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3D Knife model

This is just a quick model I've cooked up on my first day at the university. While everyone else was pretty much just watching intro videos and familiarizing themselves with the interface, I had nothing better to do than this :D

I hope you like it :lol:

As always:

And powered by:
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Downlaod? plllzzzz :P
hi ,just a request can I see the knife wireframe ?
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If I can find the model on my hard drive :)
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Interested in join the project I'm working on?
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I would defo say "YES!" if I had the time...
I have 5 university assessments this month + a part-time job + two Student Academic Partnerships + own business stuff
Feel my pain :(
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well, that's one way to put it...
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Do you work with swords as well?
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Looks sharp!
I remember my first lab. The instructors basically sat us down and said "Ok, make something!" (The first class, before the lab, was about the interface and creation tools)
Fun stuff! I've often wondered what it would be like to take the course over again now that I've had a few years experience. Make all the new guys jealous! :evillaugh:
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yeah, I've been using MAX for years now, so imagine how easy it is form me xD
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would look very cool with some high-res textures :P
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yeah, it would :D
Maybe I'll unwrap it just for the heck of it and texture it for practice :)
Thanks for the feedback!
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