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Awakened Titan Viola3

By XRaiderV1
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a compilation of stills showing the evolution of my awakened female titan, Viola.

current Level: 18
armor components(all armor components are uncommon or rare unless stated otherwise next to the component in question):
head: knight type 4
Arms: knight type 3
Chest: knight type 1
Legs: knight type 1
Mark:  Mark of the pilgrim guard
shader: default

primary: galahad-e/naraka sr5/renegade mk.55
secondary: 13098V Incognito/hieracon-lr3
special: hannibal-e

Brief Bio:
she's fun loving and relaxed when off duty but is a cold hearted merciless bitch in battle, and tends to be a vicious in your face type combatant. known for having a soft spot for not let her catch you hurting one..or you'll be lucky if all she does is slit your throat.

disclaimer: I own nothing but the work put into levelling up the character.
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