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phoenix class battlestar

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seeing the mercury's rising development costs, the phoenix class was designed as a cheaper, better, and faster to produce alternative replacement to the aging columbia class, the phoenix class favors versatility with the modular approach to her flight pods.

of the several development variants designed, the last, the type II received considerable favor in the colonial admiralty.

the phoenix class, despite using the systems model favored by the commander of the galactica(non-networked systems) is actually far easier to operate than the class she was designed to replace.

an unusual feature in a ship of her size and class is the ability to land, and otherwise participate in surface actions in a number of ways, from delivering a full division of troops, to orbiting airborne and providing artillery support, though this last option isnt used very often due to the stresses otherwise placed on the ship's systems.

it is due to the above stated lack of shipwide networking, that the cylons had such a hard time dealing with this particular class of ship.

a second reason, is below the mercury style composite outer armor belt, her under armor was done in the exact same style as the columbia class, complete with ribbing, giving the phoenix class exceptional defensive protection, and making her a much more challenging opponent for the cylons.

unfortunately, this class was too few in number to make much difference, as of the several dozen built, as of the fall, only 4 remain in existence, a 5th is rumored to have fallen into the hands of pirate forces, but at this time, those rumors are unconfirmed.

original version:

modified original:

modified with pegasus style pod end guns:

production type(type II):
[link] (featured above as part of this article)


thanks go out to canisd for his help with an issue with the pod arms, and for the landing gear he provided.

and this is my first battlestar project in god alone knows how long......
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you're welcome.
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Many of the 2d BSG designs I rather dislike, I just feel that are cheap kitbashes of either the Galactica or the Pegasus. However this design while sharing design elements from the Pegasus is a real fresh take on a Battlestar design. I like it so much I'll probably re-produce it in 3d for my game mod I am doing. Top marks for a great design. :)
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feel free.
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