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(H/L) Hair Length
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(Your POV)

After we had our laugh, I left to get ready as best I could. Tenzin had thankfully left me scissors, along with few other necessities. I bathed, I then combed my hair out and trimmed it a bit so it was at least slightly presentable.  I dressed and bless Pema for trying, but my current clothes were on their last thread as it was. I needed to go find something new, and soon. I walked out into the courtyard, finding Mako, Asami and Korra all chatting. I walked up and they all looked at me as if I was some sort of alien. I mean technically I was but they didn’t have to gawk about it.

You: “Is there something on my face?” I made a show of wiping my hand across it to remove some unknown foreign object.  Korra shook her head no and Asami spoke up for them.

Asami: “Well I guess we are just not used to seeing that much of your face.” She said pointing at the now clean skin and trimmed back hair.

You: “Ah yes, see I usually prefer to keep myself clean and presentable on  a daily basis, but, but having been stuck out of civilization for as long as I had, it just didn’t seem to be that much of a priority. I see it was the clear choice however.” I looked to Korra smirking. “Enjoying the view are we Korra?” I saw her cheeks turn a shade of red. She tried to hide it behind one of her trademark smirks, but I know I hit the nail on the head.

Korra: “Well uh, you see…it doesn’t look bad. I, you…Asami?” She turned to her friend for help. And my gaze fell to her. Unlike Korra, Asami was wearing a smirk that could rival my own.

Asami: “I believe she’s trying to say it suits you. It is certainly a good change, you look cleaner. I like your hair too, though maybe next time you should let someone else cut it.” She said raising an eyebrow at me. I never was very good with my hair, but I refused to lose this game.

You: “Are you offering Asami? Longing to run your fingers through it are you?” I Chuckled. Asami Chuckled back, understanding I was only teasing. Korra’s blush intensified. Mako, well Mako just huffed. When I looked at him he seemed peeved at something. “Something the matter Mako?” He didn’t answer instead just turning away from me and began walking down the stairs. I turned to Asami. “What’s eating at him?” Asami looked to where he was just standing than back at me.

Korra: “Mako can be a bit defensive sometimes. He's not too keen on people flirting with his girlfriend, even jokingly.” Her eyes darted to Asami. I made a silent O.

You: “My apologies. I certainly hope you know I would never call someone’s faithfulness into question. I promise it will not happen again.” I finished with a low bow to Asami. She giggled lightly and touched my back to let me know I could stand.

Asami: “It’s no problem really. Mako can just be a bit strenuous sometimes. I’ll go talk to him. Just, maybe wait here a second before coming down?” She posed it more like a question than anything else. But I nodded my compliance all the same. Asami headed down the steps after Mako. Once she was out of sight, I turned to Korra, and we both started laughing to ourselves over the situation. Once we cleared the air Korra spoke up again.

Korra: “So what’s the plan Master (L/N)?” Ah great.. Well I guess there was no avoiding it now.

You: “Well.. seeing as Tenzin.” I jerked my head back towards the temple, narrowing my eyes at Tenzin’s general direction. “..effectively tricked me into training all of you, I figured the five of us could head into town and get to know one another.” She smiled lightly, nodding her head in agreement.

Korra: "Not a bad plan.. we’re just missing one student then.” I looked around, realizing that Bolin was in fact missing.

You: “Huh and here I figured he and Mako were tied at the hip.. where is he?”

Bolin: “Right behind ya bud!!” I jumped.. literally jumped at the sudden appearance of the young earth bender. Turning around to meet his eyes, I clutched my chest. Finding both he and Pema standing there, chuckling softly.

You: “DON’T DO THAT!! I may not look it but I’m too old for surprises like that!!” They both laughed loudly at that, even Korra joined in.. Damn kids.. no respect for their elders.

Pema: “I didn’t expect you to be so jumpy.” She spoke with difficulty through her laughter. I just rolled my eyes. “I just wanted to ask you if that offer to baby sit the kids was still on the table?” Right.. I had offered to do so.

You: “Of course Pema.. when were you thinking?”

Pema: “Thursdays.. if you wouldn’t mind?” Thursday’S? As in more than one? I sighed.. I suppose I got myself into this by offering in the first place. Still I relented.. figuring it would give me some semblance of a routine.

You: “Gladly.. I’ll watch the three little wind blowers on Thursdays.” I smiled and she smiled back.

Pema: "Thank you (F/N).. you really have no idea how much of a help you’ll be.” She sounded so relieved in that moment.. Just what kind of children did she have? She started to leave, then turned around apparently having more to say. “Oh (F/N) by the way. You’re looking much better then you were, much healthier.” I beamed a bit at that. “But you may want to let someone look at your hair, if you’d like I could trim it for you when you get back.” And right out the window that went. I was a bit deflated but I nodded my agreement all the same. I turned to Korra who was giving me a look, one I recognized as victory all too well. I shook my head and made my way towards the stairs. Waving Pema goodbye while waving Korra and Bolin ahead of me. All three soon disappeared from my view, leaving me at the top of the stairs. The very, very, very long, steep flight of stairs. I looked to them, then down to my leg. Then thinking inwardly I began talking to myself. ‘Well my leg has been with me long enough I suppose.’ I started down the stairs. ‘Maybe I’ll hold a funeral for it out in that meditation garden.’ I had actually begun writing a eulogy as I reached the bottom step. Only to be greeted with a rebuffed Asami and Mako. Korra and Bolin awkwardly standing off to the side.

You: "Are you two going to be alright? You both still seem a bit angry" They looked at me, both sighing slightly. Then Asami spoke.

Asami: "No it's fine. Just a small couple’s spat and we are still slightly peeved. It isn’t your fault though I promise." I raised an eyebrow. Normally I would jump at the chance to ensure I wasn’t blamed for something. But here, well I suppose I just felt guilty.

You: "Mako,” He looked at me, the look in his eyes told me he was still ticked. Still I continued. “Listen, had I known you and Asami were together before hand. I would have never made the comments I did. I make a habit of NOT moving in on a relationship no matter the circumstance. And when I can I avoid making my usual banter, especially when it comes to someone already with someone else. Does it excuse my behavior? No, I believe it doesn’t, But I hope you’ll accept my apology and believe me when I say it will not happen again. What do you say son? Friends?”
Mako stifled a laugh and Asami giggled, Korra and Bolin both doing the same. I suppose none of them are used to hearing the word ‘son’ coming from someone that looks as young as I do. Mako stuck his hand out to me, and I took it.

Mako: “Friends.” I smiled and he smiled back.

You: “Well good, now that that’s out of the way, I believe we had plans yes? Onward!!” I yelled as excitedly as possible, even going as far as to lift my cane for emphasis. We all had a good laugh. Korra took the lead.

Korra: “Everyone cool with taking Naga?” The others all nodded n response while I stood there befuddled. Soon though she led us to a large white dog like creature, I recognized it as the one I had seen the day I arrived. And for some reason could faintly remember riding on it at some point.  I eyed it a bit defensively; it on the other hand simply tilted its head at me. Korra looked at me oddly before smacking her forehead.

Korra: “Right!! You haven’t met Naga yet!!”

You: “What’s a Naga?” I asked. Korra eyed me, sarcasm oozing from her in droves. She reached for the dog thing and began scratching behind its ears.

Korra: “This.” She gestured to the creature. “Is Naga, she’s a polar bear dog, and my best friend. Isn’t that right girl?” Of course there was such a thing as a polar bear-dog in this world. Naga’s tongue hung freely from her mouth, and then Korra looked at me slyly before pointing at me. I raised my cane to my chest, unsure of what was to come. “This is (F/N), go say hi girl.” My eyes grew wide as Naga bounded toward me, toppling me over before licking at my face. Her tongue was so wide it effectively wiped my entire head from chin to top, and then some.  

You: “Nice to meet you too Naga. Please, get off me.” The Dog failed to do as requested and simply kept me pinned. Korra, helpful as always, simply laughed, clutching her sides. At least she was enjoying herself. I could faintly register the others laughing as well. Finally though Korra collected herself enough to call Naga off. Only to laugh even harder when I stood. Apparently the dog had taken it upon herself to redo my hair, spiking it straight up.

Korra: “You…You.. You may want to fix your hair a bit. You look ridiculous.” I glared at Korra through narrowed eyes before debating if it was worth climbing the stairs again if only to fix my hair. Finally I decided against it and opted to simply dunk my head into the ocean water. When I came back up for air the teams laughter had died down. They found this so funny huh?

You: “Well Korra it was great meeting your friend. So much so I’d love for you to meet a few of mine.” She tilted her head at me questioningly, her laughter still coming in slight bursts. I walked up to her slowly. “The fish.” I whispered, and then pushed her into the water. When her head broke the surface I started laughing myself, rather pleased with how I got her back. The others laughing just as hard as they had been when Naga toppled me. Of course I knew it wouldn’t last long. Her being a water bender by birth, she would be able to dry herself out in no time. I however did not expect her to jump out, latch on to me and drag me into the water alongside her.  When I came up for air, she was laughing again, this time however I joined in. Naga looked at us both slightly confused before jumping in herself. When our laughter died down, I reached my hand out to Korra’s. “Truce?” She took my hand and shook it.

Korra: “Consider us even.

Korra was gracious enough to dry me off after that little fiasco, and once we headed into the city the first thing I was dragged to was a clothing store.. I had insisted Asami simply let it go. I didn’t want her spending her money on me, no matter how much she had. She wouldn’t hear it, instead dragging me and the others into the shopping district of the city. Store after store came with it. Multiple times she had attempted to get me in a (Least Favorite clothing style). I rejected every single one.. Not because I didn’t want her paying for my clothes (I still didn’t but hey) but because it just wasn’t my style. I had spent centuries dressed in layered robes, I felt naked even now with my minimalist appearance. Thankfully though.. we found something more my speed.

This store apparently specialized in what they referred to as ‘antique wear’. I’ll admit I was a bit miffed at that. I may be old but I was no antique, but that thought was quickly forgotten once I began perusing the racks. Mako and Bolin followed me, though perhaps more out of interest in my sense of style than to actually help me find anything. I looked through a few things before finding a few I actually liked. I first grabbed a new pair of pants, similar to my old ones, black only with a set of pockets. Which were very beneficial. They were a bit baggy on me, but with my boots they would be held tight. I grabbed a rather wide belt as well, along with a black sash I could wrap around myself under the belt.  I then began to peruse the shirts and came across a few things. I grabbed a long sleeve one that opened in the middle, no buttons so I assumed it was either meant to be left open or closed with a belt. It was black at its center with ash gray sleeves.  When I tried it on it just barely reached below my waist. I then grabbed a light fabric vest that reached a bit below the shirt; it was an off black like color, again no buttons. I then decided to grab two more black sashes that I could wear over my shoulders, I made sure to grab two that would reach just below the vest. Mako looked at me a bit confused but didn’t say anything. I went to change and when I came back out. I had to admit it fit pretty well together. I felt powerful, like a true master, I felt like the Supreme Admiral I was all those years ago again. I had left the shirt open a bit, exposing some of my chest. The sleeves turned out to be a bit wider than I had expected so they hung a bit loosely at my wrists, which I thought only really added to the effect. The vest was pulled closed and the sashes draped over my shoulders well enough, coming to meet at the ends both in the front and back. The third sash I had tied tightly around my waist, held in place by the thick belt. I had taken the clip from my old one and attached it to this one, my Lightsaber hanging freely from my right hip. Mako looked at me and nodded approvingly. Bolin looked at me with a light bit of awe.

Asami and Korra had followed us at some point, carrying a few things themselves. They looked at me wide eyed, Korra giving me a thumbs up at the new clothes. I nearly blushed, but stood tall all the same, hands folded over the head of my cane and my own head held high.

You: "So, how do I look?" I asked, attempting to hide my nerves. They all just stared a moment, taking in what I was wearing. Then Mako spoke up first.

Mako: "You look awesome. I say you now really do look like a master, what do you think Asami?" He asked looking at her. She smiled, looked at him, then back at me and replied.

Asami: "You look very powerful. I agree with Mako, you truly do fit the roll of master." She said smiling. Powerful? It had been a long time since anyone had called me that… in a positive light anyway. It actually felt... Nice. I nearly blushed again and looked away to try and hide it. They all laughed again. Korra came up to me, carrying a few things in her hands.. Apparently she thought I still needed a few things.

Korra: “Here.” She presented me with a pair of wrist gauntlets that matched the belt and a pair of gloves. The gauntlets helped hold the sleeves in place and nearly reached my elbows. They fit well. I then took the gloves and put both of them on. “And these.. Asami and I went next door, we didn’t know your size.. but I hope they fit.” She presented me with a pair of boots. Similar to mine, they had a metallic finish to them, except instead of a silver finish they were pitch black, they looked like they would come up to my knee and when I tried them on I found them to go a bit farther than that. They even had a little metal bit that strapped to my knee to keep them up, I quipped in my head that the clips looked more like a knee guard than anything, the hell did I care though? I liked them. I smiled up at her, then turned to Asami.

You: “Thank you.. both of you.. all of you.. You seriously didn’t need to do this but.. I really do appreciate it.” I looked down, admiring the shine of the new boots against the rest of my look. They all waved me off. After Asami payed, we all headed out. Deciding to grab something to eat.
They led me to this restaurant, apparently advertising as the most authentic Water Tribe food there was. It had been a good long while since I had had any, so I was rather eager to try it.. It didn’t disappoint.

I wasn’t sure how many bowls I had downed but I knew I was enjoying it… and that I had apparently out eaten Bolin, much to everyone’s surprise. As I finished my most recent bowl, I looked up at everyone. All of them wearing similar expressions of eagerness. I swallowed the mouthful I had and spoke.

you: “I suppose now is as good a time as any… let the questions fly.” I waved to them, giving my permission for them to bombard me.. and bombard me they did.  

Bolin: “What was it like hanging out with team Avatar 1.0?”

Mako: “How do you produce your lightning?”

Asami: “What other kinds of tech does your dimension produce?”

Korra: “How do you like the city so far?”

Mako: “How much about each bending form do you know?”

Asami: “Does the Satomobile exist in your universe?”

Bolin: “Who would win in a fight, Zuko or Toph?”

Korra: “How do you think I compare as an Avatar to Aang?”

I had almost missed it.. She asked so quietly I could barely register it as a whisper.. Thankfully though if there was one thing the years hadn’t taken it was my hearing. I waved wildly, asking everyone else to stop for a moment, then turned to Korra. She was looking away, rubbing her shoulder slightly. There was.. doubt in her eyes.

You: “Korra…” She waved me off, forcing a smile through her doubt.

Korra: “Forget I asked.. it was a stupid question.”

___: ‘No such thing as stupid questions. This must be what Tenzin was talking about.. She doubts herself as an Avatar.’ The little voice was right. She did doubt herself.

You: “Ok then.” I accepted her want to drop the question, turning to the other three.

___: ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! TALK TO HER!!!’ The voice was screaming in my head.

You: ‘If I do it now in front of her friends it’ll only embarrass her. I’ll talk to her soon but not here.’ I thought back. The voice seemed to have accepted my explanation because it went quiet after that. Still, I answered her question first. It sounded so genuine. “The city is beautiful Korra.. It’s a wonder.. So different from the world I knew so very long ago.” Korra smiled at me.. a genuine one at that. It felt… good to make her smile. I had to admit… it was a bea..

___: ‘What the HELL are you thinking about?’ And the voice was back.. asking me questions I couldn’t answer. I brushed the voice, its question and the thought from my mind. Turning to answer the questions the other three had asked.

You: “Bolin: I had a great time with the crew. They were all able to make me laugh, even Sokka with his awful puns could get me to laugh on occasion… Toph.. She cheated.. like a lot.” He chuckled at that. “Mako: The process to produce Force lightning is vastly different than to produce Bending lightning. That being said I did learn how to produce bending lighting from Zuko’s Uncle, the ORIGINAL lightning bender. I may not be a Bender, but I do know quite a bit about all four forms.. and there sub-forms. I learned quite a bit from the team over the seven years I knew them.” He leaned back in his chair, smirking lightly. Glad he was happy with my response. “Asami: The technology of my dimension is vastly, and I mean VASTLY more advanced than the tech here.. and I have no idea how re-produce any of it.” She deflated a bit at that, I couldn’t help but chuckle. “I learned how to build my lightsaber.. but it took me FOREVER to figure it out. You should have seen my master.” I laughed lightly at the memory. Plagueis exasperated at my inability to build my first saber.  “As for the Satomobile.. no, it doesn’t.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her the car was a thing.. Issues with her father aside, it was her family legacy.. she smiled. “Now I have a few questions for you.” I smirked, and let me own questions fly.

Most of the questions I asked revolved around them as people. I wanted to know them, to truly know them. I learned much about each and about their history. There was certainly a lot of pain mixed with the good, but I found them to be very happy people none the less.

It was getting rather dark when we rode Naga back to the docks. I had believed they wanted to head back home and rest. Mako especially since tomorrow was his training day. While we were eating we had decided on a schedule that would work for myself and my new students, taking at least one day of the week to train each of them individually. Mako was given Monday, Asami Tuesday, Bolin Wednesday, Thursday was reserved for the three little Wind Blowers and Friday was given to Korra. Thankfully they had all agreed to the schedule and then we discussed what each really wanted to focus on.

Mako had wanted to focus on his lightning bending, feeling it wasn’t as strong as it could be. Given the kind of damage I’ve seen lighting do, both in this world and mine, I felt he was right. Bolin wanted to focus on his overall Earth Bending skills, but wanted much of the focus to be on trying to bring out his metal bending. Asami felt, given that she had already trained much growing up, that all she really wanted was a sparring partner. It was her choice, given her non-bending limitation there really wasn’t much I could teach her. Still I agreed. Korra had wanted to try and focus on all the elements, save Air-Bending. Citing she already had one Air Bending master on her back nagging her, she didn’t want another. I agreed, but could still see the doubt in her eyes.. While I could see the others sessions going as planned.. Hers would definitely be different. She was going to need something more.. I just didn’t know what yet.

Back to the matter at hand, the four had said they just wanted to send Naga home, then show me the town ‘their way’. I didn’t know what that meant, but given the grin Bolin sported I could only assume it was interesting. With a light shooing from Korra and another lick to my face, Naga was off to the temple and we were led down the street by Asami. I noticed we were being led to a particularly nice looking car.

You: “Don’t you tell me this beautiful beast is yours Asami?” I looked up at her, finding a sly smirk on her lips. She hopped into the driver seat, turned the thing on and reaved the engine. “Oh damn.. now THIS I can get used to.. I CALL SHOTGUN!!!” I jumped into the passenger seat, much to Mako and Bolin’s dismay.. “I have a bum leg! I need the space!” They both answered with an unamused ‘mmhmm’, climbing into the back seat with Korra. They were wedged pretty tightly, with Mako pushed up to Korra rather closely. Asami adjusted the mirror, and the look she sported for a brief moment did not go unnoticed.. There was something going on between the three of them. Either way, the look vanished as Asami put the car into gear, driving off like any racer could only dream to.

Asami: “Liking ‘our way’ yet?” I turned to face her, her eyes on the road but a smirk still on her lips.

You: “Like it? I love it!! Cruising the city, wind in my hair.. I haven’t felt like this since my first ride on Appa.” I turned back to the road, the street lights whizzing by. Suddenly, the radio turned on, as if by itself.

???: “Calling all units.. Jail Break alert.. Chi blockers and equalist convicts armed and dangerous.. officers down..” I turned to Asami.

You: “Police scanner?” She turned to me.. lightly dumbfounded. I smirked.. “Unless I ask.. just assume I already know what it is.” She returned the smirk, then reached behind her.

Asami: “Korra can you pass me the glove?” Korra reached out.. producing an odd looking metal glove..

Nathan: “Uh… alright you got me.. What is it?” I eyed the glove questioningly.

Asami: “Equalist electric glove.” She slipped it on quickly, electricity jumping between the fingers. I nodded in understanding. “Hold on.” She put her foot down on the gas, forcing the car faster.

Soon, we arrived at what I could only assume was the Police station. Asami stopped the car, and we all piled out. I looked up, surprised to see a large metal statue standing above the entrance.. It was Toph.

Korra: “She was the first chief of police..” Korra had come to stand next to me, following my questioning eyes to the statue.

You: “They all grew up on me…” I didn’t have much time to reminisce before an explosion caught our attention. The doors to the station flying open, two dozen equalists rushing out and towards us. I looked to Korra. “Good a time as any to see what you got.” Her eyes grew confused.

Korra: “You’re not helping?” I chuckled a bit.

You: “If needed.. but I’d like to see what you four can do first.. besides…” I clapped her on the back. “I have the upmost confidence in you.” She rolled her eyes, but smirked none the less.

Korra: “You heard (him/her) guys…” She walked towards the equalist group, cracking her knuckles. “Let’s give (him/her) a show.” The others smirked in response.. following Korra into the heart of battle. I stayed by the car, leaning against the frame. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to help.. but I had had a hard enough time with just three of these chi-blockers. True I had been rather exhausted, and the past five days of rest had certainly helped.. but I still wasn’t at 100% yet. I needed more time. That plus my leg.. I wasn’t entirely sure how much help I would really be.

Thankfully though.. The four of them seemed to have it covered. The four of them moved fluidly, Asami and Korra especially. I had expected Korra to have been trained by the best elemental masters there were, and her movements and attacks proved it.. Fire, Water and Earth were constantly flying, all in conjunction with one another.. Though I did notice the significant lack of Air Bending there.. Perhaps she had been struggling with more than I originally thought. Asami was moving rather agilely, using that glove of hers to its full effect. Equalists were being dropped left and right, shocked into submission before falling unconscious.

Then there was Mako and Bolin.. They were both doing fine, but there lack of formal training showed rather evidently. Both using either basic bending attacks, or their own made up ones. Still, they both performed admirably. Taking down their own handful of equalists rather quickly. While all four of them were doing fine, I did notice that they were spaced out rather widely. Letting the others do their own thing rather than help each other out. Perhaps something I could address in their training.

Before long, all twenty four equalists were down for the count. The team standing proudly above them. I couldn’t help the smirk on my face.. or the clapping ovation I gave.

You: “Well done.” It’s all I could say, and all I needed to say. All four of them turned to face me, pride evident on all their faces. That however quickly faded when the sound of police sirens were heard. Three police cars came around the corner, coming to a screeching halt in front of us. The back doors flung open and metal benders came pouring out, led by a particularly annoyed looking man.

He wore a blue toned suit, his skin almost as dark as Korra’s. Piercing blue eyes hovered over the team in annoyance, his hair pulled back into.. three pony tails. Ah so this was Councilman Tarrlok.

Tarrlok: “Avatar Korra.. What do you think you’re doing?” He marched right up to Korra. I could see the smirk growing on her face.

Korra: “Oh hey Tarrlok.. Nice of you to FINALLY show. We were just doing YOUR job for you… again.” I couldn’t help the snort, trying to suppress my laughter as I was. Again? That explains the smirk on her face.. and the scowl on his.

Tarrlok: “What you were doing was impeding the REAL authorities in apprehending these criminals.”

Korra: “Funny.. because I didn’t see any sign of the police the entire fight.. and these guys came rushing out of the POILCE STATION… I didn’t even catch sight of your little task force.” His scowl deepened.

Tarrlok: “I’ve warned you once Avatar.. don’t make me warn you again.. stay out of my way.” I narrowed my eyes.

___: ‘Did he just threaten her?’ The little voice was back.. and I think it was right. He DID just threaten her.

Tarrlok: “I don’t want some half-baked Avatar ruining the streets of MY city.” That got me flaring. Half-baked Avatar? I saw Korra deflate a bit, visibly affected by his words. Apparently he had caught it too. “How is your Air-bending training going by the way? Made any ACTUAL progress?” He was smirking, and the doubt I had seen in her eyes earlier was growing back. “Until you learn to be an ACTUAL Avatar.. I suggest you….” It was about time I intervened.

(Korra’s POV)

He was berating me again… picking on my fears.. I didn’t want to let it affect me but he got under my skin so easily.

Tarrlok: “Until you learn to be an ACTUAL Avatar.. I suggest you…” He stopped suddenly, coughing
lightly as if something had caught in his throat. He reached for his collar, trying to loosen it. But it didn’t help. He was choking on.. something.

You: “I suggest… you back off Councilman..” I turned around, finding (F/N) walking towards us. (His/Her) hand was outstretched, it looked like (he/she) was grabbing something invisible. Then it dawned on me.. this must be one of (his/her) powers.. (he/she) was choking Tarrlok. Tarrlok himself had grown rather wide eyed, he himself coming to the same understanding I had. He was gasping now, trying to catch some air.

Saikhan: “What the hell do you think you’re…” Chief Saikhan, who had been part of the team that had come in the cars was now also choking… in fact, every metal bender in the vicinity was choking now. Some even fell to their knees, gasping for some form of air.

You: “You.. are a half-baked leader.. a pauper in princely clothing.” (He/She) was still talking to Tarrlok, strolling right past me and the others to come face to face with the councilman. “How dare you try and undermine the good this team has done? If it wasn’t for these four, the equalists would have been gone.. all the work your ‘police’ force has done… undone in an instant.” Tarrlok had fallen to his knees as well, still gasping for air. “I suggest.. you THANK Korra for the good she had just done.” Tarrlok gasped, the invisible force gripping his throat releasing. The Metal police had also begun gasping, all released from the grip. (F/N) kneeled down to Tarrlok’s eye level. “Say.. ‘Thank you Avatar Korra.. for putting a stop to the equalist break out.’... Now.. if you please.” Tarrlok looked into (F/N)’s eyes, then his eyes darted to me.

Tarrlok: “Thank you… Avatar Korra.” It was strained.. as if the words tasted foul in his mouth. (F/N) at least seemed content with the thank you.

You: “There.. now was that so hard?” Tarrlok gritted his teeth, anger flaring across his face. (F/N) stood, turning to look at me. (He/She) winked at me, then started walking towards the car. The only sounds to be heard were the rhythmic tapping of (his/her) cane and the panting of the
metal police. I could feel heat rising in my cheeks at (his/her) wink.. but I didn’t understand why. Tarrlok, being the opportunist he was, decided to take advantage of (F/N)s turned backside and launched a water tendril.

Korra: “(F/N) behind you!” I reached out, wanting to bend the water myself. (F/N) however had beaten me to the punch. (He/She) dodged the tendril, spinning around on (his/her) heal while ducking under the water flow. Then, (he/she) stuck (his/her) hand into the flow, summoning (his/her) lighting and allowing it to travel up the tendril and towards Tarrlok. Tarrlok groaned in pain, his teeth clenched in anguish before falling to his knees again. The Lighting stopped when the tendril fell to the floor.

Tarrlok: “What… what are you?” (F/N) never moved.. (his/her) stare cold and hard.

You: “Someone you don’t want to get in the way of.” Again (he/she) turned, waving for us to follow. “See you around.. pony tail man.” (He/She) shot the rude nickname Ikki had given Tarrlok, earning a dirty look. (F/N) didn’t turn back around, instead hopping into the passenger seat of Asami’s car. The others followed and hopped into the car themselves, Asami starting the engine. I looked at Tarrlok, he was still on his knees, anger still on his face. I turned and headed to the car too. We did what we could for the night. Besides, tomorrow starts Training week. Once I was in, Asami pulled away. Leaving the Police to clean up after us. (F/N) was leaning back in (his/her) seat, looking rather drained.

Korra: “You ok there (F/N)?” (He/She) shifted a bit, (his/her) eyes coming to meet mine. There was a smirk on (his/her) face, but the exhaustion was evident none the less.

You: “I’ll be fine.. Just used a bit more energy then I meant to back there..” (His/Her) eyes fell; there was… shame in them. (He/She) turned back, (his/her) eyes meeting (his/her) lap. “Sorry about.. what happened back there… I didn’t mean to.. swing my weight around like that.” It was so obvious (he/she) felt guilty.. Like (he/she) had done something wrong. I leaned forward, gripping (his/her) shoulder lightly. (His/Her) head turned to face me again, I smiled lightly.

Korra: “Thank you… for standing up for me.” (He/She) smiled back, putting (his/her) own hand on top of mine.
So I can't for the life of me figure out what to call this chapter.. So for now I think I'll just leave it un titled. Otherwise it's up and ready to go.
As Always let me know what you think in the comments below.. and if you can think of a good title please let me know!
I dont own Legend of Korra, The Last Air Bender, Star Wars, the images used, or you
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