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(Your POV)

You: “Ok, so what’s this plan of yours Bruce?” i called through the closet door. I needed to privacy to gear up.

Bruce: “Way I see it, agent Sitwell likely has access to all the Stark Tower cameras. Needs to to keep an eye on you and keep you inside. With the lockdown you don’t have access to your normal suit. But he’s not looking for this old manual thing to try and escape.”

You: “So, what?” I asked as I slipped on the kevlar shoulder pads. “I sneak out through the walls?”

Bruce: “Exactly.” Of course… why not. “Not like you have many other choices. After you installed cameras in the ventilation shafts to keep Clint out..” Why does Clint ruin everything? “The only places without cameras are the rooms and behind the walls. Besides, if your stories are true this wouldn’t be the first time you’ve hidden in the walls.”

You: “In walls? No.” I answered as I sheathed my blades. “My OWN walls… yeah. It’s just a little weird.” I took up my tactical knife, sheathing that to my hip.

Bruce: “It’s your call (Y/N). 20 minutes of ‘a little weird’. Or however long Sitwell decides to keep you here.”

You: “.....Damnit I hate it when your right.” I could hear him chuckle through the door. I sighed, opening it. He was still standing on the opposite side. “Well? How’s it look?” Bruce was rather impressed, if his face said anything that is. I hadn’t slipped this old thing on in five years. Honestly I was impressed it still fit as well as it did. From the boots to the chest piece.

Bruce: “Not too shabby lieutenant.” I chuckled, taking the visor from under my arm and holding it up.

You: “Thank you by the way, for fixing this.” He shrugged.

Bruce: “Nothing to it. It was supposed to be your christmas gift but, I figured you’d need it a little early.” I chuckled, slipping it on as I did. “Now remember, wait until the holodrones kick in before you start climbing down. It’ll buy you some more time.” I nodded as he left the room. Headed down the hall for the Holoroom. Before long, The drones jumped to life, shimmering into Bruce’s visage. “Ready?”

You: “As I’ll ever be.”

Bruce: “Do it JARVIS.” The holo-projection shimmered again, this time replaced with a projection of myself. “Remember there’s a plane waiting for you at the airport. It’ll get you to Kuwait but there’s not return trip. You’ll have to figure that out on your own.”

You: “Wouldn’t be the first time.” He chuckled, then walked out of the room. I turned towards the wall off to the side of the window, and using one of my old blades, ripped one of the panels from the walls. Revealing a system of cables and pipes behind it. “I always hated tight spaces.” I climbed in, feet first, using my Visors night vision mode to maneuver through the dark space. The plan, as I understood it, was to have Bruce go about his day looking like me. Since the drones were designed to blend in with the environment, the hope was that whoever was watching the cameras wouldn't take notice of them, or the fact that the me that was being projected wasn’t really there. Meanwhile Bruce would simply look like he was using the drones in a different Stark Facility. If all went well, I should be able to sneak into the Tower garage and ‘borrow’ a car before S.H.I.E.L.D. noticed I was missing. Then make it to the airport where a shady charter plane was waiting for a man in a red mask. Already paid, in cash, no questions.

JARVIS: “Sir, you may.. may… may… may..” I smacked my visor. “May wish to move a bit more quickly. The Tower server is reporting someone is switching among the cameras.” Apparently Bruce had also taken the liberty of uploading a fresh roving JARVIS server into the visor. Problem was with as old as the helmet was and how large the onboard server usually is.. It could cause, malfunctions.

You: “Thank you JARVIS. I’ll try to shimmy faster.” I deadpanned, fully aware of the clock I was currently on. I slid further to the side, making my way towards the elevator shafts. Once there, I was able to simply slide down the cables to the bottom floor. Then squeeze back between the walls towards the garage.

JARVIS: “Schematics show you should be just behind the garage now sir.” I maneuvered myself as best I could, positioning myself to kick the panel open. It fell off with one strike.

You: “OOoohhh.” Once I stepped out into the open space, I stretched my back as far as I could, popping it in the process. “Damn. That felt good.” i rolled my shoulders, cracking them as well before taking in my surroundings. “Slim Pickings. JARVIS who owns these?” I looked around at the few cars in the lot. My heads up display scanning each and identifying their owners.

JARVIS: “Most are.. are.. are.. are Stark Company cars sir.” Figures.

You: “Fastest?”

JARVIS: “That would be… Mr. Hogan’s car sir.” I turned to the left, identifying which car he was talking about.  It was a small black modified Audi. It wasn’t his driver car either. This was Happy’s PERSONAL car. That he used when off the clock. While he was in New York that is. I walked over, stopping a moment before taking the door handle.
You: “He’d want me to take it.. If it meant getting back at them.” I justified, then went to open the door. “Locked. JARVIS can we pick it?”

JARVIS: “Picking the lock would take time sir.” As he spoke, the towers alarm system began to blair, red lights blinking on and off. “Sir, it would seem Agent Sitwell has been made aware of your escape.”

You: “Yeah, I noticed JARVIS.” I smashed the window with my elbow, causing the car’s own alarm to start blaring along. I immediately set to work hotwiring it, taking a mental note to have the car repaired before Happy was cleared to drive again. “Any radio chatter we can pick up?”

JARVIS: “None that I can unscramble sir.” Once the car was on, the alarm stopped as the engine roared to life. I peeled out, aimed directly for the garage’s opening.

You: “Oh shit.” The metal gate to the garage was beginning to close. “Oh Shit.” It was, to my advantage, slow moving. “Oh SHIT.” My disadvantage was that the car had been parked on the opposite end of the area. “Oh SHIT!” As I sped through, the door had closed far enough to come into contact with the cars roof, tearing it clean off. Thank god it was a convertible. The car jumped off the ramp, landing several feet away and nearly crashing into two others that had been passing by. As I sat stopped on the opposite end of the road, I watched as the door closed the remainder of the way. The red alarm light blinking along its side. “JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Yes sir?”

You: “Remind me to never try that again. A stunt driver I am not.”

JARVIS: “Im afraid you may have to be for a bit longer sir.” three black SUV’s came swerving out of the corner of the road. The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo painted on the side of each.

You: “God Dammit.” I put the car into gear, Turning on the brake before releasing it to speed down the road in the opposite direction. “JARVIS give me GPS.” The screen of my visor began feeding me directions to the airport. Large arrows floating in midair, almost like something out of a racing game. “This feels like something out of GRID.” Bullets began flying past my head. A second screen popped up in the Visor, showing me a rear view of my surroundings. Something new Bruce must have installed. “Or maybe GTA.” I took a hard turn, scorching the street before speeding down the road, all three cars still in pursuit. “Ok. Let’s play then.” I pulled the emergency brake, causing the car to stop almost instantly. Two of the cars swerved to avoid me, while the third hit its brakes, its tires screeching from the effort. With two of them now in front I sped up again, pulling up alongside the first on the passenger side.

The shooter in the passenger seat immediately stuck his gun out the window, opening fire on me. Two of the shots met their marks on the visor, ricocheting off while the rest either punched holes in the windshield or the passenger seat. I rammed my car into the side, reaching and taking the pistol as I pulled back. I slowed down again, coming up behind the SUV as I opened fire on its tires. It took a few more shots then i wanted, but eventually I burst the front and back driver tires, sending the car spinning out of control, then crashing into a fire hydrant. One down, two to go.

The third had caught up with us, its passengers again opening fire on me. Most of the shots hit the windshield, shattering it while the rest simply flew by. The second car attempted to cut me off, cutting in front of me while hitting its brakes. I barely dodged it before taking another turn down the city streets, nearly hitting two pedestrians on the road.

JARVIS: “Do be careful of pedestrians sir.”

You: “Not now JARVIS.” Both cars were now firing on me from behind., causing me to swerve nearly uncontrollably just to avoid the automatic gunfire. Another turn, and this time I nearly took out a lamp post.

JARVIS: “If you insist on causing damage to public property sir, shall I tally… tally.. Tally.. Tally your points? Shall I set lampposts to 10 or 15?”

You: “You know what JARVIS I… Wait. That gives me an idea.”I turned another corner, this time pulling one of my blades from my back. As the two SUVS turned to try and keep pace, I turned another corner, making sure they could see me do so. When I was out of sight, I pulled up close the the sidewalk, and sliced through the nearest lamppost I could find, It fell immediately, coming to land in the middle of the road.

As the two cars turned, the one that turned widest was able to swerve and avoid the obstruction. THe other wasn't so lucky, the head of the post smashing straight through their windshield as the car, and by extension the rest of the post were flung from the street, crashing through the windows of one of the nearby buildings. That’s two.

JARVIS: “May I suggest something a bit less destructive to take out the final car sir?”

You: “What’s you have in mind J?”

JARVIS: “Take the next right.” I did, leading me, and the SUV behind me straight onto the freeway, right in the middle of rush hour too.

You: “Shit!”

JARVIS: “Do not slow down.” I was about to slam my brakes when I saw the mass of cars ahead of me. “The far lane is closed for construction. Take it.” I did, slamming past the ‘CLOSED’ sign as I merged onto the lane, the SUV right behind me. “Keep going.” I did, pressing my foot into the gas as hard as I could. “Keep going.”

You: “I’m putting a lot of faith in you JARVIS.” THe speedometer continued to climb. 80, 85, 88 Miles per hour.

JARVIS: “Your faith is well placed.” I could see the lane turning into a merge lane up ahead, I was running out of road.

You: “JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Do not slow down.”

You: “JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Almost.”

You: “JARVIS!!”

JARVIS: “Pull the emergency brake now and turn right!” I did, forcing the car to spin to the right as it, and I fell through an opening in the side of the freeway, falling to the street below. I slammed on the brakes, pulling the car to a screeching halt.

As I sat there, my heart pounding harder then I’d ever felt. I heard a very loud crash, followed quickly by another. Apparently the SUV had attempted to pull the same maneuver I had, but its size made it to bulky to make the turn on a dime. It crashed into the freeway’s wall head on, then fell out to the street right behind me.

You: “JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Yes sir?” As I looked over the wreckage of the broken SUV, I couldn't help but smile a bit.

You: ‘Remind me never to doubt you again.”

JARVIS: “Of course sir.” Distracted as I was by the wreckage behind me, I didn’t notice the three additional S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV’s driving up in front of me until they opened fire.

You: “Damnit!” I pulled the car into reverse, driving around the wrecked SUV before spinning the car around then putting it back into gear. And here I thought this was over. “How much farther to the airport JARVIS?”

JARVIS: “Approximately seven more miles sir.”

You: “Any more ideas for our tails?”
JARVIS: “Calculating.” I drove as fast as the Audi would go, considering now the amount of damage it had sustained. The three new cars closing in quickly. The lead car had pulled far enough ahead to ram my rear bumper, causing me to jolt.

You: “Calculate faster.”

JARVIS: “I’m sorry sir I am processing as fast as I can. The onboard processor was not designed to handle an on board JAR.. JAR. JAR.. JAR.. JAR….” I smacked the visor. “JARVIS system.”

You: “Well shit.” I continued down the road. The three cars still hot on my tail, wither raming me from behind or trying to shoot out my tires.

JARVIS: “6 miles.”

You: “Are there any more obstructions on the roads?”

JARVIS: “Street cameras indicate all roads are clear leading to the airport terminals. 5 Miles.”

You: “Anymore construction zones I can exploit?”

JARVIS: “None within the immediate vicinity. 4 Miles.” I looked down at my speedometer, taking first notice of how little gas was actually in the car. Apparently The fall had cracked the gas tank because that needle was dropping fast. “3 Miles.” I looked behind me, noticing the trail of gasoline flowing behind me. Which gave me one last idea. “ 2 Miles.” I checked the pistol I had stolen, finding three remaining bullets in the clip. “1 Mile.” I took a deep breath, then opened the door and jumped out, taking aim and firing at the gas cap of the car. The first round shot the cover off, the second took out the cap itself, and the third flew straight into the tank, igniting whatever was left. The audi burst into flames, followed closely by the trail of gas the car had left, leading straight to the three SUVS, igniting their tires, then their own gas tanks almost immediately.

As I rolled along the street, the explosion rang in my ears, white noise flooding my hearing in an instant.

JARVIS: “...sir?” I wasn’t sure how long I stayed on that street, flat on my back with the sky in my face. “...sir?” I could barely hear anything, white noise still ringing in my ears, with a slight hint of JARVIS. “..sir?” He sounded so distant, but slowly grew louder as the white noise dissipated. “SIR!?”

You: “Ok!” I shot up, pulling the visor off to get some air. A mistake to be sure. The difference in color, going from deep red to the bright shining sun was nearly blinding. Once my vision returned though, I was met with the flaming wreckage of not only the S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV’s, but Happy’s Audi’s as well. “Crap… I’m gonna have to replace that.” JARVIS attempted to respond, but it was muffled within the visor. “Oh.. right.” I slipped it back on. “What?”

JARVIS: “I said, I’ll add it to your tally for the evening. One hundred and fifty points per destroyed car.”

You: “I hate you JARVIS.”

JARVIS: “No you don’t.” All I could do was chuckle. No i didn’t.

I ended up having to walk the reminder of the way to the airport. Thankfully it was calm, aside from having to hide from the multiple police cars and fire trucks of course. Otherwise it was rather smooth.

As I made my way to the terminal Bruce had indicated, I caught sight of the charter plane that would be taking me to Kuwait. A small, rustic looking cargo jet. Likely intended for smuggling. Perfect for the situation. The captain was waiting near the boarding ramp, a cigarette between his teeth. Once he caught sight of me though, he tossed it to the ground, grinding it into the pavement before speaking to me.

???: “You the guy?”

You: “I was told no questions.” He chuckled.

???: “You’re the guy. Come on.” He waved me on board, jogging up the steps into the plane. Before I could board myself however, something hit me on the back of the knee, causing me to fall and roll back down the stairs.

You: “What the fu..!?” Another projectile smacked me in the head as I attempted to stand, knocking me to my back. Both turned out to be blunted arrows.

JARVIS: “It would seem sir, you’ve taken an arrow to the knee.”

You: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” As I attempted to stand for the second time, someone rushed over, kicking me in the chest and slamming me back to the floor.  He planted his foot on my chest, and pointed a loaded arrow at my face. “What the fuck Clint!?”

Clint: “That visor of yours may be bulletproof, but you and I both know it won’t take a diamond tipped arrow from point blank range.”

You: “Maybe not.. But I know your danglers wont take a bullet from this range either.”

Clint: “What?”

You: “Look down.” He did, finding that while he had been notching his arrow and aiming it at my face, I had pulled the pistol and pointed it at his crotch.

JARVIS: “Isn’t the clip empty sir?” Maybe, doesn’t mean Clint needed to know that.

You: “Let me up. And we can talk about this.” Clint took a second to ponder the situation, likely trying to see if he could find a way out. Eventually though, he removed his foot from my chest, and let me stand, his arrow still aimed for my visor. “Now, I take it Fury sent you after me?” He didn’t respond, instead remaining stubbornly silent. “Oh come on Clint. It’s me.”

Clint: “Exactly. Which makes me wonder why your on S.H.I.E.L.D.s hit list.”

You: “Hit list? Fury wants me dead?”

Clint: “Well Sitwell does. Care to fill me in why?”

You: “Your orders came from Sitwell?” He nodded. “He’d put me under house arrest, but I didn’t think breaking out would make him want to kill me.”

Clint: “House arrest? I was told you were found to be associated with a terrorist group.”

You: “....Me?” He nodded.

Clint: “What the hell’s going on (Y/N)?” I sighed, dropping the gun and opening my visor yo rub at my eyes.

You: “I have no idea. None of this makes sense. First Sitwell puts me under house arrest to keep me from going after Natasha, then he won’t let me visit Happy in the hospital..”

Clint: “Wait, wait, wait.” He dropped his bow. “Happy’s in the hospital?”

You: “Yeah, for about two days now. And Natasha’s been missing for a little more then a week.”

Clint: “Nat’s missing?” His eyes grew even wider i question.

You: “For a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent you seen to be pretty out of the loop bud… Yeah, SHe’s missing. I was headed over to her last known location to investigate myself. See if I can find a trace of her.” I hooked my thumb over my shoulder, pointing to the plane. “Then.. well. Apparently Sitwell put a hit on me.”

Clint: “Yeah...Sorry about kicking you… by the way.” He rubbed at the back of his neck. I just rolled my eyes as I snapped my visor closed again.
You: “You can pay me back by helping me out.”

Clint: “What?”

You: “You want to find Nat right?”

Clint: “Well yeah. Of course I want to find her.” I waved to the plane.

You: “Well then how lucky are you that I was just about to do the same.” He chuckled, slapping me on the shoulder as we walked towards the boarding ramp.

Clint: “Just like old times.” I smirked.

You: “Just like old times. Oh.. by the way.” He stopped and turned to me, expectant of what I had to say. That’s when I punched him square in the chest, knocking him to the floor. As I helped him back to his feet, I said. “That was for the kick.”

Clint: “Ok, I deserved that.”

You: “And more, but I don't have that kind of time right now. I’ll explain what you’ve missed on the way.

Clint: “Hey… you weren't really gonna shoot me in the jewels were you?”

You: “The clip was empty anyway.”

Clint: “You dick.”

You: “Says you.”

Clint: “Says many people.” Yeah, it was definitely gonna be like old times.
Chapter 6 at LONG LAST.
As always let me know what you think in the comments below!!
I dont own Marvel, The Avengers, the images used, or you.
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