thanks for sharing buddy 😎

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Thank you soo much for the brush..

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So I can download them without problems if I don't plan to use them in commercial things / make money from it?

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You're my hero :D

XResch's avatar

Haha! You are very welcome! Superhero

I will fav all the artworks that link back to my brushes, just in case you want to have more views :-)

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what would be making money with it? people selling them in brush packs?

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reselling in brush packs is not really allowed.

Making money/commercial use would be to use any of the brushes in any way in a design that you will use to make cash.

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hum but how can I find out if one of my brushes are being used for profit? There are too many similar brushes. I ´m plaining to create some for free release ( maybe comercial limited use) and more elaborated/specific ones for paid packs,how can i find out if someone is not respecting that?

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If you want to create your own brush packages, and provide them for non-commercial use, it is basically impossible to control if they are used commerically or not. I trust to a certain degree the deviantart users, that they will buy them when they want to use them commercially, with the full knowledge that there always will be criminals who will just do whatever they want and use them commercially without a license.

My brushes are not really intended to create other brush packages.

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you're welcome :heart:

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