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Ad Astra class ebon hawk refit

By XRaiderV1
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The meat and potatoes:

her crew escape systems consist of either 14 20 person escape pods or 28 10 person pods, raptor assault craft that can carry 10 maximum not counting 2 person flight crew. she carries two variants of raptor, one hyperspace capable, the other non hyperspace capable, she carries 12 of these craft. she can berth Kodiaks but space is at a premium for the larger craft. The escape pods are located behind ejectable flash dispersable ablative armor plating whose function is intended to absorb and or outright deflect incoming weapons fire. This last system has NEVER been tested under operational conditions, though lab testing and simulations project an effectiveness rating of no less than 60% and as high as 98% effectiveness.

maximum supportable crew complement of 280, with staffing and ground teams allocated at 120 for the raptor flight crew and ground teams. all personnel cross trained to both maximize versatility and prevent overcrowding of the ship. maximum supported capacity is 1000 in a typical evacuation scenario, and that's short duration only.

nominal typical crew complement is 180.

Hyperdrive rating of 0.20 with after commissioning modifications by owner to field coils and antimatter reaction core, it should be noted that under emergency conditions, at risk to ship and crew, hyperdrive speeds can be pushed as fast as 0.10 for short durations only, again with risk to ship and crew being regarded as considerable.

Sublight systems capable of fighter grade acceleration, handling performance near equivalent.

Provisioning made for underway self replenishment of fuel reserves (unselrep) built in with two bussard ram scoops and their collection systems, ship has two antimatter generators onboard to convert raw fuel stock to antimatter. Effective range with unselrep at present unknown but expected to be cross quadrant at least, as endurance testing with this set of systems has not been conducted and simulation results are unavailable due to lack of simulations in this area due to time constraints.

Ship can receive helium 3 fuel and is able to process it into the antimatter equivilant and subsequently use it, though performance is noted to be less than that of the preferred deuterium fuel stock.

Weapons notes:

The ship uses the kelvin timeline bolt phasers, and has three modes for her weapons, offensive, with variable yield, defensive, where the bolts are typically shorter ranged but always at full power, and fast tracking mode, the latter fires the typical beam we're well acquainted with, but at a lower power setting for hardware safety reasons. typically used to engage fighters and missiles, but can also be used as a 'shield sapper' where strain is placed on the opponent's shield, whatever facing is presented to the ship at a given point in time. most computer systems prioritize shield power to the facing under greatest load, this can allow a lucky hit through a thinned facing.

Compatible with specialized mission weapons pods on inboard hardpoints on the forward end of the nacelle pontoons, typical specialst pods mounted are high capacity high powered pulse phaser cannons, though provisioning is made for rumored under development thanix weaponry.

She carries two forward and two aft torpedo launchers, capable of utilizing a variety of ordinance types, though the typical loadout is photonic, and later as advances were made, photon torpedoes, which are matter/antimatter explosive devices.

Number of dual phaser beam banks: 18
Number of torpedo launchers: 4
Antifighter missile launchers: 2 10 round launchers with three reloads, obsolete as of third refit and rendered inoperative, launchers removed in favor of additional shield generators and sensor arrays.

Defensive systems:
Ablative armor overlays laminated Silaris armor procured from asari sources that will remain unlisted in this technical document due to operational security reasons. This armor package is intended to give the ship the ability to take hits from the smallest patrol craft on up to at least cruiser weight ships.

Self regenerating energy shields, able to withstand hits from ships many times this vessel’s size and weight class.

Small craft:
12 raptors of two types, hyperdrive and non hyperdrive equipped.
crew : 12 including two person flight crew.
Weapons equipped: optional, multimission multi weapons type compatible, note, hyperdrive equipped raptor has one twin rotary barreled turret mounted aft ventrally that is removable, the hardpoint cannot equip any other weapons system in that location however.

Space provisioning for 6 fighters, with disembarkment of raptor small craft required.

Space provisioning for two kodiak dropships, with disembarkment of at least 6 raptor smallcraft required.

Provisioning for upgrades has been made for smallcraft hanger.
yes ladies and gentlemen, my first work in three years..yes thats right..3 YEARS.

I went simple as this is my first project in THREE YEARS.. enjoy.
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sadly this one's not up for sharing, modification, redistribution or whatnot... you can look but no touchie touchie....
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I love it! A great tribute to the Ebon Hawk!
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its so pretty ^_^