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Rainbow Dash 2

Dashie is best pony.

Episode: S1E25 "Party of One"


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Used and credited:
In their Grip by Rotzerrich
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In spite of her tomboyishness, Dashie can still look so cute you wanna hug her. Love Hug Huggle! La la la la 
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I'm bucking married to Dashie. On Google Plus. Awkward. 
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Used as a profile pic. Thanks :3
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yeah,R.D. is awsome,but sonic is really awsome :DD
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OMG! My eyes can't handle the cuteness of Dashie... I got a HUGE crush on her. :)
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Who's a pretty mare? Dashie!
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Amazing! And thank you so much for allowing re-use.
The post will hopefully be up by tomorrow at the latest, but I'll be using this vector in a photo on my tumblr blog located here: [link]

I'll be sure to link viewers back to your DA page!
Thank you so much for the wonderful work!
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Great job ~xPesifeindx, I really love it:)
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Love the style!
Too bad that my friends would laugh at me if I had this as my wallpaper...
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RD is my favorite of the Mane Six with rarity possibly coming in a close second.
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Huzzah a new RD vector. I agree Dash is my personal favorite.
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