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Eternal V2

with the exceptions of the wild weasel and her Aegis II type vertical launch nuke system, she's fitted exactly the same as her V1 self.

credits attached as always!
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This ship looks amazing.  First off the engines, lots of power, really reminds me of the Tantive IV.  It looks really heavily armored, it could probably take a lot of punishment.  However, that leads into the problems with the pods (what are those, hangars?).  Those struts may be sturdy, but they're still an obvious target for enemy starfighters.  Also, there's the problem of weight.  That ship is MASSIVE, and with conventional, even more advanced architecture there's almost no way they would support the ship's weight, at least in my opinion.  However, they look amazing.  And this is sci-fi, who cares if we break a few rules if the result looks awesome?  Great job.
As a ship designer and a professional at this?
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a fleet intel ship would allocate some of her flight pod space to things like intel gathering systems and whatnot, and might have a different external configuration to a stock block one mercury.
Well the intelligence vessel the Andromeda is a totaaly diffrent ship that the Mercury-class Battlestar which name will most likely be Ajax now, kind of a support vessel.

Now that I think about its more of a team work thing.

The Battlestar muscle, the intelligence vessel is the eyes.

Like a sniper, and ah spotter.
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forward this post to me on the yards, ok? I've a few ideas.
Well I was planning on asking to use the Mercury-class Battlestar Eternal with some upgrades.

I got to warn you its a maybe. But is still being considered.

But just to asked.

What do you have in mind?
I'm back.

I had a story suggestion to add the first generation Mercury-class Battlestar as the third Battlestar to survive the attack. She well I have a idea for her and with her is the Fleet intelligence vessel Andromeda both ships work together till they meet up with Galactica and her fleet. to protect a fleet that are mostly ships from a deep space mining operation and a few others they pick up along the escape. They have mostly been able to stay under Cavil radar but the few Cylons in the fleet finally blow the secret fleet cover.

Her commander, is acting Commander, Colonel Christopher Blair (Base off or from Colonel Blair from wing commander. Originally.)

Story link:

Rated: M for sure here.


Image of who Colonel Blair is...also a ex viper pilot, along with being a chief engineer on the Eternal.

You may know who the Colonel is very well.

Here: [link]
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send me a pm with vehicle frame specifics, I've got one I can tailor that might fit the bill.
I mean what is the ship that you have in mind.
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the blank mod done up by munners.

pm me on the shipyards.
Mind if I show someone this design to someone to use in there FF story at central please?
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make sure credit is listed, and point me to the story, ok?
All ready done.
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where can i find the fic?
Its at Battlestar Libra at Central.

Go down to the FF story at the bottom.

Story: 'A Lament for a Lacrimosa'
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thank you.

reading the fic now.

you should check out a few of the other designs on my gallery, by the way.
Copy that.

I will.
Yeah I know Ive read it.

But what's your history of her in full as I would like to know.
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in time, in time. her history is something that's still being written in battlestar prometheus.
wasn't the story on pause as the writer is running for mayor of city?
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Can you put more history behind her.

Excellent job.
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