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Aegis II

By XRaiderV1
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this is the Aegis II.
based off the Pegasus V2 frame on wolfsshipyards.

Classification: Strikestar.
capable of extended endurance missions, and significantly faster at sublight speeds, she carries a 90 viper complement, as well as numerous secondary craft.

Equipped with 28 MK V navel KEW, and 16 vertical launch Nuclear missiles(8 dorsal, 8 ventral)(additional 16 missiles available as one reload), and 4 MK 10 HKEW(fixed position mounts), as well as numerous anti starfighter defenses, and equipped with a VIND(Virtual Intellegence Network Defense)(prototype of system equipped on the nova class battlestars)

Designed as a cost effective second generation of the venerable Aegis class, the Aegis II exceeds it's predecessor in all areas of operational capability.

Designed for long range endurance, and capable of speeds that put the Cygnus class Gunstars to shame, this formidable ship is considered a class 1 threat by the cylon fleet.

Of the 30 frames laid down and or converted from existing incomplete Mercury class frames(most Mercury class frames laid down prior to the fleet downsizing were either scrapped or diverted to the Aegis II lines), only 4 survived the opening salvos of the second war.

Part of operation long reach, the second of the new colonization initiative, their current whereabouts are unknown.

A 5th, was sighted entering the Ragnar anchorage shortly prior to Galactica's jumping of the civilian fleet to safety.

It was confirmed that this ship docked just as Galactica herself jumped away.

credits, as always, are attached to the image itself.
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where are the viper launch tubes?
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Is it just me, or does this ship look A LOT like a Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser from Star Wars?
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
*tilts head* you know, now that its been mentioned.. I cant believe I didnt see that before myself...

so.. its not you.

good eye, really good eye.

hey, you wouldnt be over on fanfiction dot net, would you?
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I'm on Fanfiction, yeah.
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impressive detailing! you must do this things weeks
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XRaiderV1Hobbyist Digital Artist
sometimes takes months on some projects.

other artists, more skilled artists, take only weeks or days to finish a project.

in this case, for the Aegis and Eternal, all I did was update the existing frames using V2 blanks.

took mere hours.
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oh,, :) im still really amazed by the level of detail you can put to your models
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