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As of our latest research, this deviant is an inhabitant of planet earth. It consists of billions and billions of cute and aggressive cells. The individual creates design assets for other creative beings on the same planet. Protocols say it was observed to slay and devour a vast amount of Italian tiramisu. After thorough studies it was classified as generally friendly towards other individuals of the same race. When encountered in the urban wilderness, be prepared to get hugged!

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Recently it took over the group as the the founder, and I'm currently watching how the things are playing out. I saw that most of the submissions just expire without any votes on them. Recently there were some expired submissions from michaeladamidisart, who submitted some very interesting oil & acrylic brushes I haven't seen like this before. As I think such a great artist has to be supported, I thought I feature him in a journal entry to give you guys some inspiration. I also will think to change some group rules in the near future to get people more engaged and revive the group from it's slumber, so that the submissions will actually be looked at. Here some of Michaels creations: As Master Photoshop is all about resources, check out some of Michaels brush packs. He also provides a free product here: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/km7g/ma-brushes-real-papers-pencils-free-brush-pack-painting-brushes
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Woooow guuuuyyyys!!! (that includes all the chica's out there a as well) I wasn't here for some month because I was focusing on some application I'm currently programming and other stuff. I came back and found a big stack of comments I went through to check on what was going on since I last was here. And look at all that gorgeousness I have found! I want to share with you some of the great artworks people have created the last months with the resources I provide on deviantart. In all the years I have collected over 500 deviations, and all the people sending me their artworks get better and better in what they are doing. It's really cool the see how creativity is blooming and how people enjoy working with my brushes and how they put all these pictures together. Share your thoughts about the pictures in the comments. Whats your favorite picture? If you came down here, here you will find a cute kitty avatar as a reward >> @LadyoftheApocalypse (yeah I just searched for a reason to
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Hi all, as many of you already know, the brushes I provide on deviantart for non-commercial use can be bought on my creative market shop for commercial use. Yesterday I released a megapack with 1500 Brushes: * https://creativemarket.com/xresch/2642460-1500-Brushes-Megapack If you want to support me creating more non-commercial brushes, feel free to go to my shop and buy some of my products. All brushes I create for my shop will also land on deviantart for non-commercial use. =) Thanks and have a nice day! :dance:
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Thank you so much <3

Thank you for sharing your brushes, they are all very cool

Thank You so much for the brushes.

you are very welcome

In The Land Of Mordor

Vielen Dank!

Bitteschön! :-)

Your brushes are so cool. thank you for sharing!