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XR Manips - Neapolitan Feature III - Chocolate

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 8, 2018, 8:00 AM

Been thinking about taking your art to a new level?

XR Manips takes on the world of manips, blending adult genre art with fine art . . . and more!

This collection showcases some of the finest examples of what an XR Manip might look like.

We hope those in this collection will join us, and many other exquisite artists too!

Come show off your Erotic ~ Exotic ~ Extreme manips!

Love Conquers All by JoeDiamondD

To Fly Again by SineLuce

Absolution by StandoutloudMIND CONTROL.. by chryssalis

Love's like a dream by sasha-fantom

Rest of death by Wesley-Souza

Franks Girl by AbaddonArt

Oni Ni Tenome by fantasioMystique - The Sideshow Queen by fantasio

Commission - Paindoll by FlexDreamsOn The Edge by Lora-Vysotskaya

The Whore by immanuelCasimodo and Esmeralda by Sweetlylou

Unholy by DinowCookie
Sisters Of The Moon by FlexDreams
Lamashtu II by Lvcifera

Succubus by VasylinaSacred Whore by AbaddonArt

Kria and Kaja the sea witches by BrietOlga

aNesTheSia by mimikascraftroom
Untamed by ChristabelleLAmort

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~ The Naked Truth ~

~ On the Erotic Road ~


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What Qualifies As A Manip On DA?

Photomanipulations: Category OverviewGallery Descriptions and Miscats month
What is a photomanipulation?

Photomanipulations are images that have been created digitally, composed of two or more photographic elements to create something new. 
What does it mean? It means that every work you submit to the photomanipulation category should have been created with the use of at least two photos. It also means that if you, for example, combined two 3D elements, two paintings or similar, your work is not a photomanip and should not be placed in this category.  
What about mixed-media?
If your work consists of many elements, and more than 50% of them are not photographs, consider submitting it to Digital Art/Mixed-Media. 
Category overview
1. Abstract
Photomanipulations focusing on the formal, non-representational aspect of imagery, emphasizing lin
Photography vs Photomanipulations: A DiscussionGallery Descriptions and Miscats month
:iconmrs-durden: Mrs-Durden
The definition of photomanipulations is as follows on DeviantArt: "Art created from the manipulation of two or more photographic images combined in whole or in part to create something new."
It is an important definition to go back to in my opinion, as far too often, people wrongfully presume that an extensively edited image is a "photomanipulation" when this is in fact not the case.
For something to be a photomanipulation it should at least have two photographic images combined together, and, in my opinion, the interpretation of "combined in whole or in part to create something new" is absolutely key to discerning the difference between a photomanipulation and just an edited photograph. For example, many photographers will take multiple shots and merge them together, but they are not creating something "new" in this process, they are merely combining what they caught of, for example, o

Defining a manip can be debatable, not etched in stone.

Rules Of Submission

1. Genre matters here at XR Manips. We are dedicated to all aspects of the Adult Genre, in all its varied and exquisite forms. Nudity is a key part of the Adult landscape, but isn't required.

2. Submission folders are divided into standard and not so standard sub-genres. Please submit to whichever folder(s) best fits your sub-genre.

3. There is a folder for any XR Manip artists that have art for sale in cyberspace. There is also a folder for any commission work offered by XR-Manip artists.

4. The XR Laboratory is where you will find tools of the trade.

5. Use legit stocks and provide links, or state it's your own resources.

6. Submissions to the XR Manips gallery folders are limited to members only, should be your best work and must be your own work, or a collaboration. Admins may and often do feature deviations by non-members. All submissions must pass thru Elvira's cleavage, or a fire-breathing dragon, depending on the sub-genre.

7. DA bans pornography.

Hitting the links below will take you to the rules governing nudity, pornography, etc.

DA Nudity Policy

DA rules on Pornographic Images

DA rules on Censoring adult material

DA Mature Content?

Stock and Resources


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