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April 13, 2010
Finally Awake by *xpsam
The suggester says: What a gorgeous Sci-Fi landscape! The colours of the sunset and the details on the buildings make of this work an impressive piece of art that deserves to be looked over and over again.
Featured by gucken
Suggested by Yasny-chan
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Finally Awake

By xpsam
Serving slashTHREE - XIII - Unleashed.

Check the entire pack here [link] , u wont regret it.

The Story behind this piece is a sad story, that man is unleashing himself from a society that didn`t understand him, by committing suicide, Maybe its better that way. =(

Edit: WOW, my first DD :O
Thanks Yasny-chan for the sugestion and gucken for the feature, and everyone for the favs and comments, im rly happy right now.
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Don't jump! Amazing piece... I'm in awe of your attention to detail and realistic style! :eyepopping:
xpsam's avatar
Maybe im a bit late, but thank you =)
RysaMeansMe's avatar
So he's not jumping over that brigge-like structure becouse his so indescribable happy ? :(
xpsam's avatar
No, im afraid not :\

Hes in a better place now :D

Sry about the delay.
Leonidas666's avatar
Grande concept design... mesmo que seja um pouco polémico.
JoseAlvesSilva's avatar
Não conhecia esta imagem!
Está muito fixe! Parabéns :)
xpsam's avatar
=) Obrigado José.
JoanGuardiet's avatar
Great work, love it!
xpsam's avatar
thx, apreciated. =)
phoenixleo's avatar
love the details and the lighting! :clap:
xpsam's avatar
thank you m8.
phoenixleo's avatar
you are most welcome!
rhunel's avatar
That is some crazy skateboarder (hoverboard or glideboard, I presume)!
xpsam's avatar
unfortunatly no,i already add a small description on top.

Thank you for watching.
I love the lights in this. And it took awhile to notice the jumping person :p <- This came from a person who was about to go to sleep XD
xpsam's avatar
eheh, thank you!
Tabby-Katt's avatar
I like the little people. Not only is it an excellent way of showing the scale of the city and bridge, but it adds a bit of realness to the setting, showing that humans live there and can enjoy the sunset just like we do.
xpsam's avatar
indeed Tabby!!

thank you.
dash-of-mystery's avatar
This is gorgeous. I love the colors and the building on the left especially, really drew me in. Really nice highlights and shadows. Deserving of a DD. Congratulations!
xpsam's avatar
thank you, im glad u liked it.
dash-of-mystery's avatar
You're welcome. : )
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