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Been awhile since I uploaded here.

So hi.
Might debunk Mr limons apology 👀
See I would call out more people but some people honestly scare me. Reason why is due to how poor there attitude is, how they abuse there fan base, etc. someone who I have been wanting to call out was an old friend and now due to how they are now it makes me regret becoming friends with them. I won’t say who obviously but if they continue to act the way they are. I’m gonna have to do something.
Isn't it lovely when the partys over? Having daddy issues is great. 

hdfja im back and im doing better. So if you didn't notice i took a small break from DA due to how shitty some people were. But yeah i will try to upload art now and not have them to be so poop. Enjoy!
So i will say. Don't get happy and shit if TDF is gone. There is another group of people coming to call out bad people. I myself will begin to start doing it alone. Seems kinda fun so why not join it? : P

So for those who don't know who the actual frick this person is you are blessed
Now with nightmare rarity HE ACTUALLY CHANGED AND GOT SOME COMMON SENSE. But with Theta...Jesus christ. Hes a problem.
What i learned about theta is: Hes a 19 year old creep who has been ban evading accounts to either do these things.

Harass or stalk people
Manipulate people
Sexually RP
Guilt trip people
 Etc etc. 
Proof:  FRANK LIMON...Take a look on this people... take a REAL Closer Look on this two people...
Frank Limon
:iconNegentienPictures: (currently active) :iconproghan: (banned) :iconangelodelsinfonie: (banned) :icontetanusriot: (pretending to be a girl and currently active) :iconnoahaljann310: (currently active) :iconxxutopiahemelxx: (banned) :iconBeTARaINPlus: (Banned) :iconceegrove23: (banned) the list goes on.
and his buddy accomplice or possibly himself :iconThe-Nemian-Lion:
Speaking Ill about one my greatest friends :iconpinkartsy:...
The rest of the evidence and witnesses:
 (Big thank you to this person :iconvortexlegacy: for giving information about him) and this  SIGNS HOW TO SPOT FRANK LIMONOkay everyone, Negentien-Pictures :iconnegentien-pictures: (Frank Limon) is still on the loose and he once again made a new but short lived account ----> :iconGREY2002: To fool me,insult me and other friends again pretending to be another person to convince to unblock him.
For all of your own safety and to avoid this douchebag giving you a bad time?
Here's my Tips how to avoid this Asshole as much as possible and not to be FOOLED Again.
1- He's Manipulative by playing the innocent act,says sorry too many times but then he doesn't mean shit and Keeps harassing people and been rude.
Also makes stupid crappy journals,poems, shitty arts to manipulate and fool you all making you think he is a good guy,probably he stolen all these from other poem writers or artists.
2- He's Sick and Obsessed for 2 current friends of mine :iconpinkartsy: (unfortunately she left thanks to him >.
 (Once again thank you person c: )
And lastly  I Can't Stand it Anymore...(RANT/VENT)Please, do not harass this user. If you do, you are no better than him. I just would be happier to see him gone.
Usually I hate making these types of journals because the situation resolves rather quickly. Trolls are pretty insignificant. Block and ignore, life goes on. Everything is great. Right?
But since my experience with Frank Limon, I'm afraid he's taking things too far now. No matter what, he keeps making more accounts to harass others. He forces people to unblock them and threatens them if they don't. He even went so far as to impersonate another user just to tell people to unblock him. The things he has done are far too serious to be ignored. He has hurt way too many people. And I should know. I tried to block him and he ended up using other accounts to stalk me. I have witnessed the horrible things he had did and I can say...he is a monster. He needs to be reported for harassment and block evasion. 
If you ever see an account labeled Frank Limon, please report it. I know
 (Shout out to :iconserpanade-toons: for making this)
But god damn mister frank. 
OH and heres this 

God damn hes a dispenser for evidence. Frank you are 19 in a community of kids. Get your fucking life together and leave people alone ffs.

Mister frank limon. Stop harassing kids, manipulating and harassing them, or we will get the police involved c:
Oh and lastly. Lets not forget you confirmed to be a pedophile 
Oh and heres the quote
Someone: Theta do you even worry for the age of consent or know it?
Frank Limon: I try not to worry about it too much. 

Frank if you are seeing this
Stop being creepy you pedophile
Forgot to put this as well
(Lori who keep in mind is an actual child. a 13 year old infact. Yet she actually wanted to take the blame for it. Both kinda mature of her and sorry for her tbh..)

Hate to cut it short but what we have shown is part 1 of this. Here is his account: PLEASE block him and do NOT harass him. if you do, it will make you no better than what frank did. :iconxianrool379: (more accounts to come soon) 
This is xpert signing out. see ya gamers


Xpert03's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
BRING THIS BOI SOME TEA :iconbrandii0:
Just a random boi :p.
Discord server :p
Instagram so you can see my ugly ass face…
little facts about me is im a random 13 year old ovo

As you know i am back on DA after being banned for being underaged...
I now use SFM now instead of gmod.

Lets get into it.

I am a random boi
I love cats
Zodiac is Cancer (like me xddd)
I make custom textures (Don't even try to request textures >.>)

I don't take any requests after what happened. But i'd like to keep it private.

Thats about it.

In a sum up im a dork and a looser :3

Hecc you if you didn't finish this.
Drawing account :iconxpert-draws:

Sabs and xpert pagedoll by Xpert03
Good friends ovo
:iconelliegodelia: :iconlittlebludragoness: :iconteslatheocto: :iconsabsthesociopath: :icontotembandicoot: :iconjavierinkling: :iconbrandii0:

Note that if you want to be on my good friends list then you will have to talk on discord and not just on DA only once. If you do put me on your friends list if we talked once then i will not add you on mine just cause you did to mine. We need to talk for at least 3-7 weeks or longer <w>

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TheYellowInkling Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Xpert. You doing alright man? Haven't talked to you in ages.
Emperor-CatVI Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello again xpert03!

Thanks, again. 
I am glad to see you support my drawings 
That's why I have one more favour to ask of you.
If it is not too much trouble, can you take a minute to subscribe to my youtube channel? 
I want to make it as a freelance artist and I think youtube is the way to go.
That's why if you do subscribe to my channel, don't forget to click the notification bell to get notified whenever I post an art tutorial

I make them because I want to repay your kindness for supporting me always :D 
I want to give back to this community

Here is the link :… :happybounce:

If you are unsure, I understand. 
I may sometimes come out as too straighforward and I apologize if this comment inconveniences you. 
If you just want a sample of what Kind of tutorials I make, here (Portrait tutorial, step by step) :
Thank you again, I really do mean it. And would love to have you join my youtube family, xpert03!
TeslaTheOcto Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay so imma just give you those Twix i owe you-

but u still owe me a fuck ton of Pepsi cans qwq
Skittled-Asscheeks Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Theta's new account is Theta-Rex-227
Xpert03 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I already know. I’ll be adding his new account on the journal.
Skittled-Asscheeks Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Oh oof
Skittled-Asscheeks Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Xpert03 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uno reverse
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reverse card
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+rep great friend and deviant!
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