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concordia class SLRC ship

By XRaiderV1
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concordia class super long range colony ship:

more or less something I saw on the shipyards, and figured.. 'hey, I wonder what she'd look like with a flight pod slung under her belly...'

suffice it to say, she turned out rather well me thinks.

parts and assistance care of CanisD over on wolfsshipyards.

as always, credits are in the image, and any derivative works must have a credits tag somewhere in the pic as displayed in the above pic.
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Since this is a long-range colony ship, a suggestion I have, external cargo modules of some kind. This can be rationalized two ways, one it eliminates the need to have excessive interior space for storage and allows for greater flexibility, and two, properly design, said modules could form the basis of the initial settlement buildings upon reaching their destination since presumably this ship would return to the Colonies once its colonists were offloaded.

As for an armed colony ship, yep, makes sense, Cylons would still be lurking out there, who knows, they might have taken a bit of an exception to humanity going out, though a little redistribution for improved firing arcs might be an idea; she's vulnerable from above, below and aft, all favorite attack angles for Cylon fighters.
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For a colony ship, she's well armed.
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
deliberately so...

put it this way, colony ship or not, you'd think twice, wouldnt you?
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