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I made a list of class trees based on the Classes in Fire Emblem, please tell me what you think.

If a class has a different title for each gender, the male title will be listed first, followed by the female title.

Legend: S = Wields Swords, A = Wields Axes, L = Wields Lances, AT = Wields Anima Tomes, LT = Wields Light Tomes, DT = Wields Dark Tomes, B = Wields Bows, K = Wields Knives, STV = Wields Staves, M = Mounted Class, AR = Armored Class, F = Flying Class.

                  Templar (LT, AT, S) -> Grand Templar [M] (LT, AT, S)
Priest/Priestess (LT, AT) <
                  Bishop (LT, AT, STV) -> Saint (LT, AT, STV)
  Monk/Cleric (STV) <
                  War Monk/Cleric (A, STV) -> Grand Master/Maiden (A, STV)

             Sage (AT, STV) -> Archsage (AT, STV)
  Mage (AT) <
       Spear-Caster (AT, L) -> Dragoon [M] (AT, L)
Soldier (L) <
          Halberdier (L) -> Sentinel (L)

                     Paladin [M] (S, L) -> Crusader [M] (S, L)
Cavalier [M] (S, L) <
                   Great Knight [M, AR] (S, L, A) -> Master Knight [M, AR] (S, A, L)
      Knight [AR] (L)<
                       General [AR] (L, A) -> Marshal [AR] (L, A)

            Warrior (A) -> Reaver (A)
  Fighter (A)<
                 Hero (S, A) -> Guardian (S, A)
Mercenary (S) <
               Ranger (S, B) -> Bow Knight [M] (S, B)
  Archer (B) <
              Sniper (B) -> Marksman (B)

           Swordmaster (S) -> Trueblade (S)
Myrmidon (S)<
          Master of Arms (S, A, L) -> Slayer (S, A, L)

       Assassin (K, B) -> Whisper (K, B)
Thief (K) <
          Pirate (K, S) -> Corsair (K, S)

                                    Protector [M] (L, STV) -> Holy Knight [M] (L, STV)
Troubadour/Trobairitz [M] (STV)<
                                          Cantor [M] (AT, LT, STV) -> Grand Cantor [M] (AT, LT, STV)

                Dark Blade (DT, AT, A) -> Dark Knight [M] (DT, AT, A)
Dark Mage (DT, AT) <
                 Sorcerer (DT) , AT-> Arcane Sorcerer (DT, AT)

                          Falcon Knight [F] (L, Stv) -> Seraph Knight [F] (L, STV)
Pegasus Knight [F] (L) <
                          Storm Knight [F] (L, AT) -> Tempest Knight [F] (L, AT)

                          Wyvern Lord [F] (A, L) -> Wyvern Sentinel [F] (A, L)
Wyvern Knight [F] (A) <
                          Malig Knight [F] (A, AT) -> Ragna Knight [F] (A, AT)

                          Swift Knight [F] (S, B) -> Swift Master [F] (S, B)
Griffon Knight [F] (S) <
                         Griffon Guard [F] (S, A, L) -> Griffon Master F] (S, A, L)

    Journeyman/Journeywoman (S, B, STV) -> Adventurer (S, B, STV)
Page (STV) <
             Butler/Maid (K, STV) -> Majordomo (K, STV)

Bard/Dancer (S) -> Fili/Prima (S, K) -> Rhapsoid/Muse (S, K)


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