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Vivid Marbles

Something I've cooked up with 3Ds MAX yesterday and rendered today at uni :)

I hope you like it!

Rendered with iRay renderer
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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS... I love this ... way to go... You got the depth and field PERFECT... :)
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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh pretty 8)
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You're welcome :)
God bless
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wow thats freakn amazing! it looks so awsome!
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Very Colorful and Vibrant! Great Piece! :D
kitiekat4U's avatar
how awesome. i love it :heart:
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I appreciate your kindness :)
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the most amazing thing ive seeen all week :D
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Thank you! :lol:
I am glad you like it
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Looks good...I love iRay :)

I'm pretty sure Autodesk or mental images or someone on youtube did an example of what is capable with iray with a scene very similar to this. Somewhere it exists...

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Haha, probably :)
The only downside of iRay is that the raw power needs a LOT of computing power. This was rendered over 5h40m on a quad-core + quadro machine...
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Yeah, it can take a long time for the images to clear...I can see in this image that it probably could have gone longer too :)

I find that the gaming cards such as the GTX series, while not as stable for rendering, can often render things more quickly because of the way they are set up. However they are more limited by smaller memory sizes.

Jeff Patton ( has some interesting bits on iRay on his blog.

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I've researched quite a lot into rendering, so I know what you are saying, not news :D
One interesting thing with unbiased rendering, though, is that mathematically, to halve the rendering errors (grain) from a previous value - 4 times the additional rendered samples are required. Taken that into consideration - rendering with iray or any other unbiased renderer can take literally forever ;)
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Yes, I find all this unbiased stuff pretty interesting too :D
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But it's not new, though. Various methods and mathematical equations were on 1986 (I think) SIGGRAPH papers as well. The only difference is that now we have computers fast enough to actually do this at home :D
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