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Battlestar Atlantis BSG-180

By XRaiderV1
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Concept model by: XRaiderV1
2D pixel art adaptation by: David 'CanisD' Briedis
battleplate detailing by: Wolff 6.0
Technical consultant: Prometheus Actual



Crew: 2000 to 3000, with a max evac limit of 10,000
Original Crew: 1500

Weapons systems:

Point defenses: 472
HKEW:14 (NAC 10)
KEW:62 (NAC 6)
KEW:14 (NAC 7)
Antiship missiles:10
Nuclear missile tubes:24
Cluster missile launchers:24
Missile turrets:6

Viper launch tubes:104 (capable of launching MKII, MK VII, and MK VIII)

Length - 2400m (pod length 400m)
Width - 800m
Height - 550m(with external Command Tower)
Recovery bay length:550m

Fighter squadrons:
175 MK VII vipers
50 MK VIII viper prototypes(alpha and beta models)
Maximum of 300 MK VIII's
Other craft:
20 MK I raptors
25 MK II raptors,
30 MK II raptor gunships
20 MK II Transport shuttles

Weapons system note: Intruder's guns can be used manned or unmanned as situations dictate.

Intruder's kew systems were modified late into the build phase to fire nukes, the net result is a battlestar with a serious 'tude and a penchent for jammed magazine autoloaders(unintended consequnse of being able to fire nukes this way) .

Weapons system note:because of her ability to fire nukes from several of her turrets, the magazine auto loaders had a tendency to jam, this was because it was later determined to be a flaw with the autoloader design, the autoloader systems were later swapped for the same system equipped on the goliath class, solving the problem. It is for this reason that the intruder class has only 8 vertical launch tubes.

*Weapons system note: Intruder also has a new weapons system based on the kew(kenetic energy weapon) designed for use against both cylon raiders and basestars.
it functions similarly to the ciws system mounted on a nimitz class aircraft carrier.

Defensive systems note: Intruder and Atlantis utilize reinforced Densified Armor for Improved defensive capability over standard Intruder Frame.
Armor on the Intruder class is also thicker than usual.
Due to the complexities involved in the manufacture, and installation of the Densified armor, its use was not projected to become standard for several years.

8 primary drive engines, 2 secondary drive engines, 4 FTL drives and 22 sets of thrusters

*Propulsion Systems note: Intruder class FTL modified for faster spinup, resulting in less prep time needed.
Due to the weight of the armor, the Intruder class was Designed with bigger engines to compensate.
An unanticipated result of this is that the engines are more powerful than design testing indicated, giving the Intruder an exceptional fast sublight speed.
She's actually faster than the Hyperion class Battlestar Cerebus at sublight.

Jump Drive:
Celestus class jump engine system using a pair of Olympus class engines.
JUMP RANGE: 100 Stellar Units (S.U.)

Other features - Hydroponics bay for growing various foods, Production Workshops for building new vipers and raptors and new types of fighters on extended missions, Flight simulators, Research Labs (again for extended missions) and the second ship in the fleet to carry a new compartmentalized computer network.
Atlantis Mainframe note: Due to the fact that Atlantis is fitted with an AI(based on human brain scan technology) her computer network benefits from added protection, and a significant performance boost.
Endurance - 7-9 Years Before required re-supply.(10 years for Atlantis due to her increased hydroponics capability)

*Note: her flightpods are more along the lines of flight bulges(for reduced vulnerability).
Recovery Bay was built into the ventral hull and surrounded with defensive turrets for protection, it was also for this reason that its located right beneath the central hull section connecting the drive pods.

*Armor note:Intruder class armor is thicker than that of the mercury class.
and has bigger engines to compansate.

* Launch pods Weapons systems Note: several Rapid fire Ciws point defense turrets were carefully positioned to provide cover fire to both the pods and the vipers as they launch.

Recovery bay note: this bay can actually accomodate ships up to the size of a medium cargo ship. Typicaly these are slightly larger than the commercial transport that would later be known as Colonial One.
That size restriction allows for continued recovery operations even with a ship docked.

She also mounts an experimental dual or Dopplar dradis system designed to track and target at distances. this new dradis is also capable of directing the ship's ciws style kew to shoot and hit multiple incoming missiles.

The Battlestar class was named Intruder. a total of 12 were to be built. 2 were actually under construction at the time of the attacks.
All ships of her class except for 4 (guestimate) were assumed lost and destroyed during the cylon invasion.

Dopplar Dradis Console Upgrade note:

shortly before her deployment to bolster the Prometheus, the Atlantis' engineer was able to make operational a prototype 3d holographic dradis display.
this display system was built right into the Dradis console, and has proven itself to be of immense value in the few short weeks it has been operational.

Note: Because the intruder class was experimental alot of the operational details of some of her systems were restricted to ships personal.
She was built along side Goliath, using many of its systems, including an FTL system modified for faster spinning up, thus enabling faster jump prep.

Note: alot of the modified systems were installed on Intruder and Atlantis, Their being prototypes, this was so the modifications could be tested prior to the modifications being implemented throughout both the Intruder and Goliath class'es.
Intruder was intended to be a test bed for a whole new generation of Battlestar.

*indicates details restricted to ships personel.

It should be noted that Atlantis herself is a prototype, and thus, differs structurally in several key areas.
Lack of an elevated docking/observation deck
Standard configuration launch and recover scheme modified for use in Atlantis vehicle frame
Crew - 2000
Max Viper capacity-300
Increased Weapons stores give her equal firepower to a Goliath class
Length - 2550m (pod length 400m)
Width - 800m
Height - 500m
Recovery bay length:550m
Historical and Biographical notes on the Intruder Class:
due to technical and human related errors, this section is being rewritten.

Bearing no resemblance to past battlestars or warstars, she was intended as a bridge towards a new class of battlestar.
In addition, The intruder class does have the capability to design and build additional starfighters as needed, so the small number of production prototype starfighters embarked on board each ship is of no concern.

Built to be fast and tough, she sports multiple weapons emplacements and is capable of engaging at stand-off distances up to 6 basestars. Her armor is designed to shrug off all but the worst bombardments, enabling intruder to wade into any battle of her choice without fear. A planned total of 12 were projected to be built, however, dispite her advantages, of the 10 that were built, 4 survived, 6 were brought down by the same trojan horse command navigation program that would see the end of almost the entire fleet. 2 more Intruder class Battlestars were destroyed as they were being built!
Battlestars Intruder, Phendrana, Concordia, and the Commandstar Atlantis only survived because of the unique network system they had just been fitted with after their arrival at a top secret shipyard, and because special operations command refused to allow installation of the command navigation program. There is no word on the fate of Aries.

It is known as a compartmentalized computer mainframe network.
At the push of a button, the entire network goes into localized systems mode, each part only operating systems in its area, with no physical or wireless links.This system was thought to be the only possible solution in terms of allowing networked computers, while negating the possibility of remote hacking induced systems shutdowns. While this proved to be the perfect defense against external Remote attack, even this system is vulnerable to attack from within. The Intruder class was not the only new class to be introduced to the fleet. The Goliath class, intended to replace the murcury class, was also in developement. Unfortunately, due to the design's complexity, only the Goliath was completed by the time of the fall of the colonies.

For further information see the fanfic.
Intruder class ships are named after people as well as famous places, events, etc.
Some information in these specifications is deliberately falsified in order to confuse and confound threat forces.(but not in the declassified edition!
XRaiderV1.7 Saturday, March 19, 2008, 7:50AM

Measurements of the physical Intruder model:

Actual model physical length: 1ft 5 and 3/4 inches
Actual physical model height: 2 and 3/4 inches
Actual physical model width(with drive pods)just shy of 5 inches
Drive pod height: 1 and 3/4th inches
Drive pod length: 4 and 3/4th inches
Drive pod width: just over an inch
Flight bulge length:just under 3 and 3/4th inches
Flight bulge width: just over an inch
recovery bay length: 5 and 1/2 inches
recovery bay height: one half inch
recovery bay width:just over an inch

Revison history:
V1.4-Initial possible ideas and initial working copy(file deleted upon completion of v1.5 release)
V1.5-initial draft release.
v1.6-major structuring reorganization
v1.7-fact checks and updates
v1.8-fact checks and updates
v1.8-addition of some info to make compliant with legends of atlantis storyline.
v1.9-technical specifications updated upon a suggestion by my niece, who noted that the lego design for the intruder varied slightly from the established technical specifications.
v2.0-updated with additional reference material taken from the battlestar prometheus fanfic, at my nieces suggestion(I should seriously consider paying her to do fact checking and research for me, lol)
v2.1-this is a major revision, correcting errors present in previous versions. these errors exist because of another fanfic i had planned to write, but subsequently decided against writing in favor of the Legends of Atlantis story. Historical and Biographical section has been reduced in size and extent.
please note that previous versions of the intruder class tech specs are now considered out of date and thereby obsolete.
this is the final planned release of the intruder class tech specs.
A definitive Final edition of the tech specs(minus deliberate falsified data, and fully up to date) will be released upon completion of the 2d Intruder bitmap
v2.2- updated, revised, major formatting changes, major rewrite.
Stupidest thing I've ever seen a spyware program do: Shoot 'em all, shoot self, repeat.

Definitely not worth $40 dollars.
Definitely worth the laugh though.
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1. Name and source file credits are in the image itself.(this is the manner of attribution that was specified by the author(s) of the source file)

2. file uploaded is in compliance with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License ( [link] ) as specified at wolfsshipyards [link] ,
web forum address where the image debuted at wolfsshipyards forums [link]

3. provided this image is left undisturbed for one standard month, this notice will be removed by me.

(3. is suspended for this image alone, due to specific TOS requirements)

4. I was told I could upload these by the two artists I asked to use my lego concept model to draw the above two images. If this violates any part of the TOS or submission guidelines, please inform me via deviant art note, and the images will be removed at my next log-in.
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this would be a great colony ship with a few mods
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
in the original specs I had worked up for her she was designed to be refitted to serve precisely that function.
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
bit of both, actually.
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It's made all the better for the fact that she's unique.
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
she was a right pain to work up specs for, I dont think any other ship has given me trouble, when it comes to working up a proper set of specs, I mean.
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Was that because of her general design or some unseen reason?
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
no, she's not a typical battlestar.
when I built the concept model, I wanted to go in a completely original, untried route.
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Very nice. Not the typical battlestar design at all. X3
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Very nice indeed XD She's nice and armed to the teeth
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