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60 Bokeh Effect Brushes


Did you ever have a photo where just that bokeh was not the way you wanted it? Or that nice marriage photoshooting where just the sun was hidden behind the clouds and you need to pimp the photos a bit?

This bokeh effect brushes can help you in many situations to give some nice and glowy touch to your images. You will find in this package a good mix of scattered brushes, combined bokeh brushes and stamp like brushes.

  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE: The brushes I provide on deviantart are for non-commercial use only.
  • COMMERCIAL USE: You can purchase these brushes on my shops:
  • YOUTUBERS: You can use the brushes in your videos even if you earn money with the videos, only condition is that you mention where you got the brushes from and put the link in the description.
  • CREDIT AND INFORM: If you use them in a deviation, please credit me and leave a comment with a link to your art :-) (Smile)
  • SUPPORT: If you want to support my work, there is a donation pool on my profile page, or you can buy something on my creative market shop.

======== Package Content ========
- 60 bokeh effect brushes 2500px created with photoshop CS6

- 45 general brush coloring photoshop styles

This Brushes can be as well used with Gimp and Affinity Photo.

Note: The brushes are downsized to 500px for easier use as they scatter quite a lot. The original size of the brushes is still 2500px in the brush file, just increase the brush size to what you need.
This brushes can also be used with Gimp and Affinity Photo.

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Thanks for making these available. They look great!

Thanks very much-

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Thank you very much!

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where and how can i use them ? i mean what i could do with them? sorry if that sounds stupid but i´m a beginner and many brushes i see and collect ( i wonder why :p) i have no idea about their use.

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no problem.

You can load the brushes into photoshop and then with a click you can add bokeh to your design. Here how you can install them:

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Hiya, I was wondering if I used this on an adopt to sell would it be commercial use?

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you're welcome

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Hello i am a beginner; if i use this brush , and post the pic on Instagram or twitter with credit.

Is this okay or no-go ?

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this is okay, as long as you don't sell the image its no issue. :-)

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you're welcome

thank you very much!!!

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you are welcome very much! ^^

Just stunning. I never knew there were effects like this! Yes, I am very old. LOL Keep up the good work and many thanks.

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Thank you very much :-)

No problem with being old, much better than being extinct Miss Dianneosaurus :dinosrawr:

LOL! Do you know it took me a moment to finally get it and I howled. I always appreciate wit and a good pun. Thanks!

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haha, you are very welcome :excited: :la:

Love the look! Thanks again!

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welcome, and thanks for the good feedback :-)

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