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She's afraid, she's sick
You see her cowering in the closet
And you grab her
Now as you grab her you see something
You see tears roll down her young face
You see urine run down her leg
She’s afraid
Afraid of your tight grasp
Around her tiny neck
She’s afraid
Afraid of your strong fist
Penetrating her face
She’s afraid
Afraid of the pain you put her through
Each and everyday
And she’s sick
Sick of your salty taste
She’s sick
Sick of the foul words you spit in her face
She’s sick
Sick of your disgusting sexual ways
Most of all
She’s sick
Sick of you
Every night that little girl
She cries
She cries because she’s a victim
A victim that is pushed away
Away from the people she loves
And the people she needs
Everyday that little girl
She screams
Screams as you throw her on her bed
That bed you rape her on each day
She screams
For someone to take you away
For someone to save her
But the only one who listens
Stares back at her in the mirror
With big tearful eyes
And a torn soul
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The mask of Fake Emotions
The mask of Fake Emotions
That smile you see,
And that laugh you hear,
Are fake.
They are part of this mask that I wear,
This mask I hide behind each day.
Each day I show you a happy side of me,
But this,
Is not the true me.
Inside I do not smile,
I do not laugh,
I am not happy.
But I put on this mask each day,
For you,
So I,
Can make you happy.
The need to make people happy,
Is a true side of me,
I am kind,
I am nice,
But I,
I am not happy.
The more things that pile on these shoulders of mine,
The more my mask cracks,
And the true side of me shines through,
This in return,
Hurts you.
So I shall choose to hurt myself,
And put myself into a more depressed state,
To repair this mask,
So you,
Shall return to your happy self,
And I,
Will hide behind this mask,
With my fake smile,
And my fake laugh.
Just to see your sweet smile,
And hear your amazing laugh.
:iconscarlette-shadows:Scarlette-Shadows 1 5
Tell me 2
I'm walking down this road
It seems like it's never ending.
I see the cars whizzing by.
Their headlights go past
As if I'm invisible.
I’ve always been invisible.
I try and I try
But it’ll never be good enough.
Nothing shall be enough for you.
You’ll never want me.
I see them grab my heart and break it
Even when it’s already broken,
Broken by so many,
Time and time again
And now nothing will repair these wounds.
Not their love,
Not their tears,
Nothing can re-stitch these seams.
So why can't you tell me
Why I'm not good enough?
Why I'm "only your friend"?
Why I'm nothing to you?
Why am I invisible to you?
Put the words in my mouth,
Make me speak.
Make me scream.
Make me bleed these words,
Until I know.
Tell me
Tell me
Till I know!
Break me down,
Break me down,
Break me down again.
I'm looking, watching,
Wondering, hoping,
Wishing we could be a two
But I know my dream won’t come true
As if it's thrown at my face every damned day
As if it's chanted,
As if i
:iconscarlette-shadows:Scarlette-Shadows 1 2
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Chelsea Michelle
United States
It's been awhile since I've been on here... Mostly got on to see what I used to write, to try to get the want to back.
  • Listening to: TV
  • Watching: A Haunting
  • Drinking: Limeade
I haven't been on here in a long time nor have I been doing any writing or photography. My life has been pretty crappy and I've had not time for it.

To start off, since the last time I had a journal entry, I've been very sick. I was diagnosed with Mono back in February and though most of the symptoms of the virus are gone, I am still extremely fatigued and have a constantly swollen spleen. I never realized how having a swollen spleen can make a person not be able do ANYTHING in life. I'm not allowed to even bend over :/ Fun, yes? This is the short version of all my medical problems that occurred in February and the beginning of March.  

Also, I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder but I refuse to get on meds for it. So, because I'm stubborn and know what these meds could do to my brain(hooray for so many Psych courses!), I am constantly shaking, have a high pulse, and cannot sleep. I'm about to cave....*shrug*

And my great new job that I got back in December is not so great anymore. When I got sick, I missed 2 weeks of work and when I came back we had a new manager who sucked up all the money....I am once again looking for another job. O, and my car is dieing on me.

Sorry for the "woe is me!" story but its just an update for anyone who cares and wonders why I haven't been on for a while, the previous was why.


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WindupFruitcake Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
(Although... the black hair in the pic kinda threw me off for a sec, since you're totes like, blonde right now... x'D!)

So, hey bro! :heart:
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:iconhappytearsplz: I LOVE YOU!
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Chelsea! So many thanks for faving! Happy new year for you and you have a bunch of cool stuff arround xD I have to take a deep look to your gallery

P.S. Don't forget to take your camera every now and then :P
XPurpleHaloX Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2010
You're welcome! And a Happy New Year to you as well :)

I know, I know :lol: I'm so busy now with work and school started back up today actually, boo! I'll try to get something up here soon.
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thanks for the fav ;]
i like your gallery.
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