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Be sure to read the description on the deviations, some of them contain a story :D
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Xrayleader's Profile Picture
deviantID image courtesy of DigitalServine2001

Hello fellow visitor!, i'm Xrayleader, a DeviantArt user who specializes on the use of Garry's mod for art creation, ranging from simple screenshots/photos, to Rotoscopy-assisted digital art.
My likings include Halo and PMD, amongst others

Right now i have a small proyect going on, it's a Fanfic called "Halo:Mystery Planet", it's a series of Gmod submissions with the story in the description, originally going as 5 unrelated Gmod ambientance Pics, which you can find here:

Halo: Mystery Planet by Xrayleader

You can use the links in the description from part 5 onwards to navigate, since they were originally unrelated, next to no dialogue is given, i apologize for the mess, i will replace them with a proper prologue

I also have an ask section that i call an "Ask hub", which you can find here:

(QnA)Xrayleader's Ask Hub by Xrayleader

And i take commissions as well :D

Commissions (ACTIVE)As of now, i'm accepting commissions, if you want a commission, just send me a note with "Commission - SELECTED OPTION" as the subjct.
Accepted payments include DA points for now, options are:
Simple outline: 50 pts
Colored: 70 pts
Colored and shaded: 90 pts
Colored and custom-shaded: 100 pts
Background: +50 pts for the chosen option
- No NSFW art
- Since commissions are Gmod-assisted, i will post a picture with the posed models, if you're agreed with the poses, i will continue with the outline, once the outline is done, shown and agreed with, you may pay for me to continue to you preferred option or for it's delivery in case you just wanted the outline. Do not pay before the outline
- I will ask for your e-mail to deliver your commissioned art, which will come without personal watermark, you're free to do whatever you want with the copy, with the condition of crediting me as the original author, if you use an outline-commission as a base, cred

And that's all i have to say, feel free to visit my gallery, leave a watch, donate, or even comment something!, have a good day! :D


Commision(AliceNutter) - CoolGrovyle
Comission paid by :iconlady-lyconyx: Lady-Lyconyx 

I somehow forgot to upload this one, it's her oc "Cool Grovyle" holding two weapons from Borderlands, i did had fun doing this one :P

OC belongs to :iconlady-lyconix:
You know what?, enough sad and angry things!, today is (Still) February 14th, known as Valentine's day, and the day of love and friendship, so....
Gift - Two treecko selfie by Xrayleader

A christmass kiss by Xrayleader
Happy day of love and friendship! :P
(:iconphoenixalaris: plzdon'thitmeidon'thaveanyproperimages XD)
Halo: Mystery Planet
Well, i've finally used it, thank you :iconmickeymario64: MickeyMario64 XD

This, is the cover for Halo: Mystery Planet, a fanfic presented as a series of Garry's mod pics with the fic itself in the descryption, it originally started as separate non-related gmod pics, hence why my supposed "prologue" used to be a mess, and was replaced with a proper prologue recently XD.

The year is 2552, the Covenant have located Earth and destroyed the city of New Mombasa, with Alpha-Niner Squad barely escaping the glassing beams of Covenant ships, taking New Mombasa's Superintendent AI Vergil. The intel provided by Vergil pinpoints not only the location of The Ark, a Forerunner artifact below the ruins of New Mombasa, but also hints at Forerunner information, currently kept encrypted as a security measure.
The UNSC Spearhead, comandered by Admiral Clayton Kane, has been tasked with taking this information to a UNSC safe location on an Oort cloud, and once again, the Cole Protocol comes into play
One of the random Slipspace Vectors of the Spearhead seems to be a planet that recently survived a catastrophe involving artifacts called Time-Gears, which seem to somehow mantain the Planet on a quantum-stable state, the inhabitants being strange creatures different than those encountered on the Human-Covenant war so far.
You are Revenant 5, Corporal,  part of UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Fireteam Revenant, along with Captain Lena Montgomery, Gunnery Sergeant Matis Surge, Lance Corporal Nigel Goddard and Lance Corporal Lucas Tucker, you're currently on Cryosleep onboard the UNSC Spearhead, still unaware of the events about to unfold.....


PART 1 - Arrival
PART 2 - Mysterious Slipspace Vector
PART 3 - Mysterious Pondering
PART 4 - Inminent Evacuation
PART 5 - Cryodreams and Pokemon
PART 6 - Emergency Awakening
PART 7 - Resting heroes
PART 8 - Gearing up
PART 9 - Starry night
PART 10 - Prepare to drop
PART 11 - Not a star, not a comet
PART 12 - Drop sequence iniciated
PART 13 - Intriguing Observation
PART 14 - Mid-drop debriefing
PART 15 - Legendary contact
PART 16 - Spacial Rupture
PART 17 - Alternate landing vector
PART 18 - Looming Darkness
PART 19 - Portal Storm
PART 20 - Deja vu
PART 21 - Psychic Comms
PART 22 - Wake up sunshine
PART 23 - Door-jectile
PART 24- Human mistakes
PART 25 - Ambush
PART 26 - Warp-orb
PART 27- And the horse you rode in on
PART 28 - Into the Spearhead
PART 32- System Check
PART 33 - Bridge Ambush
PART 34- Heal Bell
PART 35- The long run
PART 36- The Canyon
PART 37- Sgt Surge
PART 38- Not far away

INTRO - Rendezvous
PART 1 - Under the calm of night
PART 2 - Pelican Down
PART 3 - Brand-new Rifle
PART 4 - Power Efficiency
PART 5 - Fallen Brothers
PART 5.5 - A Soldier's service
PART 6 - Situational awareness
PART 7 - Search and Rescue
PART 8 - Castle Skirmish
PART 9 - Traumatized Trooper
PART 10 - Cpl.Tucker
PART 11 - First Aid
PART 11.5 - Moving On
PART 12 - Unnecessary Casualty
PART 13 - Force Application Vehicle
PART 14 - Evasive Maneuvers
PART 15 - Not very effective
PART 16 - Energy Ball
PART 17 - Concussion Stun
PART 17.5 - Saving Throw
PART 18 - Truths and Reconciliations
PART 18.4 - Authentication Procedures
PART 18.8 - UNSC Alpha Base - Unknown Pokemon Planet
PART 20 - Unwelcome Party
PART 21 - Occular Check
PART 22 - Debrief of curiosities
PART 23.1 - Alpha Base Tour -Entrance
PART 23.2 - Alpha Base Tour -Medical Section
PART 23.3 - Alpha Base Tour - Back of Spire
PART 23.4 - Alpha Base Tour - Spire Pathway
PART 23.5 - Alpha Base Tour- Top of Spire
PART 23.6 - Alpha Base Tour - Intersection 01
PART 23.7 - Alpha Base Tour - Command Room 1F
PART 24 - Comdr. Ingram
PART 24.2 - Commander's Orders
PART 25 - Alpha Base Tour - Intersection 01 Barracks path
PART 25.5 - Alpha Base Tour - Barracks entrance
PART 26 - Enter the barracks
PART 26.5 - A calm moment for war stories
PART 27 - Epilogue - Chapter 1

PART 1 - Jirachi's plea
PART 2 - Caved in
PART 3 - Caved out
PART 4 - Post-rescue briefing
PART 5 - Ready for takeoff
PART 6 - Takeoff
PART 7 - Crash Site
PART 8 - Finders Keepers

Halo belongs to 343 industries
Pokemon belongs to Game Freak
Mystery Dungeon belongs to Chunsoft
Logo made by MickeyMario64
ODST characters by me
Finders Keepers
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*Tina and Cal are at Mrs Kerhet's house, Cal is looking at Holt's Crystal chip in curiosity*

Kerhet: "Don't worry about me children, what you should worry about is going outside of the city after the so-called curfew!"

Tina: *Points at Cal* " was... Cal told me to help him help you!......and i was kinda worried too...."

Kerhet: *Picks up mugs* "Don't worry Tina, what matters is that you both are safe, and going back to your parents

Tina: "I....i think so..." *Ponders* "....Why don't you come inside the city Mrs Kerhet?, isn't it too dangerous out here?"

Kerhet: "Oh, don't worry about me sweetie, i know how to fare by myself outside, and besides, i don't like how paranoid the guildmaster has become ever since those news about towns with Pokemons dissapearing and some fighting each other"

Tina: "I..i think he does it for protection, to protect us"

Kerhet: "Yes sweetie, but there has to be a balance, what good does protection does when it prevents you from doing anything at all?" *Pours hot chocolate on mugs, walks towards Cal and Tina*

Tina: "I guess you're right, i miss when the Guildmaster wasn't so....angry..."

Kerhet: *Notices Cal* "Where did you got that shiny trinket from Cal?, ever since you came in here you haven't done anything other than looking at it"

Cal: *Snaps out* " i found this thing on the thing that fell near the house, i don't know why, but i think it's getting weaker..."

Kerhet: *Offers hot chocolate mug* "Well, maybe someone on the city can figure out what it is, for now, have some hot chocolte to warm your cold bodies"

Cal: *Grabs mug* "Thanks!"

Tina: *Grabs mug* "Thanks!"

------------------------------------------------{Previous    Menu     Next}

......Is there any punishment for a Poke-kid taking a military-grade storage device without permission? XD

Halo and ODST belong to 343 Industries
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Mystery Dungeon belongs to Chunsoft
Garry's mod belongs to Facepunch Studios
Crash site
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Surge: "Holt's SOS is getting stronger, we're nearby"

*Falcon approaches Wombat UAV*

UNSC Pilot: "Allright gentlemen, i've got eyes on the UAV, descending now!"

*Falcon touches ground, Surge, Sparkie, Tucker, Dusknoir, Jason and <You> get down and walk towards it*

Dusknoir: "So, where is this Holt you speak of?"

Tucker: "Inside"

Jason: *Puzzled* "...Inside?"

<You>: *Gets on top of it, looks for A.I Chip chute* "Affirmative" *Opens chute, stares at empty chip-slot* "....or maybe not"

Tucker: "Damn it!"

Sparkie: *Puzzled* "What's going on?"

<You>: *Gets off the UAV* "Holt's chip is missing, probably taken by whoever shot down the UAV"

Jason: "How bad is it?"

Surge: "Very, if they know how to crack into the chip's security measures, and reach Holt, they could make him spill the whole beans about us..."

Jason: "....You mean making it talk?"

<You>: "Yeah..."

*Dusknoir and Sparkie notice some small footprints heading into and away from the Wombat UAV to a nearby house*

Dusknoir: "...There's an extra set of footprints leading...." *points to the house* "...there"

Surge: "Nice work Cyclops" Through Radio* >>"Eagle 9, standby, Holt was taken, possible hostiles nearby

Dusknoir: *Sighs*

UNSC Pilot: >>"Affirmative sir!"

*The group begin walking towards the house*

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So, how about this format?, less pictures, but more dialogue?

Halo and ODST belong to 343 Industries
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo
Mystery Dungeon belongs to Chunsoft
Garry's mod belongs to Facepunch Studios


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