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100 Blueprint Brushes

Location  Switzerland

This pack contains 100 blueprint brushes(Photoshop and Affinity) for non-commercial use.
The product on creative market contains also PNGs, Backgrounds and PSD Example files.

Have fun creating nice art with them =) (Smile)
  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE: The brushes I provide on deviantart are for non-commercial use only.
  • COMMERCIAL USE: You can purchase this product from my shops. 
  • YOUTUBERS: You can use the brushes in your videos even if you earn money with the videos, only condition is that you mention where you got the brushes from and put the link in the description.
  • CREDIT AND INFORM: If you use them in a deviation, please credit me and leave a comment with a link to your art :-) (Smile)
  • SUPPORT: If you want to support my work, there is a donation pool on my profile page, or you can buy something on my creative market shop.

============= DESCIPTION ===============

What do you do when you need to create a technical design?  Or a design with formulas and mathematical graphs?
Or a design for a science fiction or steam punk scene?

This big brush package meets all your expectations. It contains a wide range of stamp type brushes including machine parts, graphs and mathematical formulas. With 100 brushes to choose from you are guaranteed to find what you need.

With a variety of mathematical formulas, graphs, machine blueprints and similar brushes you have a flexible set you can use for a lot of purposes.

============= CONTENTS ================

All the Brushes and images are about 2000px in size.

  • 100 Blueprint Brushes for Photoshop(.abr)
  • 100 Blueprint Brushes for Affinity Photo and Designer(.afbrushes)
  • 47 Brush Coloring Photoshop Styles

============= EXAMPLES ================

  • Use for various kinds of technical, mechanical, electrical and engineering topics
  • Science and futuristic designs
  • Steam punk game designs
  • Book covers for mathematic books
  • For things that are related to graphs and complex formulas
  • Adding some machine blueprints to a technical design
  • As part of a science fiction or mechanical design

© 2020 - 2021 XResch
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you're welcome! =)

thank u!!! <3

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u are very welcome! :-)

Brilliant work! Thank you so very much.

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thanks for the great feedback! You are very welcome :)

Thanks! Good work!

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you're welcome, thank you too!

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how come this doesn't have more comments, it really is amazing!

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haha, thank you very much for that super feedack!

Feel free to share my profile if you want to support me making even more great brushes. :-)

This is amazing. Thank you!

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thank you, really appreciate your great feeback

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I want download
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there is a download icon(down arrow with basket) under the image

Thanks a lot for the great work. I really appericate your generosity for sharing these treasures.

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you're welcome.

Wish you a lot of fun with these blueprints.

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