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Aurorarion Darkside vR2.5 for Windows Vista



*****UPDATED 01/01/2015***** up to vRelease 2.5
--What's New--
●Improve some theme images
●Other minor updates applied



*****UPDATED 11/18/2010***** up to vRelease 2.2
--What's New--

●Changed Aero Window Transparency level
●Improvement of Aero Window Reflections effect
●Applied "Windows 7" Start Orb
●Replaced Windows Shell Image
●Optimized with Widescreen Display environment
●Updated some theme images
●FIXED some image & graphical bugs



*****UPDATED 04/13/2010***** up to vRelease2.1
--What's New--
● Improvement Taskbar PNG Image file
● Fixed StartPanel Image Bug


FULL NAME IS 'XPmania's Aurorarion Darkside vRelease2.5 for Windows Vista Operating System'

NOTE : This theme is Designed for Windows Vista Operating system. So, this theme cannot run in Windows XP & 7.

**How to install**
1. Download file and extract it somewhere.
2. Copy files from the extract folder to "C:\WINDOWS\RESOURCES\THEMES".
3. Now you can apply theme at 'Control Panel -> Personalization -> Window color and appearance -> open classic appearance properties for more color options -> color scheme'.

If you are looking for a previous version (vRelease1), you are available through this link. --->…

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Galaxyburstwarrior's avatar
I need help T_T I can't figure out how to get this thing to work
rokicza's avatar
I had this on Vista and I need this for Win7 :D
8000860's avatar
Just get Vista back... I did so... it's much better ;)
Kayle-kins's avatar
It's not working.
its a great theme good work ;)
but i want to change the windows start button i use Resource Hacker
can you tell me wich number the start button is in the IMAGE folder ?
marz3pan's avatar
I love this theme too, but can you or someone else make a version with non-transparent windows when maximised, pleeease???
I can't get it to work i have windows vista can someone help please?
Vanja1995's avatar
yah, its really good, but I cant use it because I think your msstyles file is the XP version, i dont know, we need .theme files, I think, but it needs an update to work, I think, again. Also you didnt include how to use instructions, but it looks REALLY good.
There is no .theme file included in the download. How can I create one or apply the theme? Thank you
Can you tell me please which gadget is that with the cpu info and the one below?
Uchiha09221's avatar
It looks alot like a re-vamped version of the Windows Aero theme. The main difference is the transparency and color. :unimpressed:
naruto's avatar
Does this work with Vista SP2?
toanirvash's avatar
in the screenshot, in the system properties dialog, it says its SP2 so it should work. i wont know cuz i dont use SP2.
naruto's avatar
Thats awesome. Thanks! :D
maybe a new kinda taskbar style will suit the theme, boring with win7 style, ha ha
sagorpirbd's avatar
Nice looking.....:iconsv84:
rokicza's avatar
yeah this is very good ;)

look :D
Pyttt's avatar
Yea I see. Does a bit of what I mean :) How hard is it to edit the color of the blinking taskbar tab when a program blinks. Been searching for some time how to edit that. It's always orange. :)
dafmat71's avatar
its nice, but it is better if we can see your pic in bigger!
Pyttt's avatar
Might be nice :) Are you planning on making this in multiple color combinations?
rokicza's avatar
u can change window color in normal settings...

from right click menu... :)
PacMani's avatar
looks great! too bad that the startmenu is pixelated at the bottom ;)
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