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February 18, 2009
Angie Style Font by =xraiko As krissi001 said this is a simple but beautiful font.
Featured by UnicornReality
Suggested by Krissi001
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Angie Style Font

:below::below::below: I M P O R T A N T :below::below::below:

If you decide to download it, could you please add it to your favourites. :+fav: It would make all my troubles worthwhile and I'm curious about who is using the font.

:above::above::above: I M P O R T A N T :above::above::above:

Free for all to use, except commercially in any way.
Please credit me/link back if you decide to use it and do not redistribute the font without my permission.

My first (and probably the last) font that I've made. It's called "Angie Style" because it's my handwriting.

I wrote up the characters in Photoshop CS and imported the bmp files into Font Creator.

(Please excuse the caps)
It only happened a day after `krissi001 showed me the stamp she made with this font. I can't thank you and ^UnicornReality enough!

The current version is Angie Style 2.0 which contains foreign accented characters. I do apologise if I have missed out your language, but I did my best in looking up most of the commonly used characters. Also, the default size for the entire font has been increased by 50%. No more squinting!

To use the font, simply click DOWNLOAD in the menu to the left of the picture and then drag the .ttf file into the Fonts folder in your control panel.</sub>
© 2009 - 2021 xraiko
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Will Use In Notes :) (not To Be creepy okay? I Like Using Fonts In Notes!)
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Congratulations for a great font. I very much like to use handwriting fonts for my personal project, but most of them out there don't feature umlaute for German use. So, thank you so much for your effort and consideration! :love:

CU & greetings
Miou Q. B-)
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Its sooo amazing! You're great! I just love it! :happybounce:
Thanks, very useful
Dasbaer's avatar
i'm impressed. must have been an awful lot of work.
and on my screen it's still readable at size 8.
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...I've used this font.


thanks for the epic font QUQ/
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Brocco-sheep? LOL! No problem! 8D I'm glad at least one person uses it frequently.
deathbybroccoli's avatar
Im sure a lot of people do ahaha

oh, this is just a doodle of my OC as a sheep, I ran out of icon ideas TAT
xraiko's avatar
Milo-sheep then? Oh, who cares! *Sheepnaps*
deathbybroccoli's avatar
Milosheep/ Meelo, yep. xD


...PFTTT I cant believe that just happened, he got >_<
xraiko's avatar
WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Prances through Newmarket*
deathbybroccoli's avatar

fine, go to new market and find that other lost sheep XDD
xraiko's avatar
LOL! I bet all the lost sheeps congregate somewhere under Newmarket... playing board games.
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I'm using it in my Book Series Blood and Metal [link] as a written text font.
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:icondweebdanceplz: Cool, thanks for letting me know! :) I hope the font is useful. Please fave the deviation if you haven't done so already.
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Thanks for sharing your work with me! :) It looks great!
MissEvanesce's avatar
You're welcome.:) Thank you.:)
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This is an :iconawesomesaucesignplz: font!
You totally deserved the DD.
xraiko's avatar
'Awesome sauce' standard? :D Thanks!
deathbybroccoli's avatar
lovely font!!! 8DD

congrats in the DD too! n__n well deserved!
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Lmao! Thank you! :tighthug:
deathbybroccoli's avatar
spread the awesomeness that is angela throughout the world with that font! 8DD

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