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Twilight Sparkle 13

From the cover of the Friendship is Magic complete Season One DVD

SVG: [link]

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Twilight: Hi I'm Twilight nice to-
Me: slap 
Me: For being born
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*she punches you in the face*
Twilight: just returning the favor
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my face is made of solid concrete so when she punches me she breaks her hoof 
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Her reaction to someone calling her best pony.
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can I use this to make a base?
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i can trace these to make bases if that's ok. i will say original vector by
xPesifeindx's avatar
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thanks sooo much I love making bases I might make my own OC vector while I finally have inkscape, so excited to use it.
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This is also another vector of yours I used for the BattleBlock Theater heads pack
Again, thank you for the vector file! :D
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Please don't kill me, Used here
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Used here: And gave you credit!
Thanks for making this! :D
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used! sorry, it's pretty bad, it's my first try at a wallpaper Sweating a little...…
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in a video I have planned, if that's cool.
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She's so cutee!!!!
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Used here [link] and credited.

JordanTheBrony's avatar
Okay, never mind that one, it was less than I wanted it to be...

I replaced it with this one: [link]
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Used here and credited: [link]
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Used and credited here: [link]
6XShadowX6's avatar
Used and credited [link] thank you.
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