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MSPaint: Tips and Tricks


:bulletred: Shortcuts
:bulletred: Customizing brushes
:bulletred: Gradient-making; gradient-text


Includes six different shortcuts, control + E, W, R, I, Z, Y. That’s all I know, with the exceptions of: C, X and V.


Used an oval in the example, but you can even use TEXT! And in colour, too! Tee-hee.


How to make gradients and text with the gradients. Also a couple of pieces of mine that includes gradients:

<a href="[link]"Grayscale scenery

<a href="[link]"Red to black: Mountain

<a href="[link]"White to blue: Sea

<a href="[link]"Yellow to green: Meadow
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This is amazing! I came by this through , although the site seems to be dead, unfortunately . . 
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Haha, thank you. (:
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This is wonderful ^^ But when you say instert 500, do I instert it in the same place as i inserted the 1?
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Yep. :) Your sig is pure awesomeness!!
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Thank you very much ^^
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That gradient thing is something I actually didn't know! thanks! I'm thinking of including that trick on a palette tutorial on my site, would that be okay with you? (of course I'll be crediting you for it)
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Yeah, sure! :glomp: Thanks!
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I was just gonna do this! *sigh* Oh well. But I know how to do it too...I saw your link...and he's a complete GENIUS.
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I thought it was a she?
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wait...mushroom for what?
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