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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 32
(F/N) First Name
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-Imperial Capital-
(Your POV)
You: “I fail to understand how you are capable of such insubordination.” I was pacing the length of my desk. Situated at the back end of my private office. Vader stood on the other side, his arms folded over his chest piece. His Mechanical breathing made that much louder in the relatively small space.
Vader: “There were other priorities brought to my attention. I am not your daughter's private guard. I am your second in command. Therefore, I have duties to this Empire.” I stopped pacing, slamming my fist into the desk before me.
You: “No. YOU, are whatever I say you are. If that means you are a BABYSITTER then you better DAMN well accept that role! Now my daughter is somewhere in the galaxy. I DON’T KNOW where, with some boy YOU saw fit to send in your place!
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A Very Starking Christmas: Chapter 10
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color
(Tony’s POV)
Making my way to Miami was the easy part. Stopping only twice during the thirteen hour drive to pick up supplies, then at the motel to turn said supplies into a multitude of deadly homemade weapons and chemical bombs.
It paid to be a genius sometimes.
Tony: “Alright, I’m texting you the address now.” I was sitting in my borrowed car just outside the compound JARVIS had messaged me, now forwarding the address to (Y/N)’s borrowed quinjet.
You: “I’d really feel more comfortable if you just waited for me Tony. It’s only another few hours before I can be there.”
Tony: “No can do.”  I shot back. “Every minute we waste is another minute this fake Mandarin gets in his favor. You saw the message. Who knows what the hell that psycho has planned for his ‘Final Lesson.’ This has to end as s
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 31
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Your POV)
You: “Galen Marek?”
Marek: “Are you so surprised to see me old (man/woman)?” The smug in his voice was only emphasized by the cheeky grin plastered to his pale face. Marek had changed much since the last time I’d seen him. His skin was significantly paler, his head shaved, and his eyes held the yellow glow of the Dark side.
You: “A bit if i’m being honest. What the hell are you doing in the realm of the Avatar?” He chuckled, taking step to the right of the circle his students had formed around us. I wasn't about to let him close the distance between us, so I mirrored his movement.
Marek: “Oh wouldn't you just love to know what Lord Vader and the Emperor are planning.”
You: “Oh I could give a fuck what Sidious has concocted. I mean YOU, Galen. Last I heard you were dumped into t
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 30
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Your POV)
You: “Well… I guess that’s it.”
Azula: “Doesn’t look like much.”
You: “Neither do you.”
Azula: “Excuse you?”
Zuko: “Can we focus please!?” Azula and I fell into relative silence. Only broken by the constant thoughts in her head reverberating in my own of her want to eliminate me in various ways.
We had made land roughly an hour earlier, and with Jeriahs direction, made way to a cliff top overlooking the front entrance of the academy. I was currently looking over the massive door marking the entryway with a pair of binoculars provided by young Iroh. As expected, it was a standard issue Imperial door. Automatic, emblazoned with the Imperial seal, along with that odd skull painted around it.
Iroh: “She didn’t mention the place was built INTO the mountain.”
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 29
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Korra’s POV)
Korra: “Ready?”
Scarlett: “Yes.”
Korra: “Begin.” Scarlett was first to move, taking the offensive and forcing me into a retreat from the get-go. Just as (F/N) expected, her previous training under Amon had made her extremely quick. Her feet lighter then even Tenzin’s. “Ok, getting a bit forceful.” Her strikes were quick, but aggressive. As if she was trying to cause me harm. There was a look in her eyes, she was obviously pissed. “What’s wrong?”
Scarlett: “Nothing.” She responded flatly. Quickening her pace even more so. She was able to break through my defense, her staff coming to slap against my thigh.
Korra: “Hey!” She didn’t respond. If anything, the hit spurred her on. She zoomed around me, constantly trying to connect with any bod
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A Very Starking Christmas: Chapter 9
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color
(Your POV)
Raza: “Mr. Stark…. Mr. Stark…. Mr. Stark!”
You: “Present!” I jolted up, breathing rapidly as I was jostled from my sleep. Woken from one of those ridiculous dreams you always hear other people talking about but never think you’d have. Mine was me back in high school. I couldn’t help but shudder at the thought. Raza had taken the initiative to wake me, standing over me his his hand shaking at my shoulder.
Raza: “It is morning Mr. Stark, you’re plane is ready and waiting.” Apparently I’d fallen asleep in my chair the night before. The file Raza had given me open in my lap.
You: “Thank.. Thank you Raza.” I moaned through a yawn. “We’ll be ready in a moment.” He nodded.
Raza: “We have a stretcher ready to carry your red-headed friend. Just let us know once you’re ready.
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A Very Starking Christmas: Chapter 8
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color
(Tony’s POV)
Tony: “The Sandwich was fair. The spring was a little rusty. The rest of the materials? I’ll make do.” he kid, Harley, was currently leading me down the extremely small Main street of Rose Hill, headed towards what I hope was the bomb site. “By the way..” We turned a corner, at which point I pulled the kid aside, I had a complaint to make. “... When you said your sister had a watch?”
Harley: “Yeah?”
Tony: “I was hoping for something a little more Adult then this.” I pulled back the sleeve of the jacket the kid had lent me, revealing the ridiculous pink, Dora the Explorer watch. Of course, the kid found this hilarious, laughing along at my exasperation.
Harley: “She’s six.” I sighed, watching as the kid continued down the street. “It’s limited edition.”
Tony: “That d
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 28
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
Shared hurt
(Your POV)
You: “You know Iroh… when I said ‘small and fast’. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” The following morning, just as the sun rose into the sky, young Iroh collected me from my borrowed room and brought me to the private royal docks, where our transport for the following journey sat.
Iroh: “You were expecting maybe something else?”
You: “I expected something with an engine.” The ship, though reasonable in size, capable of handling a small crew of men, was all in all a SAILboat. “I pictured something closer to the Nations war boats.”
Iroh: “Grandfather had those discontinued a few years after you left. Anything else would be a part of the United Forces Navy, and I can’t exactly sneak that away from them.”
You: “And there isn’t something like a
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 27
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Scarlett’s POV)
Katara: “You made it!” As Korra and I walked in the front door of her hutt, Katara immediately rushed us both. Moving surprisingly quickly considering in her age.
Korra: “Oh I don’t think we would have missed this for anything. Right Scarlett:?
Scarlett: “Right.” Katara smiled down at me, taking me by the hand and leading us to the back room of her home.
Katara: “Come, everyone else is already here.” She pushed through another door, leading us through a large open area with a healing pool like the ones back at the temple. Then pushed through another door behind that, where everyone was sat around a small fire pit. Everyone in this case being Tenzin, Pema, Ms. Kya, Mr. Bumi, Asami, Bolin and Mako. Everyone looked up to great us as we entered, then returned to enjoying the warm
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A Very Starking Christmas: Chapter 7
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color
(Your POV)
You: “And that’s the story.” I sat back, tenting my fingers as I let Clint take in what had happened. He sat opposite me, rubbing his chin as he pondered the situation.
Clint: “So Tony’s gone missing.”
You: “Yep.”
Clint: “Happy’s in the hospital. Likely half dead.”
You: “Yep.”
Clint: “Nat’s gone MIA, and to your knowledge nobody knows if she’s even alive.”
You: “Yep.”
Clint: “And Sitwell put you under house arrest to keep you out of the game… because?”
You: “Don’t know. That’s why I had to break out of the tower. To find out why.”
Clint: “And to kick the living shit out of the Mandarin.”
You: “Yep.”
Clint: “This makes zero sense.” He sat back, rubbing the back of his neck. “Why put you under
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 26
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Your POV)
I couldn’t hear anything. It was absolute silence from inside, and that unnerved me more then anything.
Zuko: “What are you…?”
You: “shhh.” I waved at him, demanding he keep quiet as I pressed my ear against the door. “Trying to here what’s going on.”
Zuko: “Isn’t that that room we locked that Jeriah girl in?” I nodded. “Oh, don’t tell me you sent Azula in.” Again I nodded. “(F/N) what were you thinking? Let the poor girl out.” He reached for the door, butI caught his wrist before he could force it open.
You: “She knows the location of the base. She knows how many other students there are and any other prudent info I may need to take them by surprise.”
Zuko: “You lied to me.” I sighed. “You told me you needed a tr
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A Very Starking Christmas: Chapter 6
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color
(Your POV)
You: “Ok, so what’s this plan of yours Bruce?” i called through the closet door. I needed to privacy to gear up.
Bruce: “Way I see it, agent Sitwell likely has access to all the Stark Tower cameras. Needs to to keep an eye on you and keep you inside. With the lockdown you don’t have access to your normal suit. But he’s not looking for this old manual thing to try and escape.”
You: “So, what?” I asked as I slipped on the kevlar shoulder pads. “I sneak out through the walls?”
Bruce: “Exactly.” Of course… why not. “Not like you have many other choices. After you installed cameras in the ventilation shafts to keep Clint out..” Why does Clint ruin everything? “The only places without cameras are the rooms and behind the walls. Besides, if your stories are true this wouldn’t b
:iconxreaderwriter5:XReaderwriter5 24 12
The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 25
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Korra’s POV)
Korra: “Oh come on. It’ll be fine.” I held the door open, but Scarlett refused to budge, instead seemingly perfectly happy sitting in the snow outside the banquet hall. She just shook her head, pure dread painted across her face.
Scarlett: “To many people.” I sighed, letting the door swing closed as I walked over to her.
Korra: “Well you can’t just sit out here and freeze.” She shrugged, digging her feet deeper into the snow bank she was standing in.
Scarlett: “Like the cold.”
Korra: “Liar, I can see you shivering.”
Scarlett: “Nope. Shaking with Joy.”
Korra: “About what?” I cocked my brow, crossing my arms in anticipation at the answer she would come up with. Her face fell a bit as she tried to think of something, clearly to cold to think of somet
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 24
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Korra’s POV)
It wasn’t long after we departed the Air Temple that everyone had settled into their quarters and began roaming about the ship. Everyone effectively had their own room, save Tenzin, his wife and their kids and Scarlett and I. As attached as she was to me, Scarlett had wanted to room with me. Not that I minded of  course. Scarlett was a sweet kid, and when we weren’t training together she tended to keep to herself.
Korra: “I think I’m gonna go let Naga out for a walk around deck, do you want to come?” I looked across the room to the quiet child, currently laid across her own bed. She looked up from the book Tenzin had lent her to shake her head no. “You gonna be ok in here on your own?” She nodded, a small smile on her face. “Are you going to talk to me at all this trip?” She rolled
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The Avatar and The Dark One: Chapter 23
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color
(Your POV)
You: “Strap her down.” Azula was kicking and screaming as four of the royal guard strapped her to a table in the palace. Zuko and Izumi both sat off to the side of the room, watching with great concern as what turned out to be the Fire Nation's greatest secret was breathing blue flames in every direction. Young General Iroh was not allowed anywhere near the room, having been unaware of his great aunts existence.
Like I said. Greatest secret.
You: “Gag her.” Another of the guard stuffed a rag in Azula’s mouth. A damp one to stop the fire and muffle her screeching. Still she writhed, fighting against the straps as we bound her to the flat table.
Zuko: “(F/N)...”
You: “You had t
:iconxreaderwriter5:XReaderwriter5 14 6
UMH: A Very Starking Christmas. Chapter 5
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color
(Tony’s POV)
The missile connected, sending everything in its vicinity flying. Including myself, Pepper, and Maya. My immediate instinct was to call the Mark 42 into action, having the sectional armor wrap itself around Pepper as she rocketed back from the blast. It reacted instantly, wrapping itself around her before her back connected with the far wall of the house. I connected with my own wall, causing my back to crack as Maya connected with another, knocking her out. I couldn’t move, the pain in my spine to great for me to even try. My vision was blurred, and my ears were still ringing from the blast. The only thought running through my mind was ‘what had I done?’
As my vision cleared, the ceiling over my head began to crack, the cement foundation of the house failing. A large chunk fell clear, headed straight for my head. That’s when Pepper jumped on top
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(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color



-Imperial Capital-

(Your POV)

You: “I fail to understand how you are capable of such insubordination.” I was pacing the length of my desk. Situated at the back end of my private office. Vader stood on the other side, his arms folded over his chest piece. His Mechanical breathing made that much louder in the relatively small space.

Vader: “There were other priorities brought to my attention. I am not your daughter's private guard. I am your second in command. Therefore, I have duties to this Empire.” I stopped pacing, slamming my fist into the desk before me.

You: “No. YOU, are whatever I say you are. If that means you are a BABYSITTER then you better DAMN well accept that role! Now my daughter is somewhere in the galaxy. I DON’T KNOW where, with some boy YOU saw fit to send in your place!”

Vader: “Perhaps the problem then lies in your daughters poor judgement. A reflection perhaps, of her parantege.” I could feel the mask melt away as my blood ran cold. The yellow of my eyes evident now more then ever.

You: “Are you SUGGESTING something Vader?”

Vader: “Of course not, my Lord. Only that perhaps a tighter leash on the child would bear clearer results.” I chuckled, taking a step out from behind the desk to confront him face to… mask.

You: “Well… you would know ALL about parenting wouldn’t you? Skywalker.” I could feel the anger flair in Vaders head. “Oh. Did I touch a nerve?”

Vader: “Do not, Test me.”

You: “Do NOT. TEST ME.” I fired back. “Remember your place Vader. And remember who I am, before I am forced to GIVE you a REMINDER.” I could feel the thoughts swirling in his head. He wanted so desperately to say something.

Vader: “Of course, My Lord.” But he clearly thought better of it. I stepped back, returning to my desk.

You: “Who is this boy anyway?”

Vader: “He is known as the Eleventh Brother.”

You: “Not his inquisitor designation you imbecile.” I groaned. “His NAME. What’s his NAME.”

Vader: “I believe it was Galen Marek before he was inaugurated into the Inquisitorous.” The boys Inquisitor file appeared before me after I entered the name. The image of a young man, no older then 20 with brown eyes and a shaved head slowly rotating on my desk.

You: “And what is so spectacular about this boy that made you send him, rather then go yourself?”

Vader: “He is skilled, and takes orders without question. He has proven himself the most powerful within the ranks. Which leads me to believe it was not his decision to divert from Jedha.”

You: “Oh I know it was Ashara’s choice. But that’s not the point.” There was a beep on my desk, indicating that there were visitors at the door. “Enter.” The sliding doors to the office opened, revealing one of my highest ranking officers, and the Director in the doorway.

Tarkin: “Are we interrupting?” Moff Tarkin, always so polite.

You: “Of course not Moff Tarkin. In fact you are right on time. Please, enter.” The three did as I turned back to Vader. “Find them. And bring them both back here. Immediately. I wish to speak with this, Galen Marek.” He didn't respond, instead turning to leave the office, brushing past Tarkin and Director Krennic as he did. While Tarkin was hardly phased, Krennic began to sweat. Only calmed after the door shut behind him.

Tarkin: “Now then, you summoned us your excellency?”

You: “I did. It has come to my attention that our efforts are being spread thin. As a result, funds must be diverged back into the production of Star Destroyers if we are to have a chance in this war. I’m decommissioning the Stardust program.”

Tarkin: “My Liege?”

You: “it is my belief that Project Stardust is to costly a program for to large a target. If it were to be completed then many of our own systems would leave the Imperial senate in favor of rejoining the Republic, and their combined forces would constantly be put to destroying the station. I am not willing to risk that.”

Krennic: “Your Excellency.” Krennic jumped in, taking a step or two forward. “If I may be so bold. The empire’s strength has always been in its militaristic capabilities. If Project Stardust was allowed to be completed it would without a shadow of a doubt be the most powerful weapon this Galaxy has seen. No one would dare question our might.”

You: “I appreciate your boldness Director, but my decision is final. Funding is to be diverted, and project Stardust scrapped. The ability to destroy a planet in a single blast is, to put it simply, to much power for any one person to weild.”

Krennic: “But the ability to create a storm capable of razing entire cities. That falls below that line I take it?” Both Tarkin and I shot Krennic looks of disbelief.

You: “Be careful Krennic. I may not be so quick to kill as Vader is, but that does not mean I am not willing to find your replacement.” He gulped loudly, bowing his head having realized his mistake.

Krennic: “Apologies, your Excellency.” I didn't accept it, I simply waved him to the door.

You: “Get out.” he did, turning to the door without another word.

Tarkin: “As brass as he may be.” We watched as Krennic disappeared through the door, Tarkin then turning back to me to continue his argument. “He is not wrong. Your little show of power on Alderaan has put the senate on edge, and made many neutral worlds weary of joining the empire’s efforts.”

You: “I am well aware of what my actions have done Whiluff, but this… Death Star as you call it. The ability to cause instant Mass Genocide. Its too much, even for me.” the door opened again, a different officer walking through this time.

Thrawn: “I apologize for my tardiness, my shuttle was unfortunately delayed.” Grand Admiral Thrawn walked up to the desk, coming to stand shoulder to shoulder with Tarkin. “Tarkin.”

Tarkin: “Thrawn.” And that was the extent of the pleasantries Tarkin would share with the blue skinned Chiss., or vice versa.

You: “No apologies necessary Grand Admiral. In fact you are right on time to hear the news.” He looked at me, a questioning glance in his red eyes. “I am diverting funding into your Tie Defender program, along with several other projects involved in the Tarkin doctrine.” Though he showed no change in mood on the outside, I could sense the joy dancing in his mind.

Thrawn: “You will not regret this decision your Excellency.”

You: “Be sure I don’t. You and Moff Tarkin will be working closely on this, and I expect reports periodically.”

Tarkin/Thrawn: “Of Course your Excellency.” They turned to leave, Thrawn slipping through the door before Tarkin.

You: “Tarkin.” He paused in the door, turning back to me. I had pulled up the file on project Stardust. “While I may object to the Death Star as a whole. I do see potential for its super laser.” I isolated the main weapon of the station. “Perhaps something a fraction of the strength, mounted on something a bit more maneuverable. One of your dreadnaught projects perhaps?” He smiled, knowing exactly what I was implying. “Something to think about.”

(Present Day)

(Jeriah’s POV)

Jeriah: “What are you doing?”

You: “Ow!” After I had shown (L/N) into the Master’s… or Galen’s as (He/She) referred to him as, quarters. (He/She) had opened the back wall, revealing a secret room with this massive mechanical thing I could not identify. After leaving to ensure the other students were not ready to revolt and that Lord Zuko and General Iroh were comfortable in the med bay, I returned to find (L/N) half way inside the machine. (His/Her) legs hanging out of a panel (he/she) had opened. Apparently I had startled (him/her), and (he/she) banged (his/her) head. “Why would you startle me like that?” (He/She) pulled (himself/ herself) out of the panel, rubbing at (his/her) forehead while shooting me an annoyed look, blood still staining (his/her) face from where Azula had scratched (him/her).

Jeriah: “I just came back up to tell you that Lord Zuko and his grandson are resting in the medbay. The other students aren’t revolting, though they aren't entirely sure what to do at this point.”

You: “How should I know?” (He/She) leaned back, slipping back inside the machine. “Could you hand me those wire-cutters?” (His/Her) hand gestured in the direction of the table across from the machine. I grabbed the cutters and handed them to (his/her) open palm. “Thank you. Anyway, way I see it. You and the others are free to do as you will, so long as you don’t cross me or do anything to threaten the planet. You all can do as you like.”

Jeriah: “Well I was actually thinking.” I rubbed the back of my neck, unsure how to present the request I was about to make. “What if we joined you?”

You: “Ow!” There was a hollow thunk as (L/N) once again banged (his/her) head within the machine. Though this time when (he/she) popped back out, (he/she) had the most confused look on (his/her) face. “Join me?” I nodded. “Why would you want to do that?”

Jeriah: “Well, the students are going to need a new leader. And who better then someone that can fill the shoes of the old master? You’re from the same world, know the same things.”

You: “So do you. I told you Jeriah, the Academy is yours.” I sighed, taking a seat at the on the table.

Jeriah: “Look, it’s more then just a want for someone to take over. Because frankly I’m not sure I’m ready to take on that kind of responsibility. But it's also because… well.. I feel like I owe you.” I could hear (L/N) sigh, pulling (himself/herself) free of the machine again before sitting up.

You: “I told you I forgave you Jeriah. You have no reason to feel guilty about what happened. You came clean. Hell, you KILLED Marek to save me. If you ask me, we’re even.”

Jeriah: “But I don’t think we’re even.” I slid off the table, coming to sit on the floor with (him/her). “There’s a part of me that  says I NEED to be at your side, fighting with you. I can’t explain it, I just do.” (He/She) looked at me for a long while, questioning (E/C) staring, as if into my very soul.

You: “I’ll tell you what.” (He/She) said after a long moment. “I’ll teach you how to be a leader.”

Jeriah: “What?”

You: “You say you aren’t ready to lead the others. Well that might be true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to be. When I first met Galen Marek he was a follower through and through. Here today, I’d argue he still was. It’s only with Lord Vader’s direction was he able to take control here. But you Jeriah, you can learn to be a leader. I can teach you. You’ll travel with me, learn to take charge and when you return. You’ll be ready to lead this academy.”

Jeriah: “uh.. I uh.. Yes. Yes of course.”

You: “Good.” And (He/She) immediately returned to hiding within the panel of the machine. I just sat there somewhat awkwardly as (he/she) tinkered inside. “If you have questions you CAN ask them.” Well (he/she) was certainly perspective.

Jeriah: “What is this thing?”

You: “This, is a Dimensional holo-communicator. A holo-communicator is…”

Jeriah: “I know what a holo-communicator is. We have them standard on every airship. It’s how I was able to warn the mas… Galen Marek of your arrival.” (L/N)’s head popped out of the panel at an odd angle, a frown of annoyance on (his/her) face. “Sorry.” (He/She) sighed.

You: “I take it Marek taught you a thing or two about the home dimension then?” I nodded.

Jeriah: “We’re aware of most of the technologies, and we can read Galactic Basic.”

You: “But the force forbid he teaches you what a lightsaber is.” Again (he/she) sighed. Disappearing once again into the machine. “Well, THIS particular comm setup is fitted with a gate key. It’s not strong enough to send physical objects through, but it IS strong enough to communicate with any of the other worlds. I’m trying to hotwire it to Marek's computer system so I can access some of my old files from home.”

Jeriah: “What are you trying to find?”

You: “Depends. What do you know about project Stardust?”

Jeriah: “Never heard of it.”

You: “Let's keep it that way then. Done.” (He/She) slipped back out and stood to full height. “Not that i’m trying to keep secrets. But this isn't exactly something people here should know about.”

Jeriah: “Well it’s not like I’m going to blab about it the moment I find out.”

You: “Maybe so, but this isn't exactly for the faint of heart.” (He/She) brushed past me, taking a seat at the desk across from the communicator before punching at the keyboard there.

Jeriah: “If I am to be a leader, should not I know the hard stuff?” (He/She) shot me a look over (his/her) shoulder, a small smirk playing at (his/her) lips.

You: “Alright. But don't say I didn't warn you.” With a final key stroke, the communicator whirred to life. “Thank the force, my back door still works.”

Jeriah: “Back door?”

You: “I had a secret code written into the Imperial record for my private use. I was hoping Sidious hadn’t had it found and had it wiped. We have complete access to every Imperial record there is. Including Stardust.” A few more keystrokes,  and the image of a large ball with a concave dish on the side lit up the room.

Jeriah: “A ball?”

You: “Don’t let the design fool you.” (He/She) stood from the desk coming around the projection. “This is easily the most dangerous weapon the Empire has. And it’s complete.

Jeriah: “What is it?”

You: “It’s called the Death Star. It’s a mobile space station the size of a moon. And it has enough firepower to destroy an entire planet with a single blase of its super laser.” My blood ran cold as my breath caught in my throat. “Told you couldn't handle it.”

Jeriah: “What kind of monster would want something like this?”

You: “Darth Sidious. Or, as Galen referred to him as, Emperor Palpatine.”

Jeriah: “The Emperor wanted this?”

You: “Yeah. The idea for this monstrosity came about during the False War, you’d know it as the Clone War. See, Palpatine was running the war from both sides. Running the Republic as chancellor Palpatine, and the Confederacy as Darth Sidious. The entire war as orchestrated to allow him to take complete lawful control of the Galaxy by inciting fear, then presenting himself as the only one that could bring an end to that fear. Rather ingenious, i have to admit.”

You: “That doesn't explain this flying ball of death though.” (He/She) chuckled again.

You: “The plans for the station were originally dreamt up by the Confederacy, again under Palpatine's influence. But Palpatine knew that the only ones with the funds available to make it a reality was the Republic. So he thought up a plan to have the Republic steal the plans and begin construction themselves. He sent a small task force to intercept a Separatist fleet that just ‘happened’ to have the plans on board for them to find. They found it, and the plans were presented to the Republic Senate. Where it was decided that if the Separatists had these plans, it meant they were trying to build it. So it was decided the Republic would build one of their own.”

Jeriah: “But in reality, that was the only one?”

You: “Exactly. The war did end before production could truly take off, but by then Palpatine had reorganized the Republic into the Empire. So he ordered construction to be complete anyway. It was maybe 20% complete when I took control of the Empire five years later.”

Jeriah: “What happened to it?”

You: “Well, it continued construction for about a year after that. Though very slowly as much of the Empires funds were diverted into my war effort with the reborn Republic. But a year into the war I decided it was too costly, and had it scrapped.”

Jeriah: “But.. it's finished. How is that possible if this thing took nearly ten years to barely get off the ground?”

You: “That, is what I’m trying to figure out.” (He/She) returned to the deck. Punching in another command. “Official Records say it restarted production…. Two years ago, which would have been about the time I was arrested and sent away.”

Jeriah: “Well that’s clearly not true.”

You: “Yeah. I’m going to do a bit more digging. Why don't you go check on Zuko and Iroh? Make sure they’re still alive. And have the others start cleaning up the mess. I’ll figure out what to do about the droids later.”

Jeriah: “Sure thing.” I turned, headed for the door. “Master (L/N).” I called back over my shoulder. (He/She) turned to me. “Thank you.” (He/She) smiled warmly.

You: “Nothing to it.” And I left, closing the door behind me.”

(Your POV)

The moment she left through the door, I immediately set to work on what I was REALLY looking for.

Project Reclamation.

___: “You had this decommissioned right?”

You: “I did. The moment I came home from this world the first time.”

___: “How the hell does Sidious know about this then?”

You: “I don’t know.” The files on Reclamation filled the screen as the communicator’s holo-projector whirred to life. “But they’ve updated their information.” The holoprojector currently had the image of a young girl. A smiling, dark haired, tanned young girl. No older then fifteen. The tag line for the file was ‘New Avatar.’

___: “This cant get out.”

You: “I know.” The  files cycled, deferring from Korra and changing to a file titled ‘New Fire Lord’. An Image of a younger Izumi popping up on the projector. Then to a file titled ‘Old Fire Lord’, where an image of a younger Zuko took his daughters place.

___: “If they find out….”

You: “I KNOW.” I repeated, this time more forcefully as the file changed to an image of a younger Katara. ‘Water Master’ was the title of her file. “And they won’t.” I turned back to the computer as the files cycled to an Image of a younger Tenzin. ‘Air Master’ was the title of his file. After punching in a few keys, he files disappeared. A lock placed on the file only I could open…. From this end anyway.

___: "Delete them.”

You: “I can’t. If I delete everything regarding reclamation they’ll know something is up. And then the Death Star will be on top of us even faster. This way, we have time.”

___: “Time for what?”

You: “If I can find the Gate key I can use it to close the gate to this world, locking Sidious out.”

___: “And Locking you in.” I paused as I was typing into the system, seeing if Galen had any information regarding the key left behind in this dimension. “You lock yourself in and you condemn that world to Sidious’s wrath. And then what? You live centuries here just accepting that?”

You: “I can’t risk their lives.”

___: “Your making excuses.” It shot back. “You WANT to stay here.”

You: “I’m not having this argument again with you.” In that moment I could hear someone walking through the outer room towards me. “We’re done.”

___: “For now.” I switched the screens, quickly removing any evidence of Project Reclamation and switching instead to Marek's private servers. Pretending as if I had been perusing the files on the students he had taught here.

Jeriah: “The others are cleaning up the droid parts, though the oil spills may be a bit difficult to deal with. Also, Lord Zuko made clear that he wants to go home as soon as he can to give his sister a proper funeral.” I simply nodded along, a low ‘mmhmm’ as I pretended to focus on the screen. “What’s project Y?”

You: “Wha.. what?” She walked over, pointing at the Galactic Basic characters on the screen before me.

Jeriah: “This..” She stated slowly, as if attempting to get the message through my thick skull.

You: “You know… I don’t know.” I actually focused on the screen before me, reading over the short file. Jeriah read along as well.

Jeriah: “Project Y. Private. Keep of Imperial servers. Wait, there's a button.” On the screen there was an option to ‘OPEN’. What it was I was opening, I didn’t know. But.. Morbid Curiosity was my default after all. I tapped the option, and almost immediately the wall behind us slid open.

You: “What was with Marek and hidden doors?” I groaned. Behind the door was… “A Droid?” Jeriah walked over to the droid in question, poking at its side.

Jeriah: “Looks like its deactivated. What is it?”

You: “Looks like a P.R.X. but… different.” I stood, coming to stand with Jeriah, looking over the inactive Holo-Droid. It was a bit bulkier then the droids we had destroyed earlier. It’s limbs a bit thicker, almost human like. The Holo-Projector was also an upgraded model, smaller then normal. Allowing additional space for another system. “This is a repulsor system.”

Jeriah: “What’s a repular?”

You: “Repulsor’s a hover technology. Usually used on vehicles. It removes the need for wheels. Looks like its been modified though. Looks like Marek was trying to recreate force abilities. Impressive.” I looked behind the head of the droid. “Designation. Y.”

Jeriah: “Project Y.”

You: “Looks like it.” I looked into the droids lifeless face plate. “What made you so special P.R.X.-Y?”

Jeriah: ‘Well let’s flip it on and find out.” Jeriah reached behind the droids head, flipping it on.

You: “Wait, wait NO!” To late. The Droid jumped to life before I could stop her. It’s eyes glowing a soft yellow as it looked around.

P.R.X.-Y: “Oh.. hello.” Jeriah and I shared a look of concern.

You: “Uh…. hi?”

P.R.X.-Y: “Greetings. I am Designation P.R.X. dash Y. Here to serve in anyway you may need.”

You: “You’re a…. A protocol droid?”

P.R.X.-Y. “If necessary, I can be. Though my primary function is that of a training droid.”

Jeriah: “Fascinating.”

P.R.X.-Y: “Greetings Jeriah.” Another shared look.

Jeriah: “You know me?”

P.R.X.-Y: “In a manner of speaking.” The droid took two steps forward. “If I may.” It gestured to us, asking us silently to step aside. We did, allowing the droid to walk towards the computer. “The maker had uploaded the entirety of the Academies database into my memory core. Not only am I aware of every student that has or is currently residing here, but I am capable of taking the form of every available training program.” The droid then, turned back to me. “Though, I am unfamiliar with you (sir/ma’am). Who might you be?” I took a cautious step towards the droid, slowly reaching around it as I answered its question.

You: “Well.. My name is (F/N). (F/N) (L/N).”

P.R.X.-Y: “A pleasure to meet you (Mr./Ms.)...” I managed to switch it of, causing it to slump over as it deactivated.

Jeriah: “What’d you do that for?”

You: “I want to check its memory core before it goes all Rampagy. I don't need another thing trying to kill me just because it knows I was Darth Vane. Better to wipe it before it can do any harm.”

Jeriah: “Well in that case, why not destroy it?” Unlocking the droids back panel, I was able to rip out the core in its entirety, setting it down on the desk before shuffling the droid back to its hiding place.

You: “This Droid is hooked up to the database. Which means I can ask IT for information rather then have to shift through the endless files myself. It may know the location of something I’ve been spending months looking for.”

Jeriah: “And what might that be?” After tossing it into its closet, I closed the door, hiding the droid once again.

You: “If I ever find it, you’ll be one of the first to know. Now come on.” I spun her away from the room. Pushing against her lightly to edge her out. “I’m sure Zuko is anxious to go home.” We walked out of Marek's room, down the halls and ended up meeting with Zuko and Iroh at the entrance of the Facility. Weach were holding one end of a stretcher. A body with a sheet over it on it. “Would you like some help?” I offered.

Zuko: “I think you’ve done enough for one day.” Zuko bit back.

You: “Zuko I….”

Zuko: “Don’t… just don’t.” They carried her the entire way. The entire hours journey to the sea where we’d left the boat. The silence broken only by the occasional grunt. Jeriah and I followed close behind, if only to offer help if wanted. It never was. Once we arrived to the ship, I attempted to break the silence again.

You: “Jeriah, would you please help Iroh with…. Uh..”

Jeriah: “Azula?” She offered, noticing I had been struggling with how to identify her long dead body.

You: “Yes please.”

Zuko: “We can manage (F/N).”

You: “Zuko just let me talk with you a moment.. Please.” He sighed, then hoisted his side of the stretcher for Jeriah to take. “Thank you.” The two disappeared up the ramp, and once gone, Zuko turned his annoyed glare to me.

Zuko: “Well?”

You: “I didn’t mean for this to happen. Not this way.”

Zuko: “I know. I’m not angry with you over what happened.”

You: ‘Then why are you angry with me at all?”

Zuko: “She was still my sister (F/N).” Again he sighed, rubbing at the back of his neck in frustration. “I know you can’t understand this, having no family of your own but… no matter how angry, or murderous, or insane they may be. Family is still family. And despite it all, I still loved my sister. And It’s hard to lose her, to accept she’s gone.” He breathed heavily, then turned to head up the ramp himself. “And you, being the one that ended her…. That’s why i’m angry with you (F/N).”

You: “I know what it’s like.” He paused at the threshold of the ship, turning his head to look over his shoulder at me. “I know, because many years ago I lost a father.” He turned fully to me, confusion heavy in his eye.

Zuko: “I thought you told me you were an orphan?”

You: “I was. In my home world. Before Aang, before the Empire, before…. This.” I waved over myself, indicating the powers I had gained over the centuries. “But… There was a man that I knew.. Many, many years ago, that helped me, taught me, raised me in a way. And when he was killed, The anger in my heart is what drove me onto the path that led me here. So yeah, I know what it’s like.”

Zuko: “I never knew..”

You: “Cause I never told you.” I walked up the ramp to meet him, forcing a small smile for his benefit. “It’s alright, I never meant to. But I don’t want you to think i’m just blowing smoke up your ass when I say I know what you’re going through.” He chuckled a bit at the joke, sighing again when I came face to face with him. “I am sorry.”

Zuko: “I know.. You’ve said it enough times already.” He rested his hand on my shoulder, squeezing lighty. “It’s just not enough right now.” I nodded, my own smirk faltering. “I need time.”

You: “I understand.” Jeriah came back out towards the ramp.

Jeriah: “You’re all set.”

Zuko: “Thank you Jeriah.” He released me, and headed inside as Jeriah and I walked back down the ramp. Jeriah and I stayed to ensure everything went smoothly with cast off. And as the ship drifted off into the distance.

Jeriah: “So who was this father figure?” My head lurched to the side, finding Jeriah with a wide smirk. “What? You didn’t really think I couldn’t hear that did you?” My eyes rolled in my head as I turned back to walk back towards the Academy. Jeriah walking at my side.

You: “I think that’s a story for another time.”

Jeriah: “oh come on. Who was he?”

You: “You wouldn’t know him anyway.”

Jeriah: “Like I didn’t know Marek?”

You: “Ok, that was a freak coincidence.”

Jeriah: “Come on, who was he?”

You: “I’ll tell you another time.” I looked out to the horizon, taking in the trail of dirt and sand we had before us. “You know I really hate this walk.”

Jeriah: “We could have taken the speeders, would have been faster.”

You: “....... We have SPEEDERS!?”
(Y/N) Your Name
(H/C) Hair Color
(H/L) Hair Length
(E/C) Eye Color


(Tony’s POV)

Making my way to Miami was the easy part. Stopping only twice during the thirteen hour drive to pick up supplies, then at the motel to turn said supplies into a multitude of deadly homemade weapons and chemical bombs.

It paid to be a genius sometimes.

Tony: “Alright, I’m texting you the address now.” I was sitting in my borrowed car just outside the compound JARVIS had messaged me, now forwarding the address to (Y/N)’s borrowed quinjet.

You: “I’d really feel more comfortable if you just waited for me Tony. It’s only another few hours before I can be there.”

Tony: “No can do.”  I shot back. “Every minute we waste is another minute this fake Mandarin gets in his favor. You saw the message. Who knows what the hell that psycho has planned for his ‘Final Lesson.’ This has to end as soon as possible.” I heard sighing on the opposite end of the phone.

You: “I hate it when your right.”

Tony: ‘It’s bound to happen from time to time.” One final check over my supplies. And I was ready to move in. “Get here when you do.”

You: “Yeah yeah. Be safe Jackass.”

Tony: “Love you too.” He hung up before I did. And after pocketing the phone, I hopped out of the car, hopped the hedged fence, and started making my way into the compound. Knocking out every guard along the way.

(Your POV)

Tony: “Love you too.” I hung up the phone before he could do the same to me, Slipping off the headset wired into the jet before leaning back in my chair and rubbing the balls of my hands into my eyes.

Clint: “Christmas blues?”

You: “Do you always have something sarcastic to say?” I turned towards the front of the jet, eyeing my smirking pilot out of the corner of my eye.

Clint: “Maybe if you didn’t give me so much ammo.”

You: “Shut up.” I stood, making my way up the the co-pilot's chair, grabbing my visor along the way.

Clint: “we have a target.”

You: “I have a target. I have something else I need you to do.”

Clint: “I’m not coming with you?” I sat, popping open the back panel of the visor in the hope to make a few final adjustments to the on board JARVIS before arriving in Florida.

You: “Given the… shall we say ‘explosive’ nature of our target and the delicate cargo on board.” I nudged my head behind us in Natasha’s direction. “I’d feel more comfortable going at this alone.”

Clint: ‘What about Tony? You’re letting HIM have a go at this.”

You: “Oh believe you me. I wouldn’t let Tony anywhere NEAR the compound if I could help it. But He’s already there, I haven't got much of a choice.” I argued. Clint could only sigh in response, resigning to my decision in lieu of continuing the argument.

Clint: “So what is it you want me to do?” I smirked, not in my typical condescendingly smug way. Rather, in a thankful way.

You: “Once you’ve dropped me off outside the compound, I need you to fly back to New York and leave Nat with Bruce in the tower. I realize you may need to report back to S.H.I.E.L.D. soon, but I’d hope you could stick around with her, at least until I get back… assuming I do.” Clint’s head whipped around to me at the statement.

Clint: “Assuming?” I looked him dead in the eye, seriousness radiating off me in droves.

You: “We both know I have no idea exactly what I’m up against here. Mandarin or nor, this man is a terrorist with access to a bio-weapon I have never even dreamt of. I’m only stating the facts. The odds aren’t exactly stacked in my favor.” I reached into my side belt pouch, pulling out the small velvet box I’ve kept with me. “If I don’t make it back… I want you to give her this.” He reached out, taking the bo delicately in his palm.

Clint: “Is this?” He began asking.

You: “You don’t get to look inside. So long as I’m breathing anyway.” I tapped the box twice before standing. “It’s her christmas gift. Give it to her then.”  Then I made my way towards the back of the jet, visor in hand to run a few more diagnostics, and to sit with Nat until we arrived.

Clint: “(Y/N).” He called after me, causing me to turn back. His head peeking over his shoulder. “I promise I will. But… you’ll be giving this to her.” He waved the box in his hand. “You’re far too stubborn to die.” I chuckled.

You: “Thanks for the confidence Clint.” He nodded, then returned his focus to the sky before him.

(Tony’s POV)

Trevor: “My name’s Trevor. Trevor Slattery.” You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Let’s rewind a bit shall we? So after sneaking my way into the compound, killing half a dozen armed guards with nail guns, a yoyo and christmas ornaments Frying the brains of another guard, all the while tiptoeing around drugged out, half naked women. I FINALLY make it to what I assume was the bedroom of this False Mandarin, only to find two more drugged out chicks, and some cockney accented, cheeky motherfucker talking about goddamn fortune cookies. Then blathering on about how the Mandarin was here and not here after I threatened to shoot him in the face with my stolen gun.

Honestly my first thought was he was some kind of cheap decoy. He certainly looks like the guy I saw on TV. But this jackass, sitting here in front of me in his cheap silk pj pants and robe, sipping on a half empty beer like nothing was happening. It COULDN’T be HIM. Could it?

Tony: “What ARE you? Some kind of Decoy? A body double?”

Trevor: “What? Like an understudy? No, absolutely not.” Understudy? When he stopped talking, his eyes glazing over, I shoved the gun in his face, the barrel within inches of his nose. That got him talking again. “DON’T HURT THE FACE!” He screamed. “I’m an Actor.” An Actor? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Tony: “You’ve got a minute to live. Fill it with words.”

Trevor: “It’s just a role.” He stated, nonchalantly. As if he was saying the sky was blue or grass was green. “The ‘Mandarin’. It’s not real.”

Tony: “Then how did you GET here Trevor?” I pressed closer to him, causing him to lean further back in his chair.

Trevor: “Well… uh.. I had a little problem with substances. AndI ended up doing things. No two ways about it.: He chuckled, but quickly stopped when he saw I wasn’t laughing along. “Things no man should do, in the street.”

Tony: “Skip ahead Trevor.” I threatened.

Trevor: “Anyway.. THEY approached me about the role. And they knew about the drugs.”

Tony: “What did they say they’d get you off them?”

Trevor: “Said they’d get me MORE. They gave me things. They gave me this palace! They gave me plastic surgery. They gave me things.” He eyes closed, his head tilting back that much more, then began to snore.

Tony: “Did you just fucking nod off? Hey jackass!” I kicked his foot, waking him instantly and getting him to continue as if he’d never stopped.

Trevor: “And a lovely speedboat! And, the thing was he needed someone to take credit for some ‘accidental’ explosions.”

Tony: “He? Killian?”

Trevor: “Killian.” He nodded, smiling lazily.

Tony: “He created you?”

Trevor: “He created me.”

Tony: “Custom made terror threat.”

Trevor: “Yes! Yes!” He stood, sidestepping me to make way towards a mini-bar set to the side of the room. “His thinktank thinked it up.” The his voice changed, mimicking the voice I’d heard on the television so many times.

Mandarin: “The Pathology of a serial killer. The manipulation of western iconography. Ready for another lesson?” He pulled two beers from the cooler, offering me one as I took his place on the chair. Opening both when I declined.

Trevor: “Blah, blah, blah. Of course, it was my performance that brought the Mandarin to life.”

Tony: “Your performance where people died?”

Trevor: “No, they didn’t. Look around you! The costumes, green screen. Honestly I wasn’t on location for half the stuff. When I was it was ‘Movie Magic’ love.”

Tony: “I’m sorry but I’ve got a best friend in a coma who might not wake up and a little brother that’s currently on America’s most wanted because of your ‘Movie Magic’.” I mocked his accent. “So you’re gonna have to answer for that. You’re still going down. You under….” Before I knew what was happening, the gun was ripped out of my hands and my face was met with someone's fist. I felt myself land on something soft before finally blacking out.

Next thing I knew, I was in a room, looked like a basement. My hands were held above my head, tied to something cold. And someone was typing away at a computer. After a minute of letting my eyes adjust, I recognized that person as Mya Hanson. She turned to face me, a small smile on her face all the while.

Maya: “Just like old times huh?”

Tony: “Oh yeah, with zip-ties, its a ball.”

Maya: “It wasn’t my idea.”

Tony: “Ok, so you took Killian’s card.”

Mya: “I took his money.”

Tony: “And here you are, almost thirteen years later, in a dungeon.”

Maya: “No. No, you’re in a dungeon. I’m free to leave.” She stood from her little desk, walking across the room to stand in front of me. “A lot has happened Tony. But I’m close. Extremis is practically stabilized.”

Tony: “And i’m telling you it isn’t. I’m on the street. People are going bang. They’re painting the walls. Maya, you’re kidding yourself.”

Maya: “Then help me fix it.” She held up a card, a little name tag from the night in Bern thirteen years ago. On the back was an equation, in my handwriting.

Tony: “Did I do that?” She nodded. “I remember the night, not the morning.” Her face fell, disappointment heavy in her eyes. “Is THAT what you’ve been chasing around?”

Maya: “You don’t remember?”

Tony: “I can’t help you. Maya, you used to have a moral psychology. You used to have ideals. You wanted to help people. No look at you. I get to wake up every morning with someone that still has their soul.” Her brow furrowed, I was getting to her. Somewhere, deep in there was the Maya I met in switzerland all those years ago. “Get me out of here.”

Killian: “You know what my old man used to say to me.”She turned from me, headed back to her desk as that grating voice came up from behind me. “One of his favorite of MANY sayings was ‘the early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese’. Killian came up from behind me in a casual cream suit, his blonde hair slicked back.

Tony: “You’re not still pissed off about Switzerland are you?”

Killian: “How can I be pissed at you Tony? I’m here to THANK you.” He came up to me, close enough I could smell his cheap cologne and mouthwash. Someone was trying WAY to hard. “You gave me the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.  Desperation. If you think back to Switzerland, after telling me off for making your little bitch of a brother cry over his dead daddy complex.” He shot, I would have decked him right there, if was wasn't zip-tied to a bed. “You told me you’d meet me on the rooftop right? Well, for the first 20 minutes, I actually thought you’d show up. And the next hour, I considered taking that one-step shortcut to the lobby.”

Tony: “And you have the balls to call (Y/N) a bitch.” He just chuckled, continuing his story.

Killian: “But as I looked out over that city, nobody knew I was there, nobody could see me. No one was even looking. I had a thought that would guide me for years to come. Anonymity. Thanks you you, it’s been my montra ever since. You simply rule from behind the scenes. Because, the moment you give evil a face, a Bin Laden, a Gaddafi, a Mandarin, you give the people a target.”

Tony: “And you’re something else.” I finished for him.

Killian: “You have met him I assume?”

Tony: “Yeah. Sir ‘Laurence Oblivier.” Killian walked over to another table opposite where Maya had sat, opening up the briefcase sat on top.

Killian: “I know he’s a little over the top sometimes. It’s not ENTIRELY my fault. He’s a stage actor. They say his Lear was the toast of the toast of Croydon, wherever the hell that is, anyway. The point is, ever since your big friend with the hammer fell out of the sky,  subtlety has kinda had its day.” Leave it to point break to muck things up.

Tony: “So what’s next for you in your world?”

Killian: “Well, I wanted to repay you the selfsame gift that you so graciously imparted me.” He palmed something from the case, then dragged his hand against the floor. A set of marbles rolling out before stopping in the center. Hologram projectors, rudimentary compared to ours, but still good enough to show what he wanted me to see. It was Pepper, strapped to a gurney and glowing that same bright orange Westworld and Hot Wings had. “Desperation.” He stood, coming up close to the projection. “Now this is live. I’m not sure if you can tell, but at this moment the body is trying to decide whether to accept Extremis or just give up. And if it gives up, I have to say, the detonation is quite spectacular. But, until that point, it’s really just a lot of pain.”

Tony: “Is that what happened in Los Angeles? Rose hill? Kuwait?” Again he chuckled.

Killian: “Kuwait? I’ll admit the two soldiers here in the states were Extremis screw ups but Kuwait.. Nah. That was a favor for one of our backers. Apparently someone was getting a little too close to figuring out what was happening. Some government agent I don't know who, frankly I didn't care. They gave me a bomb and i detonated it when they told me to.” He deactivated the hologram before me, standing from his seat and approaching me again. “We haven’t even talked salary yet have we?” He chuckled. THen he took my by the throat, squeezing the air from me. “What kind of perk package are you thinking of?” His eyes began to glow that orange, his skin doing the same. Guess that explains why he isn't a hobbling mess anymore.

Maya: “Let him go.” I knew I’d gotten to her. He did release me, letting me breathe as he turned to confront her.

Killian: “Maya..”

Maya: “I said let him go.” She had some kind of needle to her throat..Not exactly how I’d threaten him but ok. At least he looked concerned.

Killian: “What are you doing?”

Maya: “1200 CC’s. A dose HALF this size and i’m dead.” Now it makes sense. That was Extremis. And she was threatening to take us all with her…. Lovely. “If I die Killian, what happens to your soldiers? What happens to your product? What happens to you? What happens if you go to hot?” He paused in approaching her. Apparently that had hit a nerve. He turned back to me, his look of strain morphin into a smile, then he pulled a gun, and shot her in the chest.

Tony: “Maya.” I tried to go to her, but… yeah.. Still tied to the bed. She fell to the ground, tears falling from her eyes.

Killian: “The good news is, a high-level position has just been vacated.”

Tony: “You’re a maniac.”

Kilian: “No, I’m a visionary. I do OWN a maniac though. And he takes the stage tonight.” As he left, two guards came swooping in, picking up Maya’s lifeless body and taking it out of my view.

Tony: “I’m so sorry Maya.”

Guard 1: “No sense in apologizing to the dead.” The two returned, one chewing on an apple while the other began clearing Maya’s desk. “Waste of air if you ask me.”

Tony: “Says you.”

(Your POV)

Clint: “We’re above the compound.” I stood from my seat next to Nat, slipping my visor on and engaging its manual settings before heading to the boarding ramp. “Ready?” I gave him the thumbs up. “Dropping in three, two, one. Drop!” The ramp opened as the jet flew close to the ground. I jumped out, landing in the grass outside the compound and rolling away as the jet took off back into the sky. I pulled both my blades as I came to a stop, ready to fight…. Nobody.”

You: Ok what the fuck is this?” Nothing. Not a single guard outside. “What is this, amateur hour?” I stood on my feet, sheathing the blades as the visors sight switched between its different modes. All attempting to find some trace of a guard. There was a trail of blood, leading up to the main building, inside of which was the majority of the heat signatures according to the visors heat sensors. A few of which burned much higher then normal for a human. However it was the side building that caught my interest. In the basement, there were three signatures. One has a concentration of heat in the chest. “Thank go for Tony and his inability to fix anything without technology.” The building had a set of windows on the opposite side that went down into the basement. THrough which I had a clear view of what was going on. Two guards, both armed, and Tony zip-tied to a bed frame. On the floor at the feet of one of the guards was a bright pink watch, and it was beeping. At least until the guard stomped on it.

Guard 1: “I think I bought it.”

Tony: “Ok that wasn’t mine to give away. That belongs to my friends sister.” Friend? What kind of friends has he been making? “And that’s why, I’m gonna kill you first.” I nearly snorted then and there.

Guard: “What are you gonna do? You’re zip-tied to a bed?” A perfect observation from the hired goon.

Tony: “This.” Tony flared his hands, clearly expecting for something to happen. My guess was that new prehensile suit of his was on the way.. Where and in how many pieces it was in I didn’t know. But clearly it wasn’t here yet. Both guards were clearly amused by this little specticle. And frankly so was I.  “That.” Again Tony flared his hands. Still nothing. “Trust me, you’re gonna be in a puddle of blood on the ground in Five, four, three… COME ON! Two…” Still nothing. “Bang!”

Guard 2: “Wow.” My thoughts exactly.

Tony: “You should be gone right now.” Ok this was getting embarrassing. “Here it comes.”

Guard 2: “Shut up already.” There was a whizzing sound coming up behind me. When I looked, I could see something small flying towards the windows. Huh, better late then never.

Tony: Fivefourthreetwoone!” It flew threw the window, shattering it. What turned out to me the gauntlets of Tony’s suit wrapped itself around his arm and fired, burning the face of the second guard while ripping the the zip-tie off his wrist. “Told ya.”

Guard: “Ok that's it!” The first guard aimed hi gun. That’s when I decided to make my entrance. I jumped in, smashing through the shattered window to fall behind the first guard. “What the fu..” He didn't finish his thought before my fist met his face, knocking him to the floor, unconscious.

Tony: “What the hell took you so long?”

You: “I was busy watching you make a fool of yourself. Like usual.” I walked up, ripping the other tie from the frame and releasing him. “Where's the rest of this abomination you call a suit?” As I asked, another piece came flying through the window. The boot, knocking me in the ass while it tried to attach itself to his leg. “OW!” He lifted his leg, allowing the bit to wrap itself around him.

Tony: “There’s a piece.”

You: “I hate you. Here.” I took the gun from the unconscious guard, an Uzi, and handed it to Tony. “Something to work with.

Tony: “You know I’m no good with guns.” There was the stomping of feet coming from behind me. The other guards no doubt.

You: “Yeah well you’ll have to make due.” I pulled my blades from their sheathes as the guards came barreling down the hall. As they did, Tony fired his only repulsor, knocking some of the ceiling above them loose.

Tony: “I’m better with that.” His hand fell, and somehow accidentally started the flight program in it and his only boot, causing him to spin into the air uncontrollably as the Uzi fired into the ground.

You: “Watch it dumbass I’m down here too!” He ended up flying into the upper corner of the room, aiming the gun at the hall as the guards made there way down.

Tony: “I’ve got you covered!”

You:”Assuming you don’t shoot me in the ass.” I muttered. As the guards took aim at Tony, I took aim at them, rushing down the hall to cut them down. There were seven in total.. Easy pickings.

The first was easiest. Slicing at his shin to get him on his knees, then shoving the blade through his shoulder to disable his arm. The one behind him tried to re-aim his gun at me, only to have the end of his gun chopped off by my free blade. Then knocked into the guy behind him when I kicked him in the chest. The fourth one has slipped past, opting to shoot at Tony rather then take me on. He was knocked into the wall by Tony’s repulsors while I took on the fifth and sixth.

I stabbed the fifth in the thigh with my only free blade while I stole the gun from the sixth, breaking his elbow to free the gun from his grip while hiding behind him to keep out of sight of the seventh. As the seventh fired shot after shot into my shields back, I slowly nudged him forwards until I was close enough to jump out from behind my meat shield to punch the seventh in the throat. When he fell to his knees, I was able to grab him by the back of the head, and shove his head into my own knee, connecting with his jaw. There was a loud crack as he fell back to the floor.

Tony: “If you’re not to busy… Little help!?” Back in the room Tony was flying uncontrollably from corner to corner. Avoiding the shots of several other guards that had slipped in from another hall.  I rushed in, jumping to latch onto Tony’s shins and used the additional momentum to flip through the air and land on another of the guards. He fell back and smacked his head on the concrete floor as I rushed at the guard behind him, elbow flung into his stomach as I turned to fire my borrowed gun into the chest of the guard behind me. Tony was able to bounce of the wall opposite me before landing squarely back on the floor. Immediately setting to work disarming and disabling two of the remaining guards. Another came up behind him and attempted to put him in a head lock, only to be flown backwards with Tony and connect harshly with the wall. All the while another had attempted to do the same with me. Flipped around, spinning the guy over my shoulder before throwing him to the ground, twisting his arm until it snapped. Tony and I then both turned to the final guard, two guns and a repulsor glove aimed to fire. The guy simply threw his gun to the ground, hands raised.

Guard: “Honestly, I hate working here. They are SO weird.”

You: :You can run now.” He did. Disappearing down the hall. “Not bad Tony. You’ve been practicing.”

Tony: “Yeah well not sleeping really gives me a lot of free time.” He lead me down the main hall back upstairs, talking as he did. About half way down, the rest of his suit began to arrive. “Oh there it is… better late then never.”

You: ‘On time would have been best.” I shot back. “By the way who’s this friend of your with the pink watch?”

Tony: “Ok first, it was a Hello Kitty Watch. Get it right.” he led me up the stairs back to the lawn, the last bit of his suit arriving as we did. “Not the face!” His face plate nearly smacked him, but he caught it. “And it was his SISTERS watch.” He slipped the plate on. “Good to be back.”

You: “Sister…. Sure.” There was the sound of repulsor fire above us. When I looked, I saw it was Rhodey’s Patriot suit, followed closely behind by a military chopper lifting from the compound. “Any reason Rhodey’s leading the bad guys?”

Tony: “Let me go ask. Lets Go!” Tony attempted to fly off, but his suit never left the ground. “Crap.”

You: “Goddamnit Tony.” I walked off, Tony following close behind.

Tony: “It’s a prototype. It’s gonna have glitches.”

You: “Sure.” I walked down a flight of stairs aimed towards the main house, Tony close behind. It always gave me a laugh whenever he had to climb stairs in one of his cumbersome tin cans.

Tony: “And where’s YOUR transport then?”

You: “You know I just flew halfway across the world to save YOUR ass I could use a little appre…”

Tony: “Hang on getting a call.”

You: “Jesus.” My visor popped open, allowing me to pinch the bridge of my nose.

Tony: “Rhodey. Tell me that was you in the suit?....Uh sorta. Main house bud, I got someone I want you to meet.” He turned to me, his faceplate popping open. “That was Rhodey. He’s..”

You: “not in the suit, I got that. Who’s in the Main house?” He laughed a bit nervously.

Tony: “Oh you’re gonna love this.” He led me inside, Popping the trunk of one of the cars parked out front and stealing its battery, showing the connection cabled up the suit before leading me down another hall. In the room, there was a ping pong table, two women playing, and the Man I’d come to know as the false Mandarin, snoring away in a chair, a beer in his hand.

You: “You’re shitting me.”

Tony: “Yep.” The window shattered, Rhodey barreling in like some S.W.A.T. member, waking the Mandarin. His eyes immediately falling on Tony.

Mandarin: “What have you come as?” he Cockney accent that flowed from his lips was hardly expected. He looked to me. “You look familiar, did we work together on Power Rangers?”

You: “What…. The Fuck.”

Tony: “My thoughts exactly.” Rhodey immediately set to securing the man, aiming his gun at the terrorist.

Rhodey: “You move, I break your face.”

Mandarin: “I never thought people had been hurt. They lied to me.” The man’s hands immediately shot into the air, his beer going everywhere.

Rhodey: “THIS, is the Mandarin?” Rhodey shot Tony and I a confused look, one I adamantly shared.

Tony: “Yeah.. I know, it's embarrassing.” The Mandarin lowed his hand, extending it out to us to shake.

Trevor: “Hi, Trevor. Trevor Slattery.” Rhodey immediately slapped it away. “If you’re here to arrest me, there are some people i’d like to roll on.”

You: “This is the guy behind the Extremis bombings?”

Tony: “Not exactly… Ok here’s how it works Meryl Streep. You tell us where Pepper is and he’ll stop doing it.”

Trevor: “Doing what?” Rhodey pressed the barrel of his gun against…. God I can’t believe this.. Against TREVOR’s ear, burning it. “Ow! Ow! Ok. I get it. I don't know about any Pepper. Bu I do know the plan.”

You:’Start talking Hamlet.”

Rhodey: “Do you know what they did to my suit?”

Trevor: “Uh… no.”

You: “Jesus Christ.”

Trevor: BUT! I do know it’s happening off the coast. Something to do with a big boat. I can take you there too. HEY!” He screeched out. We all turned, noticing that he’d been watching a soccer game. “Ole! Ole ole ole!” I threw my knife at the TV. Shattering it. “Hey! I was watching that.”

You: “Answers. Now!”

Trevor: “Oh, and this next bit may include the Vice President as well. Is that important?”

You: “A bit yeah.”

Tony: “Guys.” Tony nudged us over. Calling a little pow wow in the middle of all this.

Rhodey: “So? What’s the plan. We have no transport.” A thought occurred to Tony. I knew because he got that look in his eyes whenever he got one of his famously bad Ideas.

Tony: “He Ringo.”

Trevor: “Yeah?”

Tony: “Didn’t you say something about a Lovely speedboat?”
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color


(Your POV)

You: “Galen Marek?”

Marek: “Are you so surprised to see me old (man/woman)?” The smug in his voice was only emphasized by the cheeky grin plastered to his pale face. Marek had changed much since the last time I’d seen him. His skin was significantly paler, his head shaved, and his eyes held the yellow glow of the Dark side.

You: “A bit if i’m being honest. What the hell are you doing in the realm of the Avatar?” He chuckled, taking step to the right of the circle his students had formed around us. I wasn't about to let him close the distance between us, so I mirrored his movement.

Marek: “Oh wouldn't you just love to know what Lord Vader and the Emperor are planning.”

You: “Oh I could give a fuck what Sidious has concocted. I mean YOU, Galen. Last I heard you were dumped into the lava pits on Mustafar.” His smirk fell for the briefest moment, his right hand jolting slightly at the comment.

Marek: “Well, clearly that isn’t the case.” As we circled each other I had the opportunity to take in more of Marek. Beneath the cloak he was wearing a set of clearly Sith inspired armor. A ribbed chest piece held firm by several straps in the back, a drop or two of blood stained the sharpened tips where the armor met his neck. The armor also held up the ankle length waistcloth. His arms were left free to the elements, revealing several Sith Tattoos. Likely done here as Vader would have NEVER authorized those. He wore claw rings at the ends of his fingers, likely some kind of intimidation factor. But what interested me most, were the lightsabers at his waist.

You: “You haven't answered my question.”

Marek: “Isn’t it obvious Vane? Look around you.” The lightsaber on his right hip was his, I’d seen it plenty of times to recognize the roughly put together saber. It’s crimson crystal glowing through the exposed hilt. On his left hip however, was a blade I hadn't seen since I had it sealed away. It was an ancient blade, extremely rare. In fact there was only one of it in the entire galaxy…. The Darksaber. “None of what I have built here seems familiar to you?”

You: “No.. but that does.” I pointed to the blade in question. “How do you know of the vault?” We stopped circling each other, I having taken his place in front of the throne and he in mine in front of the others. All of which were sharing very confused glances at the conversation Marek and I were having. Marek himself patted his hand against the ancient blade.

Marek: “You think the Emperor wouldn't have been able to find it? Your Dark Side Vault has been open since the moment you left home.”

You: “Not possible. I hid it away…”

Marek: “On Korriban?” He cut me off. “Oh yes. He knew.”

You: “So… the Vault is open.”

Marek: “And the secrets inside distributed. The Emperor was even kind enough to grant me a few of the holocrons held within, along with this blade.”

You: “But why here? Why this world? There is nothing here Sidious could possibly want.”

Marek: “My mission here is none of your concern old (man/woman). But know this. It will mean the END of this world.” I could feel the anger rising inside me, coming to its boiling point.

You: “Whatever your purpose here, it will NEVER come to pass.”

Marek: “I have sat in this world for FIFTY years preparing for the day my destiny would come And now, with your death, my mission will FINALLY begin.” He pulled his saber from his waist, activating it in his reverse style. I raised my own still active blade.

You: “Your destiny will never come. I will die before I let you destroy this world.” He chuckled.

Marek: “You can’t stop what is to come. FOR THE EMPEROR!” And he charged me. Swinging his blade up and across my cheek. I countered, swinging down with my own blade to cut into his shoulder. He dodged then spun to kick me in the leg. I was able to dodge by back flipping over it, kicking him in the jaw in the process. Once back on my feet, I immediately charged him, using the brief moment of his recovery to try and cut into his belly. Unfortunately he was to fast and wa able to block the blow. He began pushing me back again, swinging as precisely as I’d seen any saber duelist could. Each strike flowed seamlessly into the next. Forcing me to keep a defensive until I could find an opening. Then one did.

Marek attempted to cut across my legs again, leaving his side open. As I jumped to avoid his blade, I was able to jam into his hip with my foot. Sending him rolling on the floor a few feet away. He recovered from the roll, then extended his hand to me/ Lighting flew from the end of his fingers, which I was barely able to deflect with my own saber. The lighting refracted into the ceiling, causing bits of stone to come crumbling down on all our heads. As the last bits of power refracted from my blade. Marek had taken the opportunity to rush me again, lightsaber held high and poised to strike at my head. I was able to counter the strike, sending our interlocked blades into the floor.

He jammed his elbow into my face, causing me to reel back. But I recovered bashing him in the head with my own, using the momentum he’d created. He countered with another strike, cutting me across the chest. I flipped back to create some distance, checking to ensure the slash hadn't been any deeper then the robes. A moment he took to attack again.

Again Marek reached out his hand, this time summoning a force push. I used my speed to dodge, the energy instead connected with the wall behind me, creating a crater in the stone. Marel tried again, and again and again. Force push after force push shot in my direction, shattering the walls around us as I continued to move out of the way. One caught, sending me flying into the wall, my back cracking as it connected with the stone before slamming to the floor. I groaned as I attempted to recover, only to be sent into the wall again by another push. I was then lifted into the air by Marek’s grip, and sent flying across the room to meet the wall opposite, then sent slamming into the floor.

Despite the crushing pain in my chest and back, I willed myself to my feet. Pumping more of my own strength into healing the damage as Marek once again rushed me. Again we traded blows, each blocking and countering the strikes of the other. We both attempted a leaping kick at the same time, beating eachother in the chest and sending our respective opponents flying back. We both recovered roughly, but still willing to fight.

You: “Getting tired little boy?” As much as I hated to admit it, Marek was significantly more powerful then I expected him to be. Clearly also affected by the awakening that had happened the previous night, Marek was almost as powerful as I was now…. almost.

Marek: “Not on your life old (man/woman).” I huffed, and this time pressed the offensive rather then let him have the upper hand. I was able to push him back a ways, forcing him into a rudimentary defense. He was starting to slow, to tire. All the while his anger continued to flare. Perfect, time to toy a bit. He tried to once again cut into my shoulder, but with a quick counter I was able to lock his saber with mine, then slap him across the face, sending him to the floor. It was down hill for Marek after that. When he stood back up his eyes were glowing even brighter then before. I took a step back, expecting he would follow after. Predictably, he did. Chasing after me like a mad Kath Hound. We traded a few more blows before he one again tried a to leap above me, bringing his saber down on my head. I simply caught him in the air, slamming him down into the ground before attempting to pin him there with my saber.

He was able to roll out of the way, Standing back on his feet just as I jolted my knee, connecting with his chin. Again he was sent flying back, but was able to recover mid flight. As he did, he reached out and grabbed several of the fallen rocks that had fallen from the ceiling, calling them to fly at me. I was able to dodge most of them, but one was able to connect with my hand, knocking my saber to the floor. He took the opportunity to rush me, saber poised to lance me in the neck. But I was able to catch his arm. Spinning around them slamming his elbow over my shoulder. There was a crack as Marek roared out in pain, and his lightsaber fell to the floor. I flipped him over my shoulder, throwing him into the stone throne at the end of the room.

You: “Give it up boy. You’ve never been a match for me.” I called my saber back to hand as I walked over to him. He looked up at me from his place on the floor. “Face your death with dignity.”

Marek: “No.. my destiny has yet to come. KILL THEM ALL!!” He roared out. And I was immediately flanked by the students and droids.

You: “Coward!” As I fought to keep from being stabbed by one of the many lightsabers I suddenly had to contend with, I watched as Marek rushed to the side of the room. Calling his own saber to hand as he slipped into one of the side halls. “Bastard.” I muttered to myself. “Enough of this.” Jumping in the air, I quickly stretched my body, calling a small repulse to give me space to move. Then turned to the others, finding them contending with several of the the other students and droids. “I’m going after Marek!”

Zuko: “Go! Go! We can handle this!” I nodded. Then dashed down the hall after the boy.

(Jeriah’s POV)

You: “I’m going after Marek!”

Zuko: “Go! Go! We can handle this!” Lord Zuko waved off Master (L/N) as he countered the saber strike of one of the training droids. I watched as (He/She) disappeared down the corridor, following after the Master. That’s when Madam Azula pulled me aside.

After having knocked one of my brothers to the ground. SHe grabbed me by the wrist and spirited me away from Lord Zuko and General Iroh. Cutting through the group and knocking students aside as if they were nothing. She dragged me to the corridor, shoving me in first before checking back to ensure the others hadn't noticed, then followed me inside.

Azula: “Where does this one lead?”

Jeriah: “It leads to the Sleeping quarters, but there's no way to know if they’ll stay there.” She chuckled.

Azula: “From what you said it sounds like this place is a massive circle anyway. It’s time to put the plan into motion.” She shoved me again, forcing me to lead her down the path. About halfway down the corridor, we found fresh scorch marks along the walls, still glowing orange from where their lightsabers had cut. When we entered into the main hall of the sleeping quarters, we found more scorch marks. Along with several craters in the stone walls and ceilings. The destruction here was unparalleled with anything I’d seen. “Where’d they go?” Azula twisted her head around, trying to determine where the two had gone.

Jeriah: “There.” I pointed down one of the other side corridors, where fresh saber marks could be seen glowing. “They went down there.”

Azula: “And where does that lead?”

Jeriah: “The training grounds.”

Azula: “Lead on then.” Again she shoved me, forcing me down the hall. We followed the saber marks as far as they went, eventually coming to the Masters private balcony overlooking the training arena. There below us, was the Master and Master (L/N). Master (L/N) was hovering over the master, he on his back, propped up on his right arm. His left in the air in defense. The Masters right arm looked odd though, it was a metallic, silver color for some reason. Master (L/N) was posed to strike, (his/her) daughters sapphire blue blade held high above (his/her) head.

You: “SAY GOODBYE GALEN!” (He/She) brought the blade down on the Masters head, but stopped mid swing. Seized up by the mass of lighting Azula had fired into (his/her) back.

(Your POV)

You: “MAREK!!” I yelled down the hall as I dashed after him, barely missing the swing of his lightsaber when I caught him down the middle of the hall.

Marek: “You’ll regret this Vane!” He roared swinging his crimson blade wildly at me. I activated my own blade in response, blocking his strikes and countering with my own. Sparks flew as our crimson sabers cut through the walls of the narrow hall, melting the metal of the floor while slashing through the rock on the walls. All the while I pushed him further down the hall, eventually kicking him out as we came across another open room. When he regained his footing, he tried to rush me again. But I countered with a force push, knocking him back and slamming him against a metal door, denting it significantly.

You: “Give it up Marek.” On his knees, he looked up, his yellow eyes meeting my (E/C) ones. Panting in ever growing anger. “You’ve never had a chance against me.” In response, he lifted his palm and fired a torrent of lighting at me. I absorbed it, then fired it back at him tenfold. He tried to absorb it himself with his right hand, but something else rather remarkable happened. The skin on his arm began to burn away, revealing the metal cybernetics beneath, “Now how about that.” Marek groaned in pain, falling back on his knees as his remaining arm rubbed the shoulder of his cybernetic appendage. “So you did fall in.”

Marek: “Don’t you dare mock me.”

You: “At least you got better treatment then Vader did. His cybernetics would have never been able to handle that kind of power.”

Marek: “You dare make a mockery of Lord Vader? Of the Sith?”

You: “I make a mockery of you boy.” I reactivated my blade, pointing at him mockingly. “And you are no Sith.”

Marek: “I. AM. SITH.” He stated boldly.

You: “You are a boy in a playsuit. Vader's puppet, meant only as a tool to be tossed aside once used. And you accept it, believing it will give you more to your life if you simply bow down and obey. That is why I kept you away from my daughter. That’s why you didn’t deserve Ashara.”

Marek: “DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK HER NAME!!” He roared, his eyes burning brighter then ever. “YOU ARE THE REASON I’LL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN! IT’S YOUR FAULT SHE'S DEAD!”

You: “HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF HER MURDER!” I could feel the mask shattering, my own yellow eyes shining through now. “IT WAS YOUR EMPEROR THAT KILLED HER! THE MONSTER YOU SERVE THAT BROUGHT HER END!”

Marek: “YOU ARE THE REASON SHE’S GONE! HAD YOU NOT KEPT HER ON A LEASH BY YOUR SIDE AT ALL TIMES SHE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN THERE THAT DAY ON CORUSCANT!” I reached out to him, taking his neck in my force grip and squeezing as I lifted him into the air.


Marek: “As if…. She.. wasn’t.. With you..” He coughed out.

You: “HOW DARE…” In a moment, Marek had managed to gather enough energy to fire a repulse of his own. Sending me flying back to connect with a wall. Marek quickly followed up the repulse with a massive force push, attempting to force me deeper into the wall. I was able to counter with one of my own. The two powers meeting in the middle, fighting for dominance in the small area. The power built quickly as we both pushed harder, attempting to outdo the other. Then. It burst. The combined strength of our two pushes was enough to force us both back, causing the walls and ceiling around us to crack and crumble in the ensuing explosion. Marek was the first to recover, running down another  darkened corridor. I followed after, but lost sight of him before entering. This corridor was wider then the other, and was dark enough that I wasn't able to see without the aid of my lightsabers red light.

Marek: “I was THERE the day you summoned the force storm on Alderaan. And I was there every time you involved Lord Vader in one of your little battles during the Cold War.” I heard his voice echo in the hall. Causing me to take careful steps as I walked down it. “Kashyyyk, Raxus Prime, Felucia, Bespin. Every time you sent my Master to slaughter those Republic soldiers. I was there! I’ve seen the darkness in your heart, and that darkness was corrupting Ashara!”

You: “How dare you speak of corruption!?” I called into the shadows. “You! Who lead MY daughter astray on Jedha! YOU! Who followed after Vader and his teachings like a dog! You! Who believes himself SITH!”

Marek: “I AM SITH!!” Marek burst forth from his hiding place, red blade held high and eyes glowing in rage. I pushed out in retaliation, force pushing him further down the hall and into the room beyond. As it turned out, there was a balcony at the end. His back connected with the railing and he fell over. I simply walked up to the ledge, watching as he struggled to regain himself from his place on the floor.

You: “Remember.” I called down. “The first, and ONLY reality of the Sith. There can only be two.” He looked up to me, anger intermixed with the pain. “When Sidious returned and imprisoned me, he regained the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith. That’s fine, he can have it, I no longer want it.  BUT, Vader is the Apprentice, NOT YOU.” The rage that filled his eyes was immeasurable by this point. “You are, and will never be anything more then an Inquisitor.” I jumped down to meet him. Watching as he pulled not only his own saber, but the darksaber as well, activating both. I responded in kind, activating my blade, and Asharas.

Marek: “I am Sith. And when I kill you, my Destiny will be set in motion, and I will finally have my revenge for what you did to Ashara.” He made the first move, swinging his blades at me with a ferocity I’d never seen before. I blocked and dodge waiting until he began to tire himself out. With the amount of energy he was putting into the attacks and his anger wearing on him, it wouldn't be long.

Still, as he swung he did manage to get several hits in. Once or twice with his sabers, cutting lightly at my arm and leg. And several others with his feet and that cybernetic arm. Finally, he began to tire, his movements slowing in pace. His strikes lacking any real strength. It was at that point I took advantage and began to press my own offensive, cutting and slashing with a speed he couldn't keep up with. I cut and slash at his skin, causing deep, burning pain to him. He struggled to deflect my strikes, but he has lost to much of his strength. In a desperate move, he initiated a clash, crossing all four sabers in an effort to block me.

You: “One lesson I will bestow on you. If you were to ever be Sith, you needed to learn to control your anger, rather then let it control you.” I slid my blades down his, then used them to knock his two out of his hands. I kicked in his stomach to gain some distance, then reached for him through the force, Picking him up to slam him against the wall, then against the floor before me. He could only groan in pain as he struggled to right himself on his false arm. The gears of which could be heard whirring in protest.

Marek: “Do it then.” He coughed out. “End me. Kill me, At least I’ll be with Ashara again.”

You: “Oh I will… but before I do. I want you to answer one question.” I presented Ahsaras still active blade, having deactivated my own and returned it to my belt. “Who gave you her lightsaber?” He began to chuckle, intermingled with the occasional groan of pain.

Marek: “After you were sent away. The Emperor was gracious enough to allow me to collect Ashara’s body. I had her cremated, on Eriadu, her home.”

You: “Eriadu wasn’t her home.” I spat.

Marek: “It was more of a home then you could have given her on that secret planet of yours.” He looked to the saber, a look of remembrance in his yellow eyes. “I kept the blade. And I gave it to Jeriah, believing it would throw you off when she fought you.”

You: “You thought wrong.” I raised the blade above my head.

Marek: “Finish it!”

You: “SAY GOODBYE GALEN!” The blade never connected, it flew out of my hand as I gritted my teeth in pain. The shock of lighting burning into my back before roaming all over my body. I fell to my hands and knees. Panting heavily when it finally stopped.

Azula: “I’m afraid Galen has too much unfinished business to say goodbye just yet Dark One.”

___: “That bitch.” I wanted to vocalize the thought, but was instead hit by another torrent of lightning from Azula. Sending me fully to the floor, shuddering on my side in a fetal stance.

Marek: “About time you showed.” Marek had regained his feet, coming around in front of me as Azula and… and Jeriah jumped down into view.

You: “You… you were….” Another torrent of lighting, this time from Marek.

Marek: “Yes, yes. Azula and I were working together, and Jeriah was the messenger between us.”

You: “... You… I knew.. You wanted me dead… I.. never thought..” Another torrent from Azula.

Azula: “What? That I would let someone HELP me kill you? I’ll admit. It stings a bit that I can’t finish you off myself. But, I realized something while I sat in that cell for so long. So long as I am PART of your death (F/N) (L/N), I can live with that. Besides. Galen here promised to help me regain the throne after this so what does it matter?”

Marek: “Exactly. And with you out of the way… my destiny can finally begin.” He chuckled, then kneeled down to me, his breath warm against my ear as he whispered into it. “Do you want to know, why?” He looked into my still yellow eyes, his own smiling in victory. “I’ll tell you. So you can die knowing how much of an utter failure you are.” And then he whispered two words in my ear that would haunt me for years to come. “Project. Reclamation.”

You: “… you… you can’t.”

Marek: “I can.. And I am going to.” He stood back up, calling the Darksaber back to his hand and activating the black blade. “And I am going to present your head to Lord Vader when I return home as proof of my victory here.” He raised it over his head, a manic grin on his face. “Goodbye, Darth Vane.” That’s when a crimson blade burst forth from his chest. He gagged, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. “H..How..” He turned, revealing Jeriah, holding the hilt of his own saber. “...why?”

Jeriah: “This is wrong… It’s all wrong. “(He/She) isn’t the monster you said (he/she) was. (He/She) doesn't deserve this.” She looked down to me, tears welling in her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for crossing you.”

You: “I…. I forgive you.” Jeriah pulled the blade from Marek's chest, and he fell to the floor beside me. He looked me in the eyes, and he coughed.

Marek: “Stardust.”

You: “What?”

Marek: “Stardust… Stardust... Stardust.” He just kept repeating over and over.

Azula: “Well, this worked out better then expected.” Azula hit Jeriah with a palm of fire, sending her back as she ripped the lightsaber from her hands. “I always wanted to try this.” She swung the blade a few times, testing the weight. “Come on Dark One.” She lifted the saber, ready to fight me head on. So I called Asharas blade back to my hand, and stood, ready to fight back. She smirked and made the first move. Her strikes moves seamlessly with her firebending, knocking me around like a rag doll. For every swing of the saber I blocked. I was met with a fist to the face or a kick to the ribs. She moves so quickly, precisely. I honestly couldn't believe seventy years had passed since I last met her. “This is nowhere near as fun as i’d expected it to be.” I was still recovering from the lighting attacks I had sustained, and wasn't able to fight back as strongly as I normally would. “Still, at least your putting up some kind of fight.”

You: “Azula, listen to me. We don’t have to do this.”

Azula: “Oh yes I do. If you hadn’t been here, my father would have won the war. I’d be Fire Lord and I would have NEVER spent all of those sixty years in that cell. Everything that has happened in my life is because of YOU. And I’m going to set things right.” She slashed at me again, the force of which knocked me back a few steps before firing another torrent of lightning at me. I was too late to catch it, and it instead hit its mark in my chest. I was floored after that. “Look at you, broken and beaten on the floor.” She walked over, then reached down and took my neck in her hand. Lifting me to her face as she squeezed. “Tell me, how does it feel?” I spit in her face, and she tossed me back across the room. “Fine. I WAS going to give you an honorable death. But now, I think i’ll cut you up into tiny little pieces.” She stomped over, the saber held high in her hands, and as she was about to swing it down, I called Ashara’s saber  from the floor behind her, igniting it and plunging it into her stomach.

You: “Goodbye, Azula.”

Azula: “You…. (bastard/bitch).” And she fell to her knees. The light fading from her orange eyes as the saber fell away from her back.

You: “I didn’t want this.” She looked down at the wound, covering it as best she could with her hands, then looked back to me, her smirk still on her face.

Azula: “It couldn't have ended any other way… it was either going to be you… or me.” I stood back on my knees, catching her as she fell, resting her in my lap. “I’m glad it was you, anyone else wouldn't have been worthy of ending me.” She reached up, cupping my cheek in her palm, then raked her nails across it, drawing thin droplets of blood. Then she faded, and as she did, I could feel her life force dissipating. The link between us breaking. It felt like I had died a little myself as she did. I cradled her still though.

You: “Jeriah.” I looked up to the girl, tears of regret still in her eyes. “Go put a stop to the fighting. With Marek dead that puts you in charge. Take his lightsaber as proof.”

Jeriah: “I’ll bring Lord Zuko and General Iroh back as well.” Then she rushed off to find them. Once she was gone, and I was again left in silence, I could hear Marek's laughter behind me.

Marek: “Stardust… Stardust..”

You: “What are you saying you mad fool?” He stopped, then looked at me dead in the eye, his yellow eyes fading into the brown they once were.

Marek: “Project Stardust is complete.”

You: “...What did you say?”

Marek: “You heard me. Stardust is finished. And it’s coming.”

You: “What do you mean?” He began laughing louder now.

Marek: “Did you really think The Emperor did not have a back up if Reclamation failed? When Reclamation fails, then Stardust would be brought in to destroy the planet to ensure Reclamation cannot be used against him.” He smiled wickedly. I. Was Reclamation. And now that I die, so does this world.” I heard footsteps pounding down one of the corridors, likely Jeriah And Zuko rushing towards us. Marek reached over and tugged on my collar, pulling me close to his face. ‘The Death Star will come, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.” And then he passed, without another word.

(Zuko’s POV)

Zuko: “Iroh!? Are you still there!?”

Iroh: “I’m right here Grandfather!” The two of us were still fighting as Azula had disappeared along with the Jeriah Girl. We had destroyed the last of the droids and knocked out some of the students. And while we were fighting strong, we were still vastly outnumbered. The blades of our platinum swords were getting close to their breaking points, and Iroh and I were backed into a corner as it was.

Zuko: “Iroh, if we don’t make it.”

Iroh: “Don't talk like that grandfather, we’re going to get out of this!”

Zuko: “But if we don’t. I want you to know you’ve made me proud. Prouder then I ever though I could be.”

Jeriah: “STOP!!!” They all did, the sudden silence ringing in my ears. All the students turned to see the Jeriah girl standing on the ledge of the balcony. A red Lightsaber in her hand. “The Master is dead! His Lightsaber as proof!” There were murmurs among the crowd. Many uncertain of how this could have happened. “Lord Zuko! General Iroh!” She waved us over, jumping down from the balcony as we moved through the crowd. “They wont do anything for now. Not since there's no clear protocol for if the Master had died. But we have bigger issues. Come on.” She led us down another of the corridors, coming to an open room where (F/N) was sat on the floor with Azula in (his/her) lap and this Marek person on (his/her) shoulder.

Zuko: “What happened here?” (F/N) turned to me, slinging the dead body of Galen Marek off  (his/her) shoulder before standing with Azula in (his/her) arms. (He/She) approached me, (his/her) head low, refusing to meet my eyes.

You: “I’m so sorry.” At my feet, (he/she) kneeled down, and laid Azula before me.

Zuko: “She’s… Did you…” (He/She) could only nodd.

You: “She had me on the ground, she was ready to kill me, I had a choice to make.” It wasn't a defense, so much as a simple statement of fact. I kneeled down, taking her into my own lap and cradling her head.”

Zuko: “She was my sister.. She was insane… but she was still my sister.”

You: “I know… I’m so, very sorry……… I’ll give you as much time as you need.”

Iroh: “Where are you going?”

You: “Galen’s chambers. He said something to me, and if he was telling the truth, then we have a far bigger problem on our hands then I originally thought.
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color


(Your POV)

You: “Well… I guess that’s it.”

Azula: “Doesn’t look like much.”

You: “Neither do you.”

Azula: “Excuse you?”

Zuko: “Can we focus please!?” Azula and I fell into relative silence. Only broken by the constant thoughts in her head reverberating in my own of her want to eliminate me in various ways.

We had made land roughly an hour earlier, and with Jeriahs direction, made way to a cliff top overlooking the front entrance of the academy. I was currently looking over the massive door marking the entryway with a pair of binoculars provided by young Iroh. As expected, it was a standard issue Imperial door. Automatic, emblazoned with the Imperial seal, along with that odd skull painted around it.

Iroh: “She didn’t mention the place was built INTO the mountain.”

You: “Honestly I was expecting it. Most facilities are built into pre-existing structures. Usually caves.” I pulled the binoculars away, handing them back to Iroh before standing from my place on my stomach and stretching. “My problem with it is whether or not there's a back exit to the place.” I turned to Jeriah, who could only shrug.

Jeriah: “The only other exit I know of is the launch for the Airships, but that over looks a several hundred foot drop on the side of the mountain. No one is getting out that way.”

You: “That’s the hope.” I turned away from the cliff, walking back down the opposite slope towards the base.

Zuko: “Is it safe to assume you have a plan then?” The others followed close behind, Zuko walking side to side with me while the others more or less hung back.

You: “The unfortunate fact is that because there’s only the one entrance, it means we have no choice but to attack from that one opening. Once we force open the door we’re going to be fighting through what will hopefully be their mad attempts to counter attack. Right now, us catching them off guard is our only advantage. We get in, take down the master, and go home.”

Zuko: What about the students?” I turned back, looking over my shoulder towards Jeriah, currently discussing something with Iroh I couldn't quite here. I leaned in to Zuko, bringing my voice down to ensure she couldn't hear me.

You: “Disable, but don’t kill.”

Zuko: “Why?”

You: “From what I gathered when I probed Jeriah’s mind. She was abducted from her parents by the Master. Though she may not remember as such. Chances are the others were as well. They had no choice in this, they shouldn’t be punished as such.”

Zuko: “Agreed. But what about....” He nudged his head in the general direction of his sister, walking the furthest behind the group, her usual uninterested scowl plastered across her face.

You: “I’ll handle Azula. Besides, I have a feeling she won’t be focusing on the students as much.”

Zuko: “What makes you say that?”

Azula: “Are we going to handle this TODAY!? Or are we waiting for the invasion to come crashing from the sky!?” What’s the old saying? Speak of Devils and they shall scream in your ears?

You: “You’ll see.” I whispered. Then turned back to the rest of the group. “Alright. Here’s the Plan. Once I get the door open, Jeriah and I will head inside and start blitzing through the first defenses. Zuko, you and your family will come up behind us and cover our backs. Once the Master is secured I’m leaving it up to you three to watch him while Jeriah and I disable any communications there may be on the inside. Agreed?” Everyone nodded in agreement… except…

Azula: “And why do I have to bring up the rear? I’m clearly the most experienced fighter here.” I sighed, rolling my eyes in the process.

You: “I’m taking the lead because I have the most experience. Jeriah is with me because she knows the layout.  You want to take point with your brother and nephew, that’s fine. BUT, you’re staying behind us. Understood?” She chuckled, taking her leisurely time to saunter up to me, coming mere inches away from my face.

Azula: “And if I, DON’T, Understand?” Despite the smirk, there was pure murder in her eyes. A fire in her orange irises I hadn’t seen since the last time we fought. I simply chuckled back, And narrowed my eyes at heres. With barely a pinch, she was already gasping for air. I never even had to lift my hand. It started slow, a slight cough. Then another, stronger then the first. Then another, followed by a gasp for breath. She fought to keep her cool, but it was hardly enough, now that even more of my power had been unlocked. Whatever that surge last night was, it was certainly beneficial to me now.

You: “Do you remember? Now do you remember who I am?” She fell to her knees, clutching at her throat, her eyes pleading for the air that wouldn't come.

Zuko: “That’s enough.” I turned to him, then back to Azula, and released her. She gasped one last time, taking in a large gulp of air.

You: “In the back. As ordered.” I repeated, then turned to walk away. “Jeriah, with me.” Without a word, Jeriah followed, skipping ahead to lead me down the safest path to the door. Once there, Jeriah moved to the far side, opening a panel embedded in the rock surrounding the foreign metal. “Don't bother.” She paused, turning back to me with heavy confusion in her eyes. Her fingers mere inches from what I could only assume was the security panel. “Best not to give them any forewarning. I’ll open it myself.” She sighed, but obliged, simply taking a step back. I took in a deep breath, cracking my knuckles before reaching out one open palm. Then, as I exhaled, I pulled my hand back, closing my fist as I did. Both doors ripped away from each other and their respective mechanical tracks. Creaking and groaning as they fought against me to stay closed. Soon enough though, they both bowed to my will. Ripping away from the room they hid. After which, I tossed them both inside, slamming them against the back wall of the darkness. Always best to make an entrance after all. “KNOCK, KNOCK!!” I called out, sauntering into the darkness as I did. “The Dark One is here… to… Uh..” As I looked around the entrance hall, I was surprised to find… nothing. “Where is everybody?” The entrance hall, though admittedly large and rather poorly lit, aside from the sunlight coming in from its entryway, was still empty enough for me to see there was not a living soul in sight. “Not even a guard.” There were several pillars lined up on either side of me, leading down towards another door at the opposite end. Some of which had been knocked away by the doors I had thrown inward.

Jeriah: “Where is everyone?” Jeriah had come up behind me, confusion as evident in her face as it likely was on my own. “There should be at least one guard on duty.”

You: “That doesn’t make me feel any better.” I took a few cautious steps inward, reaching out to see if I could sense any movement around us. Unfortunately, even with the boost given by that surge, I still was unable to sense any life aside from Jeriah and the benders waiting just outside. The two of us walked further into the darkness, the light of the sun slowly fading as we reached the end of its reach. Just as we were about to reach the door at the opposite end. There was a slam. I turned, finding a blast door had slammed closed behind us, cutting Zuko and the others from the entrance, and leaving us in a deep darkness. My eyes attempted to adjust to the new darkness, fighting to find any sliver of light nearby. There was a sound, almost like.. The whir of a holo projector. Then, “No… not possible.” From behind one of the pillars, stepped an ignited Lightsaber, wielded in the hands of Jedi Master Kit Fisto. “You died.” On the opposite side, another lightsaber, held in the hands of Master Luminara Unduli.

Jeriah: “What is this?”

You: “I don’t know.” From behind the two dead Jedi stepped another two, then another two, then another. More and more Jedi, missing or dead continued to appear before me, Blue and Green lightsabers ignited, ready to cut me down. “Well Shit.” They charged, forcing me to ignite my own crimson saber. “Jeriah hide!” I called, moving to block as a saber came crashing down on my head. Lightsabers swung at me from all angles, forcing me to remain on the defensive while I tried to make sense of the situation. It wasn’t possible for all these Jedi to be here. The majority of the faces I was confronted with were confirmed dead. Others, while missing, couldn’t possibly be here without access to a gate key. Flashes of Blue, Green and Red flew through the air as I blocked and dodged every swing.  Backing up one step at a time as Jedi continued to push forward. Eventually I was able to break out of the circle of Jedi they had created around me, jumping up and out, granting me much more space to freely move. I was followed out by one, Adi Gallia. Her Blue lightsaber held high above her head as she fly threw the air. I reached up and gripped her mid flight, pulling and sending her flying across the room to slam against one of the still standing pillars.  It was immediately followed by a slash at my belly by Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, Blocked, then countered with a force push of my own. Sending him barreling back down the hall, knocking down several other approaching Jedi. “This isn’t right.”

Jeriah: “How do you figure?” I turned, finding Jeriah just a few feet away, currently struggling against the Jedi Depa Billaba. Griping at the Jedi’s Lightsaber as She attempted to bring the blade down on Jeriahs head. A quick wave of my hand sent the Jedi barreling over herself, leaving Jeriah holding the still active saber.  We converged, joining together as we fought the mass wave of Jedi.

You: “They feel disorganized. Barreling over each other in a mad effort to get at us.”

Jeriah: “I’d call that an advantage for us.”She wasn’t wrong. It was certainly a plus, especially when I was able to deflect a punch from The Jedi Saesee Tiin and cause it to connect with Eeth Koth instead. But it still felt wrong. These weren’t the highly trained warriors of the Jedi Order. They almost felt like… “On your left.”  The Togruta Shaak Ti had nearly managed to take off my head while I was distracted, I barely had the opportunity to duck under the slash, then spin kick her legs out from under her.

You: “Appreciated.” The Green blade of Quinlan Vos nearly stabbed me through the eye. With a quick dodge to the side, I was able to grab him by the hand as he continued forward, then roll with the momentum to flip him over me, knocking him into Agen Kolar. When I stood I was met with someone far more difficult to deal with. “Well shit.”

Jeriah: “Who the hell is that?”

You: “That, would be Pong Krell.” The four armed Besalisk charged us, barreling past any other Jedi in his way, both dual bladed sabers active in his hands. “Move!” We both jumped as the Jedi crashed through, nearly crashing directly into the wall behind us. Instead, he managed to jump and bounce off the wall, following after me. His two sabers began spinning in the air as he pressed his offensive, again forcing me to only dodge and block the onslaught of green and blue. He had managed to separate me from Jeriah, forcing her to deal with the any other Jedi on her own.

Jeriah: “I could use some help!” I heard her call, though I could not see her.

You: “I’m dealing with my own problems right now!” Master Plo Koon had joined Krell in his effort to decapitate me. All three lightsabers now swinging madly at any opening they could find.

___: “Why aren’t they using any of their force abilities?” A valid question. One I only just noticed. Every Jedi here was only using their blades. Not a single one was attempting to strike out with the Force. As if to emphasize my thought process, Koon swung his blade, aiming for my hip. I was able to counter the strike, then take his arm in hand and flip him over my shoulder, slamming his body into Krell’s and knocking them both to the floor.

Jeriah: “Behind you!” Three more Jedi had managed to sneak around to strike at me from the back. One even managed to slash me across the shoulder. Though painful, it was only, thankfully skin deep. Biting back against the pain, I turned to confront the three new fighters, doing my best to keep pace with them. One, A Mon Cala jedi by the name of Nahdar Vebb, was able to connect his foot with my stomach, causing me to hunch over as Master Aayla Secura was able to jump and connect her knee with my chin, sending me flying back and to the floor. My head banged against something metal, sending me into a slight haze. As I attempted to regain my composure, my hand ended up tangled in something cold. I looked, and entwined with my fingers were what looked like.

You: “Wires?” I looked around me, finding that I had landed back first against one of the doors I had thrown. Beneath it though, currently sputtering as I messed with the wires in my hand. Was a droid. “They’re Holo-Droids.” I looked up, finding the young Barriss Offee flying down at me, her Lightsaber poised to stab at me. I caught her mid air, then pulled her toward me, stabbing her in the direct center of her chest with my own crimson blade. As I had anticipated, the visage of the Jedi faded in and out, leaving a Training droid in its wake. “I knew something was off about them.” As I was about to yell out to Jeriah. A mass of fire exploded into the hall.

Azula: “I certainly hope you left a little something for us?” The blast doors had been blown to pieces, Azula standing on them proudly, both her hands engulfed in her signature blue flames.

You: “Hit them in the chest! It’ll disable the droids!”

Iroh: “What’s a droid?” I heard Iroh ask, clearly confused by the foreign word.

Zuko: “Fight now, questions later.” Zuko was first to react, pulling his Broadswords ahs he fired a wave of fire into the crowd of holodroids. Iroh rushed over to me, pulling the disabled droid off my saber and tossing it aside before helping me to my feet.

Iroh: “You’re hurt.” He stated, brushing his hand over my shoulder.

You: “I’ve lived through worse.” I just brushed him off, rolling the shoulder before turning to a crowd of droids rushing towards us. “How good is your lightning?”

Iroh: “Good enough.”

You: “Aim for the chest.” I deactivated my saber, clipping it to my belt before joining Iroh in the attack. He charged his own lighting as I reached my hand out, and our conjoined power shot forth, connecting with several of the droids. The holograms sputtered out before the metallic skeletons fell to the ground, lifeless. Only to have several others jump over the downed bodies, lightsabers ignited.

Iroh: “Just how many of these are there?” Iroh pulled his own sword to counter the blow of one droid, While I pushed several others against the walls.

You: “To many.” As I fought the strikes of one of the droids, another had jumped off the shoulders of the one before me, poised to swing down with its own blade, only to have a blue blade pierce its chest from behind. When they both fell, Jeriah was standing over them, panting heavily from the exertion. “Well done.”

Jeriah: “It’s not over yet.” She nudged her chin, calling my attention behind me. Zuko had split his blades into two, currently fighting against several of the droids at once. His blades were engulfed in flame, firing projectiles as he fought to counter the droids surrounding him. Behind him, Azula was currently charging up her own lighting. And from what I could sense, she had been doing so for quite some time.

Azula: “Unless you wish to be fried to a crisp, I suggest you all duck.” As she aimed both her hands into the crowd, I reached out and pulled Zuko towards the rest of us, Pulling one of the doors from the floor to protect us from the oncoming attack. Just as the door fell before us, Azula’s lighting spiraled out into the hall, connecting with every remaining holodroid at once. The sputtering of hydraulics and holoprojectors frying echoed in the large space, bouncing off the walls and pillars before finally, all fell silent, and we were once again eclipsed in darkness. “Hmm. Worked better then I expected.” I peaked out from behind the door, finding Azula blowing on the ends of her fingers, smoke wafting from the ends. The door, the side facing her at least, was charred black. And aside from a handful of the droids, most where melted or burst into pieces.

You: “When the hell did you learn to do that?” Azula only shrugged, her usual smirk plastered to her face.

Azula: “You don’t know every little thing about me Dark One.” The others all stepped out from behind the makeshift shield, taking in the destruction in Azula's wake.

Iroh: “What were these things?” Iroh had shifted over to one of the droids bodies, kicking it in the leg to ensure it was in fact in active. I leaned down, picking up the head of one of them and looking it over.

You: “Holographic projection Training Droids.” I turned the head over, looking for the designation stamp and model ID. “P.R.X. Models. I’m amazed they perfected them.”

Zuko: “Perfected them?”

You: “ The P.R.X. Holo-droid was a project the empire was working on while I was still in charge, but we were finding it difficult to get a holo-projector to fit on such a thin frame. Apparently they fixed the problem. Designation B.” I tossed the head over my shoulder, calling another to hand to read the designation. “Designation X.E.” Another called to hand. “Designation Z.W.Y.”

Iroh: “What does that mean? Designation?”

You: “P.R.X. Is the Droid model.” I waved my hand over the wreckage at our feet. “So all these droids are P.R.X. Models. The designation is the unit number. Usually it’s numerical like 1 or 15. But the P.R.X. goes by alphabet. If this one is Z.W.Y., that means there are at least 78 Working units. 26 letters times 3.”

Jeriah: “I only count 54.”

You: “Then that means we have 24 un accounted for.”

Zuko: “I’m less concerned with how many we have left to deal with then the fact that we had to deal with them at all.” He turned to Jeriah, a look of suspicion in his eye. “I thought you said you and the students were the only ones here?”

Jeriah: “We are… or, at least I thought we were.” She knelt down by one of the droids, eyeing it over carefully. “I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life.”

Iroh: “Why do I have the sneaking suspicion you’re not telling us the whole truth?”

You: “She is.” They all turned to me. “At least, she thinks she is. You all saw those droids, how realistic the projections were. This Master could have been using these droids to duplicate the students without any of the others noticing. Hell, for all we know these ARE some of the students.” I brushed past Zuko and Iroh, coming to stand by Jeriah’s side. “She saved my life twice in here. That’s enough for me to believe her.” Both Zuko and Iroh shared a look of uncertainty between them. Both still unconvinced of Jeriah’s honesty.

Azula: “Lying or not, it’s beside the point.” Azula cut in, cutting across us all to get to the door at the back end of the hall. “There is still the matter at hand to deal with, and whether there is more in our way or not should be irrelevant. You all wish to stay here and argue that is your choice. I, choose to press forward.” She turned to the door, her palm open with blue flame ready in hand. Then, she pressed her palm against the center of the steel barrier. Near instantly, the entire door grew orange from the heat, then melted to the floor. She walked through,  the flame in her hand the only light in the darkness.

You: “Well I’m going.”

Jeriah: “Same.” We both followed after Aluza, Activating our respective lightsabers to aid in lighting the hall. I could hear Zuko sigh, followed by the echoing steps of his and his grandsons boots as they followed close behind.

Iroh: “Does anyone have any idea where it is we’re going?”

You: “Jeriah?”

Jeriah: “From the front hall, we walked down this corridor and it opens up into the main hall. From there the halls diverge into several others, leading to the mess hall, the training grounds, the meditation chambers, the students quarters, the medical bay and the Masters room. Each one interconnects through back hall ways. But these will be the main ones.”

You: “Well there’s your answer Iroh.”  Soon enough, the corridor did open up into the Main hall as Jeriah had stated. A decently sized room, rounded in shape with not a decoration in sight. Gray and bland, exactly how the Empire usually does it.

Zuko: “So now what?” Zuko was currently turning his head this way and that, taking in each of the corridors leading away from the hall. I did the same myself, carefully weighing the options presented to us.

You: “Normally, I’d say divide and conquer but… I don’t trust this place enough to split up. Jeriah, which hall leads where again?” Jeriah took a step forward pointing at each halls as she listed them off. She started with the one to our far left and worked her way clockwise.

Jeriah: “This one here leads to the Living Quarters, then the Mediation chambers, then the training grounds. The one directly in front of us leads to the Masters Quarters, then the Mess hall, then the Med bay..” Finally she pointed to the one to our far right. “That leads to the Airship launch. Each one is interconnected through sub-halls, So no matter where we go, we have a direct path to the others.”

Iroh: “So it’s just a giant maze then. Lovely.”

Jeriah: “More or less, but I’ve lived here for nearly two decades, I know my way around.”

Azula: “What about communications?” We all turned to her. “What? I thought that was the objective? Disable communications right?”

You: “She has a point. Any Ideas?” Jeriah hummed, stroking at her chin in thought.

Jeriah: “Personally I’ve never seen anything like that. But.. If I had to guess, I’d say they’d be in the masters quarters. He keeps most things close to him, like the Lightsabers.”

You: “That settles it then. We head for the Masters Quarters first.”

(??? POV)

I watched. I watched every moment from the second (he/she) Burst down the doors. I watched as that crimson blade cut down my droids, as (he/she) fought the Jedi training programs.

And I watched as (he/she) struggled to do so.

I know (he/she) felt that awakening from the previous night. How could (he/she) have not? Like a pulse, a dam bursting forth, the Force flowing more powerful then ever before in this backwater dimension. Yet even still, (he/she) struggled. Evident now more then ever when (he/she) allowed (himself/herself) t be struck in the shoulder. Still, the attendance of (his/her) little team of firebenders proved problematic, minus the disgraced princess of course.

Now however, as they moved closer still to my quarters, I knew the time had come to inform my Master.

I turned from the security screens, disabling them as I stood to make for the communications generator. The massive thing huddled in the corner, taking up most of the space. How I wished I had not been sent to this filthy world. But, My master had been right, Lord Vane had come. And I was ready for (him/her). And with (his/her) death. Project Reclamation could begin.

After punching in the desired coordinates, the communicator whirred to life, sending the com request through the onboard gate generator to contact my master in the home world. As his visage came in view, I kneeled before him the sound of his breathing filling the room.


???: “Master.”

Vader: “Why have you contacted me?”

???: “Your prediction has come to pass. Lord Vane has arrived.” There was silence, not in shock of course, nothing shocked Lord Vader. No, silence of contemplation.

Vader: “Then the time has come to prove yourself.” I looked up from my place on bended knee. Taking in the cold glance of Lord Vader's Mask.

???: “What is thy bidding, my Master?”

Vader: “To return, and prove you are ready to lead Project Reclamation, you must destroy Lord Vane. Alone.” That caught me of guard.

???: “Master?”

Vader: “Do you believe yourself unfit for this task?”

???: “Of course not Master. Only, it IS Lord Vane. Perhaps if I was allowed to use the students I have trained…..”

Vader: “No.” The answer was finite. “If you are to prove yourself worthy of heading Reclamation, then you must prove yourself capable leading these soldiers. You cannot hope to lead these elemental manipulators if you are unable to defeat one as powerful as their best.. As this, Avatar. If you are unable to defeat them, you are unable to control them. If you are unable to control them, then there is no purpose to your being there. And therefore, no purpose, to you.”

???: “Of Course, my Master.” I bowed my head again, taking in Lord Vader's words.

Vader: “The Emperor has put much on your shoulders. Do not fail him, or me.” And with that, his visage faded, the transmission ended.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Rubbing at the back of my neck as I stood. Lord Vader’s demands were hardly unexpected. But, given the assignment, I had hoped for a bit of leeway. No matter. This was the moment I had been waiting decades for. I slipped through the hidden door, hidden by the back wall of my quarters. Closing it softly behind me. Then turned to the small cabinet I kept to the side. Opening to reveal the the final two lightsabers I had kept. Having distributed the rest to the training droids and students.  Taking them both and strapping them to my hips. I took one last breath, then reached deeper inside, taking in hand the small holo-projector I had hidden away.

???: “It’s almost over.” I activated it, her smiling image appearing before me. “After all these years. We’ll finally have revenge. I’ll make sure (he/she) pays for what (he/she) did to you. For taking you away from me.”

(Your POV)

It was a rather short walk from the main hall to the entryway to the Masters Quarters. Though it was hardly what I expected. The archway above us opened into a spacious front room. Large with vaulted ceilings, stone walls and steel floors. It looked more like a throne room then anything. In fact.

You: “I take it that would be the Masters chair?” Jeriah only nodded. At the back end of the hall, illuminated by a the only low light in the room was a large, stone, throne like chair. Above it, hanging on the wall was a small balcony overlooking the large hall. “Whoever this man is, he certainly thinks highly of himself.”

???: “You hardly have room to talk.” There wa a boom of a voice that echoed all around us. I activated my saber in response as Zuko, Iroh and Azula all summoned flames to hand.

You: “I know you know who I am. It would be in your best interest to come forward now!” I called into the darkness. The voice only chuckled back.

???: “Oh would it? Frankly I believe it would be in your best interest to lay down your lightsaber old (man/woman). Or I will be forced to make you.”

You: “Oh!? You and what army?”

???: “This one.” In a flash, several overhead lights flickered on, illuminating the room in full. Revealing the thirty six students Jeriah confirmed where here, along with the twenty five other Holo-Droids unaccounted for in the front room. With the lights on, each one activated a lightsaber of their own. An ocean of blue, green and even a few yellow flooded the room as the droids took the forms of several Jedi. “Lay down your weapons. Now.” I only smirked, bringing my still ignited blade down to my hip.

You: “ I rather doubt Vader would be to pleased if he found out you let your students kill me, Inquisitor, rather then fight me alongside them.” The voice fell silent. “That’s right. I know who you are, and I know why you’re here. You, Vader and that bastard Sidious will not claim this world, not while I still live. So if you want your little invasion to continue I suggest you come down here yourself and fight me like the pathetic force wielder you are!” More silence, then the doors of the balcony swung open. A figure in a black cloak stepping forward, slowly clapping. “The slow clap. Really?” They just continued clapping.

???: “I’ll admit, that little conspiracy you’ve thrown together is quite impressively well built.” They stopped, folding their hands behind their back. “If only, it were true.”

You: “What?”

???: “You have no idea what is truly going on here. And you never will.” The form jumped, flipping over the balcony before falling silently to the floor. “Back away.” He called out. “I’ll deal with this fallen Sith Lord myself.”

You: “The training for the Inquisitorous must have SERIOUSLY improved in my absence for you to believe yourself strong enough to challenge me alone. Either that or you are more foolish then I first realized.”

???: “You still believe i’m just another Inquisitor don’t you?” The cloak fell away, revealing the form beneath. “I am so much more.”

___: “No.”

You: “........ Galen?”
(F/N) First Name
(L/N) Last Name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye Color
(S/C) Skin Color


(Korra’s POV)

Korra: “Ready?”

Scarlett: “Yes.”

Korra: “Begin.” Scarlett was first to move, taking the offensive and forcing me into a retreat from the get-go. Just as (F/N) expected, her previous training under Amon had made her extremely quick. Her feet lighter then even Tenzin’s. “Ok, getting a bit forceful.” Her strikes were quick, but aggressive. As if she was trying to cause me harm. There was a look in her eyes, she was obviously pissed. “What’s wrong?”

Scarlett: “Nothing.” She responded flatly. Quickening her pace even more so. She was able to break through my defense, her staff coming to slap against my thigh.

Korra: “Hey!” She didn’t respond. If anything, the hit spurred her on. She zoomed around me, constantly trying to connect with any body part I left exposed. It was after she jabbed the end of her staff into my stomach when I’d finally had enough. “Hey!” In response, I kicked my leg out, forcing the wind around her to cycle. Spinning her into the air and her staff to fly off, embedding itself into a nearby snowbank. As she fell back to the ground, a wave of water surrounder her, freezing and catching her. Her arms and legs held tight by the ice as her head struggled to release itself.

Scarlett: “No Fair!”

Korra: “No fair?” I shot back. “You were smacking me around like a punching bag! What’s up with you today?”

Scarlett: “Nothing!” Her head thrashed more. Her face reddening with the effort. I reached over, trying to take her chin in my palm, but she pulled away, biting down on my thumb as she did.

Korra: “Hey!” I pulled away, checking over my thumb to make sure no skin had been broken. Scarlett just went back to thrashing. I sighed, thinking over my options, trying to come up with something (F/N) would do in the situation. Then I sat, closing my eyes and breathing deeply, opting to wait until she tried herself out. As mature as Scarlett was. She was still only nine, and as such , prone to temper tantrums. I could only assume this was her acting out. So I sat, calling every ounce of patience I had to wait out her tantrum. It wasn’t long before I heard her panting. When I opened my eyes, I was met with a frustrated Scarlett, her head limp, face flushed from the struggle.

Scarlett: “You’re mean when you want to be.” I shrugged, standing to face her again. “(F/N) would have never done that.”

Korra: “Maybe not with ice. But you and I both know (he/she) would have done something to restrain you.” She huffed in response. “Are you ready to talk then?” Again she sighed, something I took as her relenting. “What’s wrong?”

Scarlett: “Mad.”

Korra: “I can see that.” I flatlined. “Why are you mad?” Again she sighed, then nudged her head towards the ground. In response, I released her. SHe shook herself to throw off any lingering ice. Then sat.

Scarlett: “You sent Tenzin away.”

Korra: “Ah.” She was still angry about last night. After the argument Tenzin and I had after the spirit attack, Tenzin had begun packing up. He, his family, including Kya and Bumi at Katara’s request, had all left on Oogi early this morning. Hardly a goodbye shared by anyone other then he and his mother. I sat beside her, mirroring her posture in taking my knees up to my chin. “I take it then, you’ve started accepting them as family?” She nodded.

Scarlett: “I felt bad for him.” She turned to me, a fogginess to those crystal blue eyes. “He wanted to just help.” If I was being honest. I had felt guilty about ditching Tenzin the way I had too.

Korra: “I know.” I admitted. “I am sorry I left things the way I did. I didn’t mean to break things off like that. I just felt I needed to take my own path, to make my own choice, rather then let him and my Dad make it for me.” I stroked her face, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. “I know Unalaq isn’t someone you feel comfortable around, I get it. But you saw what he did last night, how he beat that spirit. Peacefully.”

Scarlett: “And (F/N) can’t do the same thing?”

Korra: “(F/N), by (his/her) own admittance, doesn’t understand the spirits. This is something I need to learn. I am the Avatar, and that means I need to understand the spirit world. Tenzin wouldn’t show me, (F/N) can’t show me. I don’t know who else I could turn to.”

Scarlett: “Still didn’t have to yell.” I groaned, leaning back and falling into the snow bank behind me, rubbing the balls of my hands into my eyes as I did. “He only wanted to help. Maybe, he felt you weren’t ready.”

Korra: “Maybe.” My hands fell to my sides, my eyes fixed on the clear, morning sky. “Maybe I’m not… but, Something’s been bothering me lately.” Scarletts head popped into view, a questioning look on her face. “I’ve felt… cold.” Her lids fell halfway, sarcasm oozing from her face.

Scarlett: “South Pole. It’s always cold.” I rolled my eyes, then sat up.

Korra: “Not like that smartass. I mean like…. Ok you know that bad feeling you get around Unalaq?” She nodded. “Kinda like that. It’s like a sliver of ice running down the inside of my spine. Like a shadow, always following close behind me, just out of sight, but I know its there. Blotting out the sun to me, blanketing me in darkness. I feel…. No, I sense something…. Evil.”

Scarlett: “Like something bad is going to happen?” I nodded. “Talked to (F/N) about this?”

Korra: “No… I didn’t start getting this feeling until after we came here. At first I thought it was just me readjusting to the cold but… after last night, it’s gotten stronger.”

Scarlett: “After the spirit?” I nodded.

Unalaq: “That is quite the astute observation Korra. Perhaps your training with the Dark One was not as much a waste as I originally thought.” I yelped, jumping straight to my feet as my hands instinctively moved to protect me, sending a wave of snow falling back towards the person that had startled me. When i turned to face them, I was met with my uncle, buried to the neckl in snow. Scarlett couldn't help but laugh.

Korra: “Uh… sorry uncle.”

Unalaq: “No apologies necessary. I clearly startled you.” He waved me off, then quickly waved off the snow, leaving him in his always pristine robes. “Though perhaps it is a testament to your lack of awareness that I was able to sneak up on you.” He smirked, then turned to Scarlett, who had taken it upon herself to stand between us. “And how are you this morning little bodyguard?” Scarlett only huffed, crossing her arms and holding her usual scowl whenever she was in his presence. Unalaq just took it in stride, keeping his smirk as he turned his attention back to me. “I had come because I was unsure whether or not you would be joining me as we had discussed last night Korra. You ARE still interested in what I have to teach, are you not?” I groaned, slapping myself across the forehead as I did.

Korra: “I am SO sorry Uncle, I didn’t realize I was late.”

Unalaq: “Again, not to worry, I see you were doing a bit of teaching of your own.” He waved his hand, causing the snow bank Scarletts staff was embedded in to shift and send the staff flying into his palm. He inspected it, spinning it and slashing it through the air a few times. “Quaint.” He commented. “Though I assume nowhere near as impressive as the actual weapon itself.” He twirled it again, then presented it to Scarlett with open palms. She took it, muttering a quick thank you as she did.

Korra: “Yeah, (F/N) had put me in charge of Scarlett’s saber practice while we were here, since (he/she) couldn’t make it.”

Unalaq: “I see, then you have decided that this…” He gestured to my own staff, lying in the snow beside me. “Is more important then conversing with the spirits?”

Korra: “No, NO! Of course not!” I blurted. “I know that what you have to teach is very important and I am ready for you to teach me how to fight spirits.” His smirk grew slightly as his eyes brightened.

Unalaq: “I am gladdened to hear you have your priorities in order Korra. Though, I won’t be teaching you how to fight the spirits. Rather, I am going to begin your spiritual training. Starting with a pilgrimage to one of the most remote places on the planet. The long neglected spiritual center of your tribe, The South Pole.”

Scarlett: “Wait. I thought we were in the south pole?” Unalaq chuckled, kneeling down to Scarletts level to ruffle her hair again.

Unalaq: “While we are in the southern tribe little one. The South Pole itself is the southernmost point of the world. The exact bottom of the planet. All surrounding area, is named by association alone.” He released her and stood, at which point she immediately went about fixing her hair.

Korra: “So, we’re going to train at the south pole?” He turned his attention back to me, his look growing more serious as he did.

Unalaq: “We will do more then just train, Korra. By neglecting the spirits, the people of the south have brought darkness upon themselves, and now it threatens to destroy your tribe. We must set things right, the southern water tribe depends on you.”

Korra: “A dangerous trip to the south pole? Count me in! What do you say Scarlett?”

Unalaq: “I’m afraid..” Before she even had the opportunity to think on it, Unalaq shut Scarlett down. “... that the child would not be able to join us.” Unalaq took a step forward, nearly pressing himself against me. “This is a VERY dangerous endeavor Korra, as such, it is only for those that may be able to weather the dangers ahead. You and I can certainly defend ourselves as needed. But the child is not a bender, she would be more hindrance then help. It is best if she stays here in the village. Perhaps your mother would be generous enough to look after her while we are on our pilgrimage.”

Korra: “Well… you see…” I rubbed at the back of my neck. My eyes switching between Unalaq and Scarlett. On the one hand, I truly did want to get started with my spiritual training. But, on the other… “I made a promise to (F/N). I told (him/her) I would watch Scarlett while we were here. I can't just break that.” While Scarlett appreciated what I had to say, having earned a small smile from her. Unalaq was less then enthusiastic about it. If not a bit annoyed.

Unalaq: “Korra.” He groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose as he did. “While I admire your desire to keep your promise to your… shall we say, ‘unorthodox Master’. I have to insist this be done my way.” He released his nose, folding his hands behind his back and standing up as straight as he could. “Even you agreed, this training is vital to you as an Avatar. If your attention is split between your studies and your duties as a babysitter, I am afraid it will hinder your ability to learn. Besides..” Again he kneeled down, coming eye to eye with the black haired nine year old. “It is my understanding that little… Scarlett? Is it?” Scarlett sighed, having come to realize at this point Unalaq may never really remember her name. “Has grown rather fond of your father and mother. Perhaps a day or two with them would be beneficial for all of them.”

Korra: “But…”

Unalaq: “I INSIST. Korra.” Though his tone was its usual calm. It was firm, finite. I wasn’t winning this fight at all.

Korra: “Scarlett?” I turned down to her, finding she had the most annoyed look on her face. She just rolled her eyes, collected her staff and mine, then began to walk off. “Well hey, no wait a sec.” I jogged over to her, coming to kneel in front of her. “You know I don’t like this either, right?” She nodded, though she still had that same angry look on her face. “Believe me, I know this sucks. But I need this training. And Unalaq is right, I couldn’t keep you safe on my own last night. I… I don’t want to risk you out there.” She looked up into my eyes, the anger dissipating into understanding. SHe dropped the staffs, wrapping her arms around my neck in a quick hug.

Scarlett: “I know. It’s not your fault. It’s Unalaq’s.” I chuckled lightly as I wrapped my own arms around her middle.

Korra: “Yeah, mean Uncle Unalaq’s fault.” We released each other, and Scarlett collected the staffs before continuing down the stretch of snow. “Do you need me to walk you back to the huts?” She just waved me off.

Scarlett: “It’s not to far.”

Korra: “Alright. Be safe!” I couldn’t see it, but I felt her roll her eyes.

Unalaq: “You’ve made a wise decision Korra.” I felt Unalaq put his hand on my shoulder, tugging lightly at it to get me to follow after him. “Come, you’re young friend is waiting for you.” We walked a bit a ways away from the bank Scarlett and I had been training by, coming across where Unalaq had begun preparations for the trip. An Arctic Camel already there, loaded with everything we may need. Off to the side sat Naga, Mako currently loading her up with even more supplies.

Korra: “Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” I called. He turned to me, a small smile on his face.

Mako: “You can never be too careful on these trips. I just want to make sure you have everything you need to be safe.” I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Much as I loved him, Mako really could be a worry wart when he wanted to be.

Korra: “Thanks ‘Captain Expedition’.” I mocked, earning a small glare in return. “But I think we’ll be fine.”

Tonraq: “Korra!” I turned, finding my dad speeding towards us in a snowmobile, packed full of supplies of his own. I barely had a chance to even register he was here before Unalaq went stomping up to him. Clearly angry with his presence.

Unalaq: “Tonraq what do you want!?” Frankly I was thinking the same thing. I wasn't completely over the argument we had had the previous night, and his being here wasn't making things easier.

Tonraq: “Scarlett told me you were taking Korra to the south Pole. I’m coming.”

Unalaq: “Absolutely not!” He roared back. “You’re a distraction to Korra and a hindrance to what needs to be done!”

Tonraq: ‘My daughter is NOT going without me! She needs someone to watch after her!” And here we go again. I wasn't getting into THAT argument again though.

Korra: “Dad. Why do you ALWAYS think you know what’s best for me?”

Unalaq: “Because he’s misguided. The sad truth is it’s men like your father who have put the spirit world out of balance. He’s ignore my warnings in the past and hasn’t learned since!”

Korra: ‘What happened in the past?”

Tonraq: “It doesn’t matter.”

Unalaq: “Ha!” That was a first, I don’t think I’d ever heard my uncle genuinely laugh before. “If only that were true. Tell her the TRUTH Tonraq!” Dad turned to his brother, anger heavy in his eyes.

Tonraq: “It DOESN’T matter!”

Unalaq: “You want to know why it DOES matter Korra? Why you have never come to visit us? Why your father had never visited his birth home!?”

Tonraq: “That’s ENOUGH Unalaq!”

Korra: “NO!” Everyone fell silent, all eyes staring at me. “I want to know. What happened?’

Tonraq: “It doesn’t matter Korra.”

Korra: “Yes it does!” I yelled back. “What happened!?”

Tonraq: “I was BANISHED!” He roared. His eyes wide in frustration. “I was banished, because I nearly destroyed the entire tribe.” He sighed, then continued. “Twenty five years ago, I was a general in the northern Tribe. Sworn to protect the people. One day, the tribe was under siege by bandits, attacking and killing innocents and pillaging whatever the could. I drove them out, driving them deep into the frozen tundra. I should have simply let them go, but… I didn’t. Instead, I let my pride and anger get the better of me, and chased after them with my troops.”

Unalaq: “You were a fool then, just as you are now.” Dad shot his brother an angry lok, but said nothing in response. Instead continuing with the story.

Tonraq: ‘We tracked the bandits deep into an ancient forest, You see, many believed the forest to be the home of ancient spirits. And the bandits retreated inside because they believed we wouldn't attack on such hallowed ground.”

Korra: “But you did anyway… didn’t you.” His eyes fell away from mine in shame.

Tonraq: “We captured them all, but destroyed the forest in the process. I didn’t realize the consequences of what I had done until that night, when enraged spirits attacked the tribe. They caused far more damage then the bandits ever could have. We tried to fight them off. But just like last night, we had nothing that could hurt them.. And.”

Unalaq: “And just like last night, I was the only one that could stop them. Performing the same technique I had in order to bring them to peace.” Unalaq cut in, finishing the story for my dad instead. “I was able to guide the spirits back to their forest. And your father was banished to the south for being the cause of the destruction of the Northern city.” All was once again silent, broken only by the occasional rush of wind or grunt from the camel.

Korra: “I… I can’t believe you kept this from me.” I was shaking, seething. My knuckles hurt from the pressure I was putting on them to ball up my fists.

Tonraq: “I was protecting you from the shame I brought on the family.”

Korra: “Why do you keep hiding things from me and then telling me its for my own protection? I’m tired of you protecting me!” I turned from him hopping on Naga’s back before helping Mako up. “I’m ready if you are Uncle.”

Unalaq: “As you wish.” Unalaq was quick to hop up on his camel, eager to get on with the trip.

Tonraq: ‘Korra wait…”

Korra: “No. I’m doing this dad.”

Tonraq: “You have every right to be mad at me. But I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made.” I just ignored him, snapping Nagas reigns to get her going. She did, and Unalaq and his camel started walking close behind as we started heading into the tundra. Unfortunately dad wasn’t giving up Hoping onto his snowmobile and following after us. “I should have never gone into the forest. And you shouldn’t be going to the south pole now.” He just kept pressing the issue, and I was already at my boiling point. I just ignored him further, not wanting to let this escalate any more. “Spirits and the mortal world should remain separate.” That was it.

Korra: “Dad.” I stopped Naga, tugging on her reigns to turn her round. “It’s my job to be the bridge between the spirits and the physical world. And I FINALLY have a chance to live up to my potential.”

Tonraq: "Korra…”

Korra: “No. I’m done listening to you. It’s amazing how little you back me up when it comes to my job as Avatar, when it comes to my training. You’re my DAD.” I snapped Nagas reigns again. “I wish (F/N) were here. It’s amazing how (he/she) always has my back yet understands so little about any of this. Someone I’ve known maybe five MONTHS, yet believes in me infinitely more then you do.” That stunned my Dad silent. And as Mako, Unalaq and I continued on our way, I never heard the sound of his snowmobile chase after us.

Unalaq: “It sounds like this (F/N) is very wise Korra. Perhaps I misjudged this Dark One. I would have very much liked to meet (him/her).” Unalaq pulled up close to us. A look of understanding painted across his face.

Korra: “Yeah… me too. I think the two of you would have really hit it off.”

Unalaq: “Well, I certainly hope I have the opportunity in the future.” He smiled warmly at me. “Come. We have quite the journey ahead of us.”

Korra: “Yeah…. What exactly is it we’re doing once we get to the pole anyway?”

Unalaq: “You’ll be opening an ancient spirit portal.” That took me a second. I turned back to Mako, if only to confirm he had heard what I heard.

Korra: “I’m sorry… I’m doing what now?”

Unalaq: “At the south pole, there is a portal that connects our world to the spirit world. But it has long been closed.”

Korra: “And… that’s why the evil spirits are attacking?”

Unalaq: “There are no ‘Evil Spirits’ Korra. There is Light, and Dark in them all. But when they’re unbalanced, the darkness takes over. If you can open the portal in time, balance will be restored.”

Mako: “Wait, what do you mean in time?”

Unalaq: “There is a reason the Glacier spirit festival ends on the winter solstice young Mako. It’s when the spirit world and the physical world are closest together. Only then, can the Avatar open the portal.

Korra: “But… the Winter solstice ends tonight.”

Unalaq: ‘Exactly, and we can’t afford to wait another year.” That was a lot of pressure. Now not only did I have to open a portal. Something I’ve never done before, but now I was on a time limit.

Korra: “Well, no one ever said being the Avatar was easy. Let’s get to it.” Unalaq smiled.

Unalaq: “That’s the kind of determination I was hoping to see in you Korra.” We went onward, nothing but ice and snow ahead and behind us as we traveled deeper into the tundra. We walked in relative silence, only broken ever so often with a few odd questions here and there. Usually either about Unalaq’s ‘spirit bending’ as I’ve come to call it, or my training with (F/N) and Scarlett. Though I was willing to talk about it, I never discussed anything past the saber training. I don't know why, but something kept me from talking about the force training whe had gone through, or the ring. Something just felt off about Unalaq whenever he asked if there was anything more to my training under the Dark One. So I never revealed more then needed.

As the sun began to fall and night crept over us. The cold grew worse, the wind picked up, and Dark Spirits began to form around us.

Mako: “We need to be careful.” Mako nudged me in the back, then pointed out to our side where some fog had formed. Through which I could see the yellow glow of the spirits eyes. “They’ve been tailing us for a while.

Unalaq: “Then we must be close. Look there.” Unalaq pointed ahead of us, where a single, large swirling cloud seemed to be constantly thundering.

Mako: “What is that?”

Unalaq: “That would be the Everstorm.”

Korra: “The Everstorm?”

Unalaq: “It's a massive blizzard that has battered the South pole for decades. I believe it to be caused by the closed portal. The majority of the spirits surrounding it rampage within. When you open the portal Korra, it should dissipate.”

Korra: “This just keeps getting better and better.” Still, we pressed on. Fighting against the rushing winds of the storm as we grew closer. Eventually, the swirling cloud came above us, blotting out our view of the night sky.

Mako: “Look out!” As we made our way closer to the center of the storm, we were suddenly attacked by a group of Dark spirits. They appeared out of the swirling winds, attacking us from all angles. Mako and I were suddenly put on the defensive as we were thrown off Nagas back. Forced to dodge the attacks from the aggressive beasts. Mako struggled to hit any one of them with his bending. But the majority were to quick for him to land a hit. And the few that did simply took the attacks in stride. Parts of their bodies dispiating before reforming and continuing their own offensives. I myself tried to replicate Unalaq’s Spirit Bending technique, summoning thin tendrils of water to swirl around one of the spirits, it even seemed to be working for a brief moment, before the spirit lashed out and tackled me to the ground. It’s maw opened wide, ready to eat me whole.

It likely would have to, had Unalaq not been there. Just as the spirit was about to bite down, golden tendrils of water began swirling around all the spirits surrounding us, enveloping them in the golden light and purifying them. Almost as quickly as they had come, they vanished, dissipating into the mist.

Mako: “Are you ok?” Mako jogged over, stretching out his hand in offer to help me off my back. I took it, letting him lift me up out of the snow.

Korra: “I think so. What about you?” He shrugged, smirking al the while.

Mako: “Peachy.”

Unalaq: “we must keep moving.” Unalaq had already re-mounted his Camel, heading deeper into the storm.

Korra: “No rest for the Avatar.”

Mako: “I though that saying went ‘no rest for the wicked’?”

Korra: “Is there a difference?” I chuckled. He responded in kind, then mounted Naga with me as we followed after Unalaq. Thankfully the last leg of the journey was a short one, ended as Unalaq yanked on the reigns of his camel, calling it to a stop.

Unalaq: “We’ve arrived.” We found ourselves at the bottom of a cliff face, A wall of ice behind us, and before us, massive blocks of ice encasing a forest of dead trees.

Korra: “A forest?”

Unalaq: “Much like the one your father destroyed in the north. This one has been ruined as well.” He turned to me, disembarking from his camel as Mako and I jumped off Nagas back. “In the center, lies the portal.”

Korra: “So what do I do?”

Unalaq: “You must find your way to the heart of the forest, and open the portal. And you must do it, alone.”

Mako: “Wait, wait. There’s no way she’s doing this ALONE. We barely made it away from those spirits back there. Who knows what’s hiding in that forest.”

Unalaq: “The Avatar must go alone young Mako.”

Korra: “But, I don’t have any connection with the spirits. In fact it seems like they hate me.”

Unalaq: “You have to believe in yourself Korra.” He rested a hand on my shoulder, squeezing lightly in an effort to comfort me. “Like I believe in you. Like the Dark One believes in you.” I looked up into his eyes, reassurance growing in my mind. “Remember, all the past Avatar live on inside of you, let them help you find the light in the dark.” He was right, I could do this. I turned back to Mako.

Korra: “Wait here with Unalaq, I’ll be ok.” And walked forward headed for the only obvious entrance to the frozen forest. The moment I walked in, the wind died. The howling replaced with immediate, unnerving silence. The snow beneath my feet was quickly replaced with ice, silencing the crunching beneath my boots. Everywhere I looked, every turn I made, nothing but frozen roots and gnarled branches filled my view. It was maddening, like some kind of twisted maze broken only by the occasional fork in the path. The only thing I had to follow was a low, eerie light that seemed to emanate from the center of the forest. What i could only assume was the portal. I followed it as best I could given that the path would occasionally turn me away from the light. But my eyes never left it, ensuring I wouldn't lose my way as I walked in the silence. As the light grew brighter, hopefully meaning I was growing closer, the silence began to fade as a low hiss reached my ears. I looked around, but saw nothing that would create a sound. Nothing again, but frozen, dead trees. So I kept walking, taking lighter steps now to ensure I wouldn't miss the noise should it come again. Sure enough, it did. Just as I came to another fork in the path, the hiss echoed behind me. I turned, and was met with the sight of two more dark spirits. Snake like rather then the usual colossus we’d ben dealing with. They slithered in the air, headed straight for me, burning yellow eyes glowing in the dark. I turned to run, rapidly picking one of the paths and bolting down it rather then try and fight what I knew I couldn't. As I ran, the light grew brighter, and the hissing grew louder, more of these snake like spirits had joined the chase, some snapping their jawas at my heels while other attempted to wrap themselves around my limbs. There was an opening in the path, a hole in the ice before me I was able to jump through, closing it behind me as I did. It created a wall, one the spirits were thankfully unable to penetrate. The vanished as soon as they slammed against it. “Finally…” I turned back around, and discovered I had arrived. “The Spirit portal.” Covered over by a thick sheet of ice, the Portal was directly below me, its light illuminating the cavern at the heart of the forest. “Amazing.” I marveled at the site. To think that just below my feet, sat one of the two only entrances to the spirit realm. “Alright. Time to open up.” I reached my fist over my head, taking a deep breath, then slammed my fist down into the ice, a rush of wind enveloping me. Nothing. Not even a scratch in the ice. “...ok.. Let’s try this.” I took a step back, then summoned my fire bending, igniting the floor beneath me to melt the ice away. Again, nothing. “Ok, what the hell is this? Why isn’t it opening?” I tired forcing the ice way with my water bending.. Still, nothing. “This is going nowhere. What exactly amy I supposed…” The hissing had returned. The cavern walls were enveloped in black, a mass wave of dark spirits surrounding the cavern, all gliding over the walls to the top. They’d found a weak point. The ceiling began to crack and shatter, spirits pouring in like ooze as they tried to reach me. I desperately tried to open the portal, to no avail. “Come on! Come on open!” No matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I struck it. It wouldn't open. Punch after punch was met with stubborn failure, until one punch was caught. The spirits had reached me, wrapping around my body and limbs like vines as they lifted me up and way from the portal. I struggled, fought and flailed as they wrapped around me, surrounding me in black. Nearly suffocating me in the process. All I had left was one hand free, my fingers mere inches from the ice. The black was surrounding me, i started to get light headed, my breath leaving me.

You: “Korra.”

Korra: “(F/N)?” I heard (him/her), but couldn't see. (He/She) Sounded so distant, like (he/she) wasn't even here.

You: “Remember, you have to be at one with yourself, if you are to open yourself to the possibilities.”

Korra: “Open yourself… One with…. The Avatars.. The other Avatars are me!” I got it! I took one last deep breath, mustering what little air I could given how tightly the spirits were holding me, and calmed my mind. Emptying it of everything else except me, and the portal . And for the first time, as I slipped into the Avatar state. I felt truly at peace. My fingers touched against the ice and the reaction was almost instant. A blinding light that developed not only the small cavern, but the entirety of the forest around. The spirits were chased off, blinded by the light. The ice beneath me cracked, and as a beam of pure blue light burst into the night sky, a powerful wave of energy burst from the portal, knocking me back and against the wall. It did little more then send me into a daze, but when I regained myself. I felt… stronger, more powerful, as if my connection with the spirit realm had somehow grown even stronger then before. “Amazing.” I looked around, and just as Unalaq had predicted, opening the portal had healed the forest. The ice had melted away, and the trees had miraculously regrown their foliage. “I did it.” I breathed a sigh of relief, looking into the night sky, noticing that the beam of light had turned into a fantastic display. “The southern lights.” Again, just as Unalaq said. “The spirits dancing in the sky.”

Mako: “Korra!!” I turned, finding Mako rushing toward me now that the forest had a clear path in and out. I rushed towards him, meeting him and Unalaq in the middle. Embracing him in a tight hug. “You never cease to amaze me.” I chuckled lightly, appreciating the compliment.

Unalaq: “Well done Avatar Korra. You have taken the first step in bringing balance back to the south. And soon, the whole world. I am proud of you.” He smiled, and I smiled back. Returning to Mako to peck him quickly on the cheek. “Come, it is time to return home.” He turned, returning to his camel as Mako and I get back on Naga, hand in hand.

(Scarletts POV)

Korra: “Scarlett?”

Scarlett: “Uuuggghhhhh.” I groaned, swatting away the hand that had been brushing at my face. Whoever it was, they could wait until I woke up on my own terms. I heard giggling, then again was disturbed by a hand brushing at my face.

Korra: “Come on Scarlett, time to get up.”

Scarlett: “Five more minutes.” I mumbled.

Korra: “Come on, I have something I want to show you.” again I groaned, but obliged, shooting up in bed with what I could only hope was a death glare. When I noticed it was Korra waking me up though, I softened up, only mildly though.

Scarlett: “What?” I grumbled.

Korra: ‘Oh I’m sorry, did I disturb your sleep?” She mocked. I could only exhale in annoyance.

Scarlett: “You did what great chief stick up his butt tell you to do?”

Korra: “That’s gonna be a thing isn't it?”

SCarlett: “Is he ever going to remember my name?’

Korra: “......Fair point.”

Scarlett: “So?”

Korra: ‘Oh right.” She stood from her place on the edge of my bed. Closing the cloth door to the hut before coming back. “I think, I figured out how to open the ring.”

Scarlett: ‘Open the… what?” She sat back down, slipping (F/N)’s ring off her finger and presenting it in front of herself.

Korra: “(F/N)’s ring is a device that’s supposed to help me with my force training, but instead of teaching me how to open it (he/she) left me to figure it out on my own. I think I got it.” From her pocket she pulled a crimson crystal, presenting it to me to hold. I took it, the she turned her attention back to the ring. “Here goes nothing.” She took a deep breath closing her eyes in the process. When she opened them again, her eyes flashed white, meaning she’d briefly entered the Avatar State. After which she waved her hand over the ring, then released it. I had expected it to fall to the ground, but it didn't. Instead it stayed floating in the air, the sound of something whirring and clicking coming from inside it. The band of the ring grew larger as the sound grew louder. “Here give me the crystal.” I hurriedly did, and she quickly slipped it into the band, it then closed around it as the prongs holding the black gem in place popped open.


Scarlett: “Did that thing just TALK?”

Korra: “It did.” Korra had the biggest smile on her face. Then, she cleared her throat.  “User ID, Avatar Korra.”

Holocron: “... USER RECOGNIZED. WELCOME AVATAR KORRA.” A low blue light burst from the top of the ring, a small person with horns on its head appearing in the light.

Korra: “It worked!” Korra was practically bounding on the bed. “I did it! I opened the Holocron!”

Scarlett: “Who is that?” I pointed to the person in the light.

Korra: “That, is Ashara, (F/N)’s daughter.”

Ashara: “Welcome Avatar Korra. Congratulations on opening the Holocron on your own for the first time.”

(Your POV)

It was late. How late I couldn't say. Perhaps in retrospect it was early instead. I had ended up staying up meditating at the bow of the boat far longer then I had originally intended. I hadn’t meant to of course but, something forced me to stay. The feeling that something was about to happen. All the while, I focused on summoning up that vision that constantly eluded me. Of Korra and Scarlett wrapped in each others embrace falling to their possible ends. Though even after hours of uninterrupted focus I still could not bring it forward.

___: ‘If it frustrates you so much why do you keep trying to force it?’

You: 'I have to. It means something and I have to know what.’

___: “It may not even be a vision. It could have just as easily been a nightmare.’

You: ‘Maybe. But i’d rather be sure rather the….’ That’s when it hit. That wave of power. The sheer force of it knocked me to my back. A tidal wave of raw energy slamming into my chest.

___: ‘What the hell was that!?’

You: “I don’t know, but… do you feel that?” This wave, whatever it had been, it had brought power. An influx of strength. My connection to the force here had strengthened. Like a faucet had been opened that much further.

___: ‘What… but, but how?’

You: “I don’t know… but…. There has been an awakening.”
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