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The Tree of Harmony

By xPesifeindx
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Hey, 1900 Objects!...

Episode: S4E02 "Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 2"


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
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Well, if we're posting ways we used this image.


I remade this image using this background for my FiMFic cover when I realized it was more fitting for the story. Originally I had used a background of a trashed Canterlot throne room.

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Thunder-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Friendship is Truly Magic Forever by Thunder-Artist Background used here! :)
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Kimberly-AJ-04-02Student General Artist
After watching the first 2 episodes of the final season of FiM, I can hardly believe this tree had been destroyed by King Sombra who deserves the death penalty by the Power of Friendship! :( (Sad) I now mourn this tree with love! Waaaah!
Sad LilyI wish someone should've made a duplicate before the real thing gets destroyed... 
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TsintsehStudent Digital Artist
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KillingKisaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Very impressive work! I used this to make a colouring sheet of the Tree of Harmony for my daughter. She really loves colouring and the Internet doesn't seem to have a Tree of Harmony suitable for colouring, so the SVG was just what I needed! Thank you!
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JayJayKolioHobbyist General Artist
I used your vector: here
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Which one is Pinkie Pie's element?
Please answer
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user15432Professional Filmographer
it's the blue one
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SuperGrape1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Used here!:  The Elements of Haunting! (Prologue Part 1) by SuperGrape1
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BronyNo786Hobbyist Digital Artist
1900 objects? sweet celestia how long did this take? anyways it is worth it man!
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Ponies-in-ReverseHobbyist Filmographer
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www.fimfiction.net/story/28409… I used this as cover for one of my fanfics. Great piece, and thanks a lot for making it available!
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JDWinkermanHobbyist General Artist
The Tree of Harmony's alternate desgin with generic gems. Well done, xPesifeindx!
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Unfiltered-NHobbyist Artist
Very impressive! How many hours did this take?
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SunriseMLPHobbyist Digital Artist
Used and credited in fav.me/d7swu6k
Thank you :3
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Used here: fav.me/d7nw4wh
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FurryXXI-02Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well done on that artwork! Can I use it for my video?
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FurryXXI-02Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I'll do it right now!
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