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(Your POV)

I couldn’t hear anything. It was absolute silence from inside, and that unnerved me more then anything.

Zuko: “What are you…?”

You: “shhh.” I waved at him, demanding he keep quiet as I pressed my ear against the door. “Trying to here what’s going on.”

Zuko: “Isn’t that that room we locked that Jeriah girl in?” I nodded. “Oh, don’t tell me you sent Azula in.” Again I nodded. “(F/N) what were you thinking? Let the poor girl out.” He reached for the door, butI caught his wrist before he could force it open.

You: “She knows the location of the base. She knows how many other students there are and any other prudent info I may need to take them by surprise.”

Zuko: “You lied to me.” I sighed. “You told me you needed a tracker. You wanted Azula to torture the information out of her.”

You: “Yes.. Fine I admit it. I wanted Azula to get the information for me.”

Zuko: “And you couldn’t pull that information yourself?”

You: “She’s been trained by someone that knows how to resist mind probes. If I dug at her mind any more then I already have I’d kill her.” He ground his teeth, still unconvinced at my decision. “I don’t like this anymore then you do. But Azula is KNOWN for getting results.” I turned back to the door. “And I made sure she’d leave Jeriah alive.”

Zuko: “And you’re certain Azula is going to keep that promise?” I sighed, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

___: ‘You know he’s right.’ I did. I knew from the moment I first conceived this plan that Azula was a wild card.  But I needed what Jeriah knew. And Azula would get what I needed without killing her… or at least getting it BEFORE the fact.

At last, the door swung open, Azula standing on the other side with her usual smug grin. To my suprise, Jeriah stood right behind her.

Azula: “I’m sorry, were you waiting on me?” She joked, pressing a hand to her chest.

You: “What happened?”

Azula: “We had a little chat, girl to girl. She was surprisingly willing to talk when I asked politely.” I heard Zuko snort over my shoulder.

Zuko: “YOU, asked politely?”

Azula: “I AM capable of it ZuZu. I am royalty afterall.”

You: “Is this true?” I looked over Azula’s shoulder, asking Jeriah to confirm. She nodded, though remained surprisingly silent.

Azula: “She’s not to keen on talking, to you especially (F/N). Said something about… what was it.? Assaulting her throat?” My face fell.

You: “I mean… I… well I…” Azula just brushed me off.

Azula: “We have an invasion to stop yes?” She brushed past both Zuko and I, Jeriah closely in tow. “We’ll be in the war room. Assuming you haven't torn that out as well ZuZu.” Zuko grumbled under his breath, begrudgingly following after her. I was left alone in the hall. Stunned silent.

___: ‘Are you… REGRETTING it?’

You: ‘Of course I regret it. I NEVER wanted to torture her but…. I mean we NEEDED that information.’

___: ‘She tried to kill you. Remember that?’

You: ‘On the orders of someone else.’

___: ‘... You’re making excuses for her?’

You: ‘I don’t understand it much either… Whatever I don’t have time for this.’

___: ‘DON”T YOU IGNORE M..!’ I brushed the voice aside, walking after Zuko and the others.

Azula: “About time.” I walked in past the curtain to the war room. A surprisingly large area, the center of which was dominated by a map of the world. Jeriah sat on one side of the map while Zuko sat on the other. Azula was standing on top of the map, elevated to about table height. At the opposite end of the room was an elevated podium. Dusty and cobweb filled. “Now that we are all here.” Azula held a stick in her hand, using it to point out areas on the map and push around small figures that sat on it. “According to Jeriah’s intelligence, the facility in question is situated here.” She pointed to one figure in question., designed to look like a Fire Nation tent. “About 80 kilometers northeast of our capital.”

You: “That would put it just inside Earth Kingdom territory.” I walked up, stepping up on the map to join Azula. “That also means the base would have a mountain range to it’s back.”

Zuko: “That could be problematic. That limits our means of attack.” ...what?

Azula: “It could also be to our advantage. They’d have nowhere to go.”

You: “Hang on, hang on.” They both looked to me. “What’s all this talk of OUR?” The siblings shared a look, then turned back to me.

Azula: ‘You didn’t think you were doing this alone now did you?” She gestured to her brother. “ZuZu and I may disagree on almost anything. But we both agree you will need help on this. OUR help.” I could feel my jaw drop.

Zuko: “Azula’s right, You’ll need some help on this. (F/N) believe me, we’re both well aware of what you can do. But you’re going to need some experienced help.”

You: “Uh… no.” I deadpanned. “Maybe your memory’s a bit fuzzy, but I’m (F/N) (L/N). The Dark One.” I jabbed a finger towards Azula. “SHE gave me that name for a reason. Slayer of one thousand firebenders. Remember?” Azula burst out laughing in her condescending way.

Azula: “You’re hilarious. I was THERE the day that story was formed. There were no more then 500 soldiers that day. MYSELF included. And only forty of them were firebenders.”

You: “... Right… I forgot you were there.”

Zuko: “Your legend aside. You’re going to need our help.”

You: “And why exactly do you think that?”

Azula: “Well for one.” She started tallying her fingers. “You risked destroying your mind to free me, JUST so I could interrogate someone you couldn’t. And two. You seem to be unable to find this facility on your own. Even though you always bragged about your ability to sense anyone out all across the world.”

Zuko: “Actually she makes a valid point. Why is it you can’t sense them?”

You: “....I first noticed after Jeriah here attacked me at the temple. I couldn’t immediately sense her, or the others she had brought along. It would seem, this Master of hers had taught her how to repress her energy, to hide it from those capable of sensing them. Isn’t that right?” I turned to Jeriah, but still she remained silent, only confirming my suspicions as far as I was concerned. “Right. Which brings me to the conclusion that ALL the facility and its students are capable of the same, otherwise I would have attempted so sense them out. But now that I know where it is. I don’t need reinforcements.”

Azula: “Right… because you’ve NEVER worked with a group. Right?” I looked between the two, both clearly fixated on their opinions.

You: “You’re not going to let me argue this.. Are you?” The both shook their heads. “Fine.” I turned to Azula. “Continue.”

Azula: “Jeriah confirmed there are at least three dozen more students within the Academy. All trained to use that light stick of yours.”

You: “Lightsaber.”

Azula: “Whatever. She’s confirmed that the Master as she calls him, has a cabinet in his chambers that contains them, but she’s unsure just how many laser swords he has.”

Zuko: “Lightsaber.”

Azula: “Whatever. As for the facility itself. She has confirmed that it is embedded into the mountain itself, but is built like a fortress. All kinds of technological upgrades that this world hasn’t seen.” She thrust her stick at me, tapping me in the chest. “At this point, our main advantage is your knowledge of the technology of your world and your own laser stick.”

You/Zuko: “Lightsaber.”

Azula: “Whatever.” I sighed, stroking my chin in deep thought.

You: “And there was no mention of any additional troops? Special forces soldiers perhaps?” Azula just shook her head, but it was Jeriah that responded.

Jeriah: “I’ve lived in that facility almost my whole life. I’ve never seen anyone else besides the Master and my brothers and sisters. There are a few things the Master has hidden from even me, but no. There are no additional soldiers aside from the students.” Azula turned to me, her smug grin ever present.

Azula: “Satisfied?”

You: “As much as I can be.. We’ll need transport though.”

Iroh: “Perhaps.. I could help with that?” We all turned, finding the young general standing in the doorway.

Azula: “Who is this?” Azula demanded.

Zuko: “Iroh this is not your concern.”

Azula: “Iroh?”

Iroh: “Grandfather please. I’ve heard everything.” He walked up to us, coming to stand before the massive map. “I’ve sailed these waters countless times with the United Forces. I can not only provide you a ship, but a means inland. And from what I hear, you’ll need a bit more help bringing that facility down.” The room fell silent, until Azula’s dark chuckle filled the void.

Azula: “Now I see the resemblance.” She jumped down from the table, coming face to face with young Iroh, her smile sinister and deadly. “I must say ZuZu, I’m impressed you were able to keep your grandson a secret from me.” She gripped his jaw, twisting his face this way and that. “You certainly do resemble that old fool.”

Iroh: “I’m sorry… ma’am.” He forced the polite terms. “But who are you?” Azula dropped her hand, turning to Zuko with a look of mock shock.

Azula: “How dare you ZuZu!? Keeping me a secret from my own family!”

Iroh: “Family? Grandfather what does she mean?” Zuko sighed, bowing his head in partial shame.

Zuko: “Iroh.. this is your great aunt Azula. My sister.”

Azula: “A pleasure for you I’m sure, little nephew.”

Iroh: “I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware of your existence until now.”

You: “There’s a reason for that.” Azula shot me a dirty look over her shoulder. “I don’t even want to put your Grandfather in danger. I’m not putting his grandson in the line of fire.” Iroh just stood tall, refusing to crumple under the scrutiny.

Iroh: “I can fight, I can lead, I can rally and I can plan. Your prowess as a leader is Legendary (sir/ ma’am). But the world has changed since you left. Allow me to be your guide.”

Azula: “The boy makes a valid point. You’ve been away in your own world and I have been locked up for decades away from it. All that leaves is ZuZu and he’s utterly useless in leading an army.”

Zuko: “ You realize I WAS Firelord for several decades right?” Azula just ignored him.

Azula: “He could present a valuable asset.” I pondered it a moment, weighing the options and considering the risk. The last thing I wanted was to put Zuko’s family in danger. It’s why I refused to let Izumi even enter in this conversation. But Iroh was experienced, his rank as General certainly proved that.

___: ‘Doesn’t exactly help that he walked in on us.'

You: “I’d say no… but if you're anything like your grandfather you’ll just sneak aboard our ship anyway.” He smirked, proving my point further. “Alright fine. Find us a transport, something fast and small.”

Jeriah: “Why not take the Airship?” I turned to her. “With the Academies seal on the side, we could sneak into the academy directly. “

You: “The Airship would be to obvious. It would have returned already with you and your sisters had you been successful in your assassination attempt. Otherwise he wouldn’t expect it at all. If he saw it coming he’d assume the worst and have us shot down before we even arrived. A boat would be best.” I turned back to Iroh. “Something small. Have it ready for tomorrow, we leave at first light.” I turned to the others. “Agreed?” Zuko nodded immediately. Azula just waved me off as always, but Jeriah, Jeriah just looked away, as if hiding herself. “Get some rest then. They all stood to leave, walking past me for the door to the room. As Jeriah walked past, I gripped her arm. “Not you.”

Azula: “Something wrong?” I turned around, finding Azula looking at us from the door. As our eyes met, I felt a pressure in the center of my mind. Thoughts that weren’t mine flooding my head. ‘Kill. Destroy. Revenge. End (him/her).’

___: ‘The Mind Meld must have created a link afterall. She wants revenge.’

You: ‘Of course she does.’

___: ‘So what do we do?’

You: ‘Let it play out for now. She’s too intelligent to let those kinds of thoughts float through her head if she were aware of the link. This way we can find out what she’s planning and how.’ I shook the intruding thoughts away. “Nothing at all Azula. Just need to have a little conversation.” Azula huffed, but abided, leaving the room and us alone. I turned back to Jeriah. “Why are you so helpful all of a sudden?”

Jeriah: “What do you mean?”

You: “Back at the Air Temple you were adment that you would never betray your Master. Now here you are, providing us with intimate information regarding the Academy. Why?”

Jeriah: “Madam Azula is quite persuasive.” I stared her down, contemplating once again whether or not it was worth digging into her mind. She just stared back, that same defiance she showed back at the temple.

You: “.....Get some rest.” I released her, pressing against her back and shoving her towards the door. SHe left without a word.

___: ‘You think she’s involved with Azula?’

You: “I don’t know.” I walked back over to the map, looking over the different nations and their territories. My eyes fell on the southern Watertribe, and my thoughts immediately jumped to Korra. I wondered about her. Was she enjoying herself? Were she and Scarlett getting along as well as I’d hoped? Was Mako being an asshole?

___: ‘Usually I’d be the first to advocate you reaching out and checking in on them… but the unfortunate fact is we have a more pressing issue. Take out this mysterious Master, then we can catch up with the others.’

You: “Believe you me, I know. But… I sense something.. Something Dark, Evil. And it’s coming from the south pole. But oddly enough… That same presence is coming from the north as well.”

___: ‘I feel it too. But how is it possible for the same presence to be on opposite sides of the world at the same time?’

You: “I’m not sure. But I have a feeling we’ll soon find out.”

(Jeriah’s POV)

It was well into the night before I made my move, ensuring Master (L/N) was asleep before returning to the Airship, still just outside the gates of the palace. I waited near the boarding ramp, rubbing my hands together to create some sort of warmth. Despite sitting on a volcano, the Fire Nation capital had surprisingly cold nights.

Azula: “Waiting for me?” I jumped, turning to find the elderly woman standing behind me, her grin ever present. “How kind of you.”

Jeriah: “This way.” I gestured to the ramp, ignoring her joke and instead making way to the matter at hand. She shrugged it off, taking the lead inside, as if she owned the ship.

Azula: “Rather plain in here.”

Jeriah: “It was meant for stealth, not luxury.” I retorted, closing the ramp behind us. “It does however, have its advantages.”

Azula: “It had better, or there will be consequences.” I led her towards the back, where Master (L/N) had not ventured. Thankfully so. Had (He/She) decided to explore, (he/she) might have discovered our tech, and so my deception.

Before entering through the door to the back area, I turned and stopped Madam Azula. “Please, wait here. I’ll need to prep the Master for your… meeting.” She scoffed, flipping her hair in annoyance.

Azula: “Make it quick.” I entered, slipping the door closed behind me before flipping on the lights. The room was rather empty, save for a few drawers built into the wall, and a large table in the center with multiple buttons. I approached the table, pressing two of them before kneeling before it. The table whirred to life, and a blue light erupted from it, the form of my master appearing before me at full height.

???: “You are late.” He stated flatly.

Jeriah: “I apologize master. Lord Vane was to powerful. My sisters are dead. I was the only survivor.”

???: “Then you have failed your mission, and so have failed your Master.” There was anger in his voice, clear as day. “How dare you contact me?”

Jeriah: “Master, an opportunity has presented itself to destroy Lord Vane once and for all. And I have taken the initiative to put pieces into place to ensure (his/her) destruction.” He didn’t respond, nor demanded I stand to face him. So I continued. “Lord Vane has demanded I lead (him/her) to you. And at this moment (he/she) is planning an attack on the Academy, alongside Lord Zuko of the Fire Nation, and his grandson General Iroh of the United Forces.”

???: “WHAT!?” He roared. “You have lead The Dark Lord of the Sith straight to my doorstep! Stupid girl!”

Jeriah: “Master, there is an ally to us among them, one who hates Lord Vane as much s you do, and one that has orchestrated a plan to eliminate (him/her).”

???: “You are a fool! You have lost your way and attempt to regain it through ill conceived plots! You should find yourself blessed I have yet to bring my wrath upon you!”

Jeriah: “Master, please.”

???: “No! You have FAILED Jeriah.”

Azula: “No, she hasn’t.” Madam Azula sauntered into the room, unsurprised by technology she was surrounded by. “She just found a different way to succeed.”

???: “Who are you to DARE intrude on me?”

Azula: “I am Azula, Princess to the Fire Nation and RIGHTFUL Fire Lord by order of my father Ozai.” I could not see my masters reaction as I remained on bended knee, refusing to stand until told to do so.

???: “Well, well, well. The Legendary Azula is alive after all.”

Azula: “If you know who I am you know I’m as good as my word.”

???: “Which you have been known to twist to your advantage.”

Azula: “True… but this time our interests are aligned. The death of (F/N) (L/N) is something I wish to see just as much as you do.” Master did not respond, but I could feel his eyes shift from me to her, pondering the offer Azula had.

???: “Jeriah mentioned you had a plan in mind?”

Azula: “I do.” He hummed in response.

???: “Jeriah. Stand.” I did, finally lifting myself to my feet to meet my masters gaze, hidden partially by the hood of his cloak. “Leave us. You will be summoned when needed.”

Jeriah: “Master I..”

Azula: “Leave little girl.. The adults are talking.” I bowed again, leaving the room to allow the two to talk. As I sat outside of the room in silence. I pondered the situation, and how terrible this could turn out if things went wrong. The only problem was, I couldn't decide what version of events I would classify as wrong. For some reason, I felt guilty for setting up Master (L/N). Though I couldn’t place why. I didn’t have long to ponder before Madam Azula walked back out. “He wants to speak with you again.” She left the airship without another word.

I re-entered the room, Master’s glowing visage still hovering over the table.

Jeriah: “Master?” I asked, as I kneeled before him again.

???: “As untrustworthy as she is, Lady Azula does provide an opportunity I cannot pass up. You are to continue to lead Lord Vane and (his/her) group to the facility. I will begin preparations to counter (his/her) surprise attack. Once Lord Vane has been eliminated, you are to eliminate Azula yourself. Am I clear?”

Jeriah: “Of course Master.”

???: “This was a fool hardy plan Jeriah, you should be grateful I agreed to it in the first place considering your track record.”

Jeriah: “I will not fail you Master, I understand what is at stake.”

???: “This was not the first time you have proven to be clumsy Jeriah.” In an instant, I felt fingers wrapping around my neck , lifting me from my knees and into the air. The Master’s hand held high, fingers curled in a grip. “You know the price of failure.” Then he disappeared. Dropping me to the floor in a coughing mess.

I’d done it. I’d convinced him to let me live. So why did I feel like things were only going to get worse?
Plans have been laid, and deception is afoot, what is to become of everyone?
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!
I dont own The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, Star Wars, the Images used, or you. 
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MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
I do wonder who the Master is. is it someone we know? Great as always if a little short. 
XReaderwriter5 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
I can confirm this.
It isn’t the Emperor or Vader. But, I can tell you you will be surprised.
MichaelG1914 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
I can't wait!
TheRealOhmar Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
The story just cotinues to amaze me. The showdown at the academy looks to be epic and uncertain. Excellent work man!
XReaderwriter5 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2018
The duel at the academy is something I’ve been trying to piece together for a bit. Making sure it’s written as detailed as
Possible so it actually fills the chapter rather then it being a page or two worth of it like previous fights have been. I want this to be good.
TheRealOhmar Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2018
Sounds great! Looking foward to it.
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