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Flimsie Whimsie

By XRaiderV1
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holy crap, it has been frakking FOREVER since I touched battlestar.

a friend of mine over on www.fanfiction.net , [link] asked me to do a design for him.

as depicted in the story[link] I present, the Pocket Pod Carrier Class(PPCC for short) Flimsie Whimsie.
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"those maroon structures on either side of the drive pod are the heavily armored fuel tanks..."

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Sound and reasonable concept. My only real concern with this design is ammo and other storage. Presumably one could pack quite a bit of airwing related material into the hangr deck spaces, but there's not a whole lot of hull for tylium fuel, water tanks living spaces or ammo. Perhaps a bit of beefing up on the upper works would resolve that problem, another idea could be to provide external hardpoints for some form of externally connected cargo-style modules. Such an arrangement might add to the utility of such a small craft by increasing its adaptability with mission-specific configuations.
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Keyser94Hobbyist General Artist
It look like the ships from Wing Commander.
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Keyser94Hobbyist General Artist
Now you need to do the update version with a hull similar to modern Battlestars, the only thing I dont like in this draw is that the ship dont have silos fr missiles and the bateries in the top of the ship.

This ship look like a proto design of a Battlestar, a ship that the Colonies use before the Cylon War, not bad, but I think it need some redesign to make look more like a war ship and no a boat with guns.
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not so sure of the big engine pod underneath, but the idea of an aircraft carrrier-style tower on a flight pod is a nice idea, definately food for thought......