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8-Bit heart stock

This is one of the 3D models I used on the Creeper Love valentine's day work I did earlier. Yeah, it's a 3D model, not a drawing :D

800x800 px image with an Alpha channel, already pre-keyed for your compositing pleasure!

Anyhow, feel free to use it if you feel like it, and if you do - it would be nice to see what you come up with and be credited :)


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Is it alright if I use this for personal use. I was thinking of using this as a graphic for my wedding invites. :)
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Thank you so much! I’ll post a picture and credit you so you can see it. 
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Of course! Sorry I haven't been active, but hope you did get to use it :)
Hey man, I am currently working on a java version of the retro game "breakout". Hope its ok that i use it as "remaining lifes" symbol ;) Keep up the great work, Ill link it when i am done.
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Hey I used it to post my 8bit version of a romantic song on souncloud. I credited you by the artwork, keep the good job!
 Llama Emoji-65 (Blink White and Tired) [V3] 
I tried to put the link here but Deviantart thinks this is a spam. 
I used it on . Thank you.
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i will use on my company site:
Thanks for great art.
This heart was used by Fort Atlantic, only on this page because of HIMYM 
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Hey, i've made a mug:…
You can buy it from there, i've credited you for the hearts, thanks for the design!
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Thank you ! I have credited you in the description :)…
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Thank you! This is awesome! :D
Thanks so much for this! :) Hope you don't mind that I used it here:…

Happy to credit you, please let me know how.
I'm thinking of starting up a wedding consultation business focusing on gamers and larpers and cosplayers etc... Nuptuals for Nerds. I want an 8 bit heart for my business cards to help get the concept across. May I?
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Sure, go ahead!
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Hello, so im using a bit your image for my shop, on my mug ;) And i'll give you a coupon sure! Its a little mug with a text "Oh! Im missing a heart!" I used 2 times your heart and 1 time edited, Whitout the Red color inside, hope you'll like it! And sure i'll give you credit :)
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Haha, better send me a mug! - I'd love one :)
The image is fantastic.  I'd like to use this in a song I'm putting on youtube.  Is that okay?

I'll be sure to credit you and link to your deviant art profile of course. :)
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It is absolutely fine, fire away!
And be sure to hook me up with a link so I can check out the song too! :)
Sorry, I just noticed that you said that it's okay to use it as long I provide attribution.  I guess I should read better!  Thanks for making such great art available for use!  I hope some people head your way from seeing the link I'll have in the video description. :)
Okay, here's the finished video.  I hope you like it! :) Thanks again.
Thanks for the awesome heart! :D.

Used it for my friends gaming podcast that their trying to put together.…
Just used it on an advert for my little model bus company:…

Thank you!
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Nice! I remember I used to assemble little models from german companies like Piko and Faller as a part-time job :)
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