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City 17 - Strider Patrol

Striders patroling the streets, looking for "the resistance".

An Half Life 2 tribute, used some references on this one, anyway hope you like it.
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The citadel is my most favourite sky scrapper I love it's design :D
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I like it alot, the smaller buildings could be worked on but overall very well done, faved! :)
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Very Awesome, Dude. I like the Citadel.
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So very, very good.
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ohh, thank you.
awesome, love it
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tha m8...
i see u are hl fan, like me :D
yeah, definitely
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exacto sam.... pq de resto esta bom :D
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O único reparo ou pelo menos uma opinião é que os edificios mais próximos do observador deveriam ter mais detalhe.

Mas gostei, Samecas.
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O charuto tb me chamou à atenção em relação a esse pormenor.

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and welcome to dA :D
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i love it, well done!
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thx M8
apreciated =)
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