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GYRO Fighter(Get Your Rear Out)

By XRaiderV1
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I did this in 3 FLIPPING hours..inspired by a buddy's own WIP, and I went NUTS on this!
GYRO fighter(Get Your Rear Out):
built by a teenaged girl in a scrap yard, as a means of seeking a better life. wandered into an active warzone and forced to fight for her life, swiftly figuring out the eccentricities of her aircraft, and claiming ace status three times over, INCLUDING a victory class star destroyer.

weapons mounts:

1x belly mounted Ion turret
2x fore/aft proton torpedo launchers, single muzzle, fore and aft each, internal magazine of 12 torpedoes, per launcher.
2x heavy antiship laser cannons, in b-wing weapon pods, which omit the torpedo launchers in favor of cutting weight. retains targeting lasers.
2x chase guns, for anti starfighter/anti missile deterrence.

crew compliment:
1x pilot
1x gunner
1x R2 or R6 or R8 series astromech for hyperspace calculations and inflight engineer duties.

disclaimer: I own nothing but the work I myself have put into this.
advisory: as always, posted here, and wolfsshipyards(with flickr hosting the image) and deviantart are the only sites authorized to display these images.
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kaisernathan1701Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet :)
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 I guess sometimes, a mix-and-matched ship can save someone's life afterall :D . Very nice concept!
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
this was inspired by a buddy's design..and I just took off running and had this thrown together in 3 hours flat, to his shock and amazement
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 That is cool! And I would be shocked too, no doubts :nod: .