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I was waiting outside of what seemed to be Beacon Hill's highschool, for Derek Hale. Why I had to wait outside the school was a complete mystery to me, much like all the other things Derek did. I decided to scratch it up to the Law of the Universe. I leaned against a rather bulky jeep, not really considering the fact that the owner might see me and reprimand me for it, consumed in my thoughts. What was the point in making me wait here?

'Hey,' someone called out, sounding slightly disgruntled. I turned my head, only to see a guy with short cropped brown hair and a sickly shade of white skin looking at me. 'Shouldn't you be in class?' I asked, palming through my pockets to find my phone. 'Your academic skills will be steadily dropping if you keep that up.'

The boy gave me a sour look and pointed at the vehicle. 'That's my jeep, don't lean on it.' I smiled at him lazily, bemused with his obvious affection for the jeep that had paint peeling off left, right and centre. 'You ran out to tell me that? Wow, I guess the age of heroism didn't die in a burning hole like I thought it did,' I chuckled, leaning into it even more. But my chuckle was stopped mid-way when I looked into his face. The boy had honey coloured eyes that gleamed with protective emotions. They were eyes that made my body slowly warm up and my stomach tighten. 

Afraid I would do something stupid, I shook my head and turned my back to him, pulling out my phone and flicking through the contacts for Derek's number. 'Is ignoring people a personality trait of yours or just a hobby?' I nearly squeaked at how close the boy's voice sounded and almost bolted up, only to find that he was only a few inches from my face. Trying to revive my normal sassy attitude, I winked at him coyly and said, 'I'd like to think it's a bit of both.'

We stood there for a while, regarding each other with cool interest. Someone who thought he could take me on in a stare down was either brave or stupid. This guy seemed like he possessed both qualities. 'Name's (Y/N),' I said, sticking out my hand and grinning at him wildly. The boy looked at my hand like it was a Venus Flytrap, but after a minute of hesitation, he shook it. 'Stiles.'

'Never heard that name before,' I commented, raising my eyebrows in mild surprise. The boy, Stiles, shifted his eyes from my face to the ground and back again nervously. 'I've got a, well, a weird name so I made up a nickname,' he explained, his cheeks tinted a rosy pink. 'I doubt it can be much worse then that nickname,' I murmured, causing the sickly pale boy to make a face. 'But it's kinda cool.' This seemed to make him smile slightly, which made my heart flutter. The urge to punch my chest to pipe it down was strong, but I didn't want to appear weird in front of a total stranger. 

As if on cue, a black Camaro sped into the parking lot, almost tail fishing as it stopped in the space where Stiles and I were standing. The window rolled down to reveal none other then Derek Hale. He looked at us, as if trying to read the situation at hand.

'(Y/N), get in the car,' was all he said. I crouched down to the level of the window and grimaced at him. 'You made me wait 20 minutes, Sourface, so I expect some tender love and care,' I complained, leaning in only to stick my tongue out at him. He just glared at me silently and then turned to glare at Stiles. 'Don't you have class?' he asked, obviously annoyed at his presence. Stiles seemed taken aback and he began gaping like a fish who'd been pulled out of water. I got out of the window and opened the car door, smiling at Stiles wickedly. 'Don't mind him, it's just that time of the month again, you know how women are.' Now it was Derek's turn to gape like a fish. I made a silly face at him as I climbed into the car. He gave me a hard look but said nothing. He could pass for a stone statue any day.

I leaned out the window to look at Stiles, who I now noticed was wearing a red hoodie. 'See you some other time, Little Red Hiding Hood,' I said, blowing him a kiss as Derek pelted out of the school parking area.

Time skip brought to you by Derek's smokin' abs.

It had been a week since I last saw Stiles. A month had passed and he had found out I was a werewolf, which he accepted gracefully, bar the dog jokes. So life was good. Well, about as good as life can get for a Beta. But I had started to miss the sarcastic skinny boned teenager the week I hadn't seen him. So that had led to me outside his window, tapping on the class softly so as not to alert of any other dwellers of the Stilinski household. 

Another reason behind me wanting to see Stiles was because my heart had to started to do flips in my chest whenever I was around him. It was painful and touching at the same time and all these feelings were leaving me partly drained of energy. I was beginning to think I may love him. May love him.

The curtains were moved slightly and as I readied myself to squeeze through the window, the curtains flew open, and what I saw made my heart momentarily stop beating. There was Stiles, in nothing but his boxers and, though I tried not to look too closely, I could see the outline of something I probably shouldn't have. '(Y/N)!' he shrieked, trying to use the curtain to hide himself. 'What in the name of God are you doing out there?!'

I tapped the window again and Stiles, getting the idea that it wasn't safe for me to stay outside, opened it. I fell through the opening and burst out laughing. I clutched my sides, my vision going blurry. 'I thought you were Scott so I didn't-' he tried to explain, almost shouting over my roaring laughter. 'Did you want me to pounce on you or something?' I howled, trying to stand up but failing poorly. 'Is this what not getting any action does to you?'

Stiles had turned a deep shade of red and desperately using the curtain to hide himself. A red curtain. I smirked at him, an evil plot forming in my mind. 'Hey, Little Red Hiding Hood, wanna play with the Big Bad Wolf?' I said, winking at him seductively. The pale, lean boy narrowed his eyes at me. I had obviously wounded his pride. 'Why do you always call me that?' he asked, a resentful tone colouring his voice. I hummed and sat back onto his bed. 'Probably because you always wear that red hoodie and now you're hiding behind a red curtain,' I explained, smiling at him through hooded eyes. 'And technically, I am a big bad wolf, so it makes sense.'

I heard the sound of zipper and couldn't suppress my wide grin. The boy may be desperate to lose his virginity but he can still manage to possess feelings of embarrassment when it comes down to it. 'By the way,' I added, feeling my stomach tighten with a new found sense of fear, 'I have something to tell you.' Stiles looked at me, his forehead crinkling slightly. 'That you've come over to see me? Yeah, I found that out when you fell on the floor laughing.' I gave him a reproachful look, but didn't bother to argue about his comment. 'No, I mean, I think I might have....y'know, feelings for you,' I whispered, draping my arm across my face so he wouldn't see how mortified I was. Feelings weren't my speciality, everyone knew that. 'I think I like you.'

The silence has so heavy that I felt like I was going to suffocate. This was a stupid idea, I shouldn't have said anything. I got up from my spot on the bed and raced for the window. 'I'm sorry, just forget I said anything, okay?' I muttered, the undying shame taking it's toll on me. 

Then I felt two skinny arms roping around my waist. I tried to angle my head to see Stiles face but he had it buried in my hair. 'Don't leave! It's just, I never thought you'd say something like that. You're always so cool and indifferent that it's hard to know what you're thinking and then you say the one thing I always wanted you to say, of course I'm going to be stunned speechless!' he almost cried out, gripping my waist tightly. I felt my eyes sting and wiped my eyes furiously. No way in hell was I going to be puffy eyed for this. 'So you like me?' I asked, my voice unsteady and unsure.

Stiles lifted his head and those honey coloured eyes made my heart melt. He reached out and touched my face gently, as if I was a frail flower. 'Of course I like you, how could I not?' he said, smiling like he was about to tear up. As by a magnetic pull, I leaned closer to him and pressed my mouth against his soft lips. We stayed like that for a while. It wasn't wild or hot or insanely passionate, it was just a sweet kiss shared by to nervous people who loved each other. 

After what seemed like hours, we pulled back and lay down on Stiles bed. 'Sooo,' he drawled, a mischievous air to his voice, 'does this mean I'll be losing my virginity?' I gave a warning look and smacked the back of his head. 'Not tonight.' If anything, my reply made his smile grow twice as evil.

'So sometime?'


'Does that include-'

'Shut up and go to sleep, Stilinski.'
Because I love Stiles. xD I have a thing for sarcastic pretty boys, okay? And I added in the red curtain because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.
I do not own anything except the plot.
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